GamesBeat Review: The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a successful but brief experiment in storytelling

Telltale Games’ critically acclaimed adventure series The Walking Dead is back with all-new downloadable content called 400 Days, an anthology of short stories that bridges the gap between Seasons One and Two.

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SybaRat1963d ago

Stop calling them "walkers." They're zombies. ZOMBIES! HAVE YOU FOOLS NEVER SEEN A MOVIE IN YOUR LIVES?

crazytown991963d ago

Maybe The Walking Dead takes place in a universe without zombie culture?

No, wait. That's ridiculous.

Heisenburger1962d ago

Zombies er NOTzombies that exist in a universe without zombies!?

*head explodes*

Lol idk why, but it irks me when people use the term "walker". A vampire is a vampire, you know?

The only people who would yell "Look out, a walker" are either super fans of the walking dead, or the actual characters in that franchise. ;)

darkronin2291963d ago

I really liked how subtle some of the connections to Season One were. The only thing that bugged me was hearing some of the same voice actors again. I swear, there's one dude in 400 Days who sounds a lot like someone from the first season ... but I'm pretty sure they aren't the same person.