Atlus’ Mother Company Registers Domain

Atlus’s Mother Company Index Corporation (that recently filed for the Japanese equivalent of soft bankruptcy) registered a domain that will pique the curiosity of many gamers:

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LOGICWINS1986d ago

Feces just got authentic.

Abriael1986d ago

LOl, this is the most funny way to say it I ever heard. Bubbles for you sir.

Donnieboi1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Persona 5 yipee!!!!

The only games I like anymore are Persona, SMT games, Naughty Dog's games and MGO.

So glad Persona 5 isn't effected by the bankruptcy!

VileAndVicious1986d ago

I have been waiting a long looooooong time for this.

chrispseuphoria1986d ago

I'm hoping for a reveal at TGS 2013! It's going to be a big year for that show, I think.

Abriael1986d ago

I would love that, doubt they're gonna announce anything at Gamescom, as Atlus won't be there.

fsfsxii1986d ago

Now, hope they reveal it at TGS this year.

panbit861986d ago

omg omg omg omg . . . *faints*

Heisenburger1986d ago


I loved P3. I played it earlier this year via psn for the first time.

Loved it so much that P4G because a system for me.

I really think a game like P4 is perfect for Vita.

It's the only game I have purchased so far, though I've played Golden Abyss and I have Gravity Rush to get to later thanks to my subscription to ps+.

I'm about forty-five hours into P4G. I have been really dragging it out. ^_^

fsfsxii1986d ago

Same here, i'm loving P3P now and P4G almost bought me the Vita, but at the same time i want the 3DS

Abriael1986d ago

Yeah I bought my vita at launch, but I know quite a few people that got it almost exclusively for P4G. It's hands down the best portable RPG this generation.

Heisenburger1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

*edit* ^^because should be became^^
Also it should read 'system SELLER'

Geeze Louise.
I. Suck.

Gamesgbkiller1986d ago

P3 is the best RPG I have ever played.

Didn't got the chance to play P4 yet.

belac091986d ago

p4g was MY favorite vita game so far. AMAZING.

VileAndVicious1986d ago

I keep seeing all these "p4g is the best rpg of this gen comments" just curious but what was different about this version versus the original? I played it some years back.

Lol I never see much love for P3 (my personal all time favorite) p4 was still fearsome in its own right but...I don't know maybe it was just me but it felt so lighthearted To me especially compared to any of the others.

Snookies121985d ago

That's the thing about P4. It knows how to balance lighthearted and darker tones. The further you get into the game, the darker it gets. That's what makes it special. That's what gives it a sense of progression rather than a constant dark atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, I loved P3, but it felt a little stuffy because of how weighted down with darker tones it was. P4 strikes an amazing balance with it.

VileAndVicious1985d ago


I kind of get what your saying about P3 being really dark. Especially the race against the calendar part. But I dont know I never felt any that dark/persona atmosphere while playing P4. It was definitely there in Catherine (another awesome game btw) Lol I mean I beat P4 a while back ( in 08?maybe?) but even once everything was revealed it felt kind of....out of place for a persona game maybe?

lol things like the whole going into the television, teddy and the glasses (maybe its just me lol).

But I did feel like overall most of the characters where a bit more interesting than most in P3. But the ending from P3 just had this hold on me lol. I was pissed once I finally understood what had happened, but it was really good and I still think back on it today.

Not saying P4 was bad of course it was good. I just always found it strange that some as of late seem to really talk it up. I figured its because it just released on the vita not too long ago.

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