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Doodle Jump for Kinect Review | BioGamer Girl

"D3 Publisher has just released Doodle Jump for Kinect onto Xbox 360 and you don't have to like the original to enjoy this new title. Fans will notice that the levels are now broken up to work easier with the Xbox 360's Kinect features and takes the game to a whole new level. Actually, Doodle Jump makes more sense on the Kinect than any other platform." (Doodle Jump for Kinect, Xbox 360) 6/10

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Hers is my problem with the review.

Everything worked fine.... the game is fun semi challenging no issues.

The reason why it gets knocked down is because it is only kinect based. his is why the internet is broken. Reviews are not reviews they are opinions based on the reviewers preferences.

At face value you may say well that is a review.... NO! it isnt. Say I was a food critic that was a vegetarian and I have to review a burger place. My opinion is that this food may be cooked right taste good but if you arent in to eating beef it wont be good for you.

That is this review in a nutshell. The game was made for kinect so how can it using kinect exclusively be a negative? It cant in a real review thats like knocking a sandwich because its a sandwich and would have been nice if they offered it as a wrap.

This review gets the seal of UNBALANCED LOGIC.

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