PS4 Trounces Xbox One on 75,000 Votes in Console War Internet Poll

The internet has spoken: a web-based poll has gathered over 75,000 votes, and more than 75% of the participants have voted for the PS4, decreeing an overwhelming victory for Sony’s console. Of course the voting is still ongoing, so there’s still a chance for the Xbox One to regain ground.

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dedicatedtogamers1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

inb4 "but forum warriors don't matter. Ps3 will still sell like crazy because of brand loyalty"

Er, sorry. I forgot it wasn't 2006. I meant to say Xbox One, not PS3...

It's crazy to see this much of a lopside. While people may be quick to say "it does not matter. The early adopters don't matter..." Um, actually, they do matter. The early trajectory of a console tends to hold true. Usually consoles at the very beginning sell roughly the same amount and then one console pulls ahead of the rest 6 months to a year later.

Overwhelming support at the beginning leads to situations like the PS1, the PS2, and to a lesser extent, the Wii.

Abriael1841d ago

Forum warriors may indeed not matter, but 75000 votes are a very relevant statistical poll. It's actually more than most "professionally" done polls by large polling corporations.

georgeenoob1841d ago Show
Abriael1841d ago

@georgeenoob: I assume it also includes the large number of biased die-hard Microsoft trolls :D

MysticStrummer1841d ago

@george - If people I know in real life are any indication, it includes former MS fans who no longer want an MS console.

georgeenoob1841d ago Show
morganfell1841d ago

georgenoob: "Does 75,000 include the large number of biased die-hard Sony trolls?"

Oh the irony...

GribbleGrunger1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

@georgeenoob: It's a poll. Of course Sony fans are going to vote for the PS4 ... It's a poll. Get it? Whether they're fanboys or not, it demonstrates which console is more popular. Just in case you're still confused: It's a poll.

gaffyh1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

I know georgeenoob is an Xbox fanboy, but he's right in a sense, because you can vote over and over again. Although, that also means that die-hard MS trolls are also voting over and over again, so they should cancel each other out.

MysticStrummer1841d ago

@gaffy - If that's the case, why aren't the votes at least closer to the number of views? There should be more votes than views actually, if what you're saying is true, yet the number of votes is much lower.

ShwankyShpanky1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

"Sony fanboys outnumber MS fanboys 10:1 on the Internet"

If true, why do you suppose that is?

YNWA961840d ago

@ you all.... Sony trolls.... MS trolls... Fans.... Die hard this and that... You people hear yourselves? I am getting both, what do you call me? I am not going to miss out on some great games because of a loyalty to a corporation.... Thats MS and Sony people.... I saw a poll that said 68% of polls are total bollix.... You only believe it if it favours you..... Kop on people!

N4Flamers1840d ago


That's a statistic not a poll.

SilentNegotiator1840d ago


Are the much higher PS4 preorders also because of "diehard Sony trolls"?

YNWA961840d ago

@n4flamers... I was being sarcastic.... Also n4g has lost it... Sony 'fanboys' have stifled any chance of decent discussion by reporting anything remotely xbox friendly... Well done... Its like fascism....

morganfell1840d ago


Since you just joined this site this year, let me catch you up on matters:

Just a few samples of what used to be standard everyday fare at N4G. But then again you wouldn't know that now would you.

abzdine1840d ago

and just wait for the after Gamescom with all new exclusives they're gonna show! and add to that a release date in october to seal the deal for good

kreate1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

its not n4g that has sony fanboys.
its the entire internet that has sony fanboys.
go to a different gaming site, u'll see the same stuff, and than u'll come right back to n4g and continue complaining about sony fanboys instead of complaining about microsoft.

YNWA961840d ago

That is sad.... You keep a journal?

My last bubble....

morganfell1840d ago

"That is sad.... You keep a journal?"

What is really sad is watching you attempting to headbutt the facts.

When you finally wake up, if you finally wake up and look at matters honestly then you will easily understand there is no journal necessary.

Some of us have been here long enough that all we have to do is click back in the history and viola. I do not even need to search for the ant-Sony waves of articles.

And who cares if it is your last bubble. If you spent them wisely rather than raging then you would understand even one bubble can be enough. After all I would know. But you spent three here and what did you really accomplish? Nothing except a few more ignores added to your account.

GrandTheftZamboni1840d ago


Does it really matter if he keeps a diary or he went few years back in comments or submissions by certain n4g members (Bloodmask etc.)? Morganfell provided a link to actual articles. There are probably better examples of anti-Sony hysteria on n4g 6-7 years ago.

nix1840d ago

people should have been when PS3 launched. every positive PS3 news was lynched into pieces.

ah... irony.

Ritsujun1840d ago

GGn00b's whining again. She's been crying all the time since she's dumped by Pon Patrick.

inveni01840d ago

Of course it includes Sony fans and fanboys...did you see the numbers? Just going by that site, the PS4 has already sold nearly 90,000 units. And I'm one of them. I'm not ashamed to love Sony. They've been a gamer's best friend these last 4-5 years. They deserve every vote they get.

LiarasBoobs1840d ago

yet for that vote you were able to vote multiple times, so multiple peeps were pressing PS4! PS4!

... but then again multiple peeps were probably pressing Xbone! Xbone!... so maybe just more peeps were spamming PS4?

I dunno my logic hurts my brain.

Andreas-Sword1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

read this:

I think the multi-platform games will look better on the PS4.

Red_Devilz1840d ago

@georgeenoob Kiss goodbye to those two bubbles. Thanks for trolling, though!

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jeffgoldwin1841d ago

It only "matters" when the numbers are in favor of a given person's console of choice. Then the numbers carry greater weight than life or death.

Hicken1841d ago

Which explains why it doesn't matter to you, right?

jeffgoldwin1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Exactly because I don't have plans to buy either next gen console.

Plus Im not an emo fanboy, nor a shareholder in any company. Which of these 3 categories do you fit into? k go!

@Hicken: I see your losing more bubbles by the day. Must be that insulting personality winning you so many friends these days. : )

Hicken1840d ago

Emo? Sure, whatever.

You're not a fanboy, but you frequently champion only one console, with nothing positive to say about the other. Interesting.

My bubbles are at the mercy of your delusional friends, like MikeMyers and JokesOnYou.

MRMagoo1231840d ago


Funny how this is a sony fanboy site yet hickens bubbles go down same as mine, shouldnt our bubbles be thru the roof being sony fans on this site ?

kenshiro1001840d ago

You're full of it. Just saying. Calling people emo fanboy? What are you, five? Oh...wait, you must be one of those elitist trolls, right?

Kryptix1840d ago

lol I like how jeffgoldwin states that he isn't buying any next gen console but he sent me a PM supporting the Xbox One then blocks me. Man, you're a complete ignoranus and contradiction to your own words.

jeffgoldwin1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


Your trying way too hard and have resorted to lies now. Not that it's anyone's business, but Im sticking with pc gaming, ps3, and 360 gaming. Haven't seen enough from next gen to justify that purchase.

So desperate to discredit people not of your console choice. Really sad man.

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Cuzzo631841d ago

In all honesty, these polls are rather repetitive... That said...

Aren't there xbox forums? OXM anybody. Why come here if its so biased. Why come here downing everyone because of their preference? Why do you call out trolls when you troll yourself? (Cough!) Hypocrite!... its okay to defend the negativity towards you console preference hell I do it to. But between you and greenpowerz, im starting to think you guys and guys like you are 4 cups short of a cup of coffee.

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QuickdrawMcgraw1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I'm not saying your wrong.But I think your pulling stats out of thin air .6months to a year is a big spread to choose from.

dedicatedtogamers1840d ago

What I am saying is this:

Historically, when consoles launch at the same time, they sell about the same amount UNTIL roughly 6 months to 1 year after launch. After that, one console pulls ahead.

This is not true 100% of the time of course. It is a generalization, which is why I said "usually".

So, the fact that it is already this lopsided BEFORE the consoles even launch is going to have a pretty big effect on the trajectory of these two consoles.

ovnipc1840d ago

Xbox will do just fine. PS4 will sell more at start but Xbox will catch up. Both consoles are good and have plenty to offer, but xboxone has more to offer. Games plus all the other tv stuff and the kinekt will be more than a stupid moving game thing. The kinect inside had 2GB of ram for the camera its going todo great stuff. The game line of xbone its wayy better. Killzone its ok infamous its crap, The Order we know nothing about it only that will be a linear game. Dead Rising open world with zombies looks great Killer instinct, Titanfall COD killer. not to much to think about, xbox its the winner.

fourOeightshark1840d ago

Yeah, because Sony already showed all of their exclusives right? Get outta here. Let's see who will still be making core exclusives and new IPs 4 years from now, my money is on Sony.

nnodley1840d ago

OHH LAWD PLEASE HELP THIS FOOLISH INDIVIDUAL. Yeah great you showed us your true colors and that you are a MS fanboy. Besides you listed opinions which people won't always agree on. But go on stating it as fact, it won't help you in the long run.

greenlantern28141840d ago

Titan fall= COD with mechs
DR3=yet another zombie game
Infamous is crap= I doubt you played either of the first 2.
And killer instinct didn't look next gen. And other than 3 characters we don't know much about that
Kinect you mean the thing everybody says they should leave out and lower the price.
I laugh at your tv features. " yeah I can tell my Xbox to go to tv" oh wait it just as easy to push 1 button in my remote. That is unless you've lost your remote like ms suggested in their Xbox1 reveal.
your right there is a clear winner but it's number is 4 not 1.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1840d ago

And now I wonder how many of those voters aren't teenagers and kids that surf the net and are really actually going to buy one of these consoles.. and not just hope mom, dad, or santa clause buys them one.

greenlantern28141840d ago

You do realize that most teens can have jobs and there is a good chance their parents will get it for them to.
So even if it's not them buying it someone is buying it for them.

AngelicIceDiamond1840d ago

That's great news. This reminds me of the good ol PlayStation 1 and 2 days. And that's exactly what Sony is aiming for ever since that fateful night. Honestly, this is happy news for me. This also means MS has to work harder to gain fans of its system.

I dunno if its just me but, I really, really miss the PS1 and 2 days and PS4 is taking me back to those epic gaming days.

SDS Gamerfiend1840d ago

As myself! MS chased me away to the PS4 in which I'm happy especially after I saw the new networking PS+ has to offer! I was pro MS look at my old posts! Not any more! You're not gonna tell me that you're gonna watch me jerk off and there's nothing that I can do about it! Xbox one going on ebay day one to a puppet tool!

chrismichaels041840d ago

It's great to see all the excitement and support the gaming community has for the PS4. The PS4 continues to win every single online gaming poll released, proving how much gamers prefer it over the competition. Kudos to Sony for getting the message out that the PS4 was built specifically for the gamers.

Mounce1840d ago

In before Microsoft tells the site to take down all evidence that PS4 is 'trouncing' Xbox One just like the amazon vote/poll.

Microsoft doesn't want you to see this...

1840d ago
greenlantern28141840d ago

I guess since there are " more sony fans" than that makes ps better than Xbox right.
Oh wait I forgot any sony fans are droids, or sheep. Unlike the intellectual and unbiased Xbox fans. Oh the hypocrisy.
A poll shows people favor sony it's bias. So I guess that makes next gen pre orders bias, current gen system sales: over all and month to month bias.
Congrats sony fans on doing such a good job making it " appear" as if there are more of us.

Andreas-Sword1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Another interesting PS4 vs Xbox One news:
PS4 and Xbox One GPU compared one more time, huge differences between the two

I think the PS4 will be the best console ever!
Day 1 buy!

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Smoovekid1841d ago

DRM change has done nothing, the damage has already been done.

Abriael1841d ago

I did notice that things seem not to have changed much, or at least not as much as I expected. Probably many people don't appreciate bait and switch, or trust less a corporation that walks back on its word just because of peer pressure.

MysticStrummer1841d ago

If you saw the video posted on N4G recently, where Game Informer went out and asked people what they thought about the new consoles, it mostly showed that the general public isn't paying much attention to these "wars" at all. Some thought MS was still supporting DRM though, so if enough people still think that it would explain the numbers not changing since the flip flop.

TheTwelve1841d ago

It's a matter of, "How can you give your money to a company that even TRIED to get away with that??? And only changed because you didn't give them your money???"

Manic20141841d ago

Actually the sales have gone up by 60% after the 180 especially in Europe.

TheTwelve1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

60% = if they sold 2 while PS4 sold 8, now they sell 3.2. out of 10 consoles sold.

Not impressed. The damage has been done.

Manic20141841d ago

Both console's wil sell well but now the public will also decide based upon price and the games. In my opinion the x1 will start slow but sooner or later gain momentum. Though the PS4 will be far ahead. For the hardcore gamer's damage has been done but then you also have to count the public whom are not keeping up with the news.

i myself am hoping to get ps4 and undecided on the x1.

Fireseed1840d ago

But you know what's the really great thing about this poll? Is how little it matters. Even if their were only 25,000 people who bought the X1... it still has dedicated servers so connections will be smooth, because it doesn't rely on archaic P2P networking.

Smoovekid1840d ago

Ok, not everyone plays online games.

Fireseed1840d ago

Well still even if 1/5th of those people play the fact remains lol

XabiDaChosenOne1840d ago

So dedicated servers matter now? This is coming from the same fanbase that payed 60 dollars a year this gen for p2p servers lol. The PS4 will have Dedicated servers for most of its games.

Fireseed1840d ago

Well yeah they matter now. But don't get it construed I don't belong to any one particular fanbase. But Sony has mentioned NOTHING in terms of dedicated server support for devs, so you're pulling facts out of thin air.

one2thr1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

The PS3 can act as a dedicated server for certain games, and the only game that I know of that has that capability is "WarHawk" and it released back in 2007...

Yes, I know your shocked about the fact that the PS3 can act as a dedicated server...

And yes, Sony does have dedicated servers...

Fireseed1840d ago

Yes I'm very well aware of WarHawks abilities...

But other than that name some games with dedicated servers on PS3, for that matter name some on any console last gen.

one2thr1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Ok, I'll try my best:

-Warhawk being one


-Resistance:Fall of Man

-Resistance 2


-Killzone 2

-Killzone 3


-Ghost Recon:Future Soldier

-Battlefield: Bad Company

-Battlefield: Bad Company 2

-Battlefield 3

-Battlefield 19 something something

-Medal of Honor

-Medal of Honor:Warfighter

-Socom: Confrontation


-MotorStorm:Pacific Rift


-Gran Turismo 5

-Gran Turismo 6 (assuming)


-D.C. Universe Online

-Free Realms

-Everything inside of Playstation Home

-I believe Socom 2 for PS2 multiplayer was working on dedicated servers

-Medal of Honor 2, on the PSP (Playstation Portable) had dedicated servers it supported up to 32 players per Map

-Socom:Fire Team Bravo (psp title)

-And the PS3 to a certain extent can act as a dedicated cloud gaming server with select PS3 titles with the PSP and PSVita (via "Remote Play"), I think "Lair" is one title, and "RetroGrade" as well..

Well, I tried... But these are some titles that I THINK, had dedicated servers...

forcefullpower1840d ago

You do know a lot of PlayStation games have had this for 7 years. This is nothing new gesus if Microsoft told you they make cars would you believe no one else had ever done it before

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moparful991840d ago

Their arrogance is finally catching up to them.. To say that Microsoft hasn't contributed anything beneficial to the industry would be asinine. They helped usher in online gaming as we know it which is great.. Their policies and approach need a lot of work..

Microsoft's plummeting popularity lies in the departure from their core audience, the anti consumer policies on the XBONE, and finally their overabundance of arrogance in regards to their defense of these polices.. When I heard Don Mattrick say this

I knew the collapse was complete....

This was a slap in the face to all gamers and belies the entire companies posture towards us gamers.. They've been slowly but surely eroding what rapport they managed to build with us between the original XBOX and the 360. When you factor in the RROD fiasco and subsequent fallout, Disc Read/scratching, Omitting features only to charge exorbitant prices to add them, dwindling first party lineup, DRM, Always online, Forced Kinect, and package all of that with their Corporate Mouthpieces behaving very unprofessionally and arrogant well the results do seem to add up..

As a PS3 and 360 owner I must say that I have been opposed to Microsoft's position in the industry only because of the issue I listed..

They treat us like a commodity instead of individuals who have finite budgets and families that must make sacrifices to enjoy our medium... I don't feel sorry for them and will not buy their products ever again until there is some serious restructuring form an executive standpoint and their company ethos reflects more consumer friendly beliefs..

If I am labeled a fanboy or sheep or whatever other derogatory statement you can think of well then so be it..

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Belking1841d ago

lol...a internet poll. N4G news. More coming up at 11.

Smoovekid1841d ago

Do you have a problem with polls or just this one in general.

Majin-vegeta1841d ago

He has problems with anything that makes his 1996 console look bad.