GR Showdown: PS4 vs. Xbox One - Do Graphics Even Matter?

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Need4Game1987d ago

it matters for making Beautiful Characters, having battle on top of an Airship, flying across continents.

I mean draw distant, huge world, something like in FF7, FF8, FF9, where player can go around, circle the globe many times.

Assassins Creed have sea battles, Next we need Airship Battles.

I mean Graphics to create Bigger World, a complete Planet.

cleft51987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

People only say graphics don't matter when their game or console has inferior graphics. Graphics add to the experience just like gameplay do and to say otherwise is to ignore how important expressions are too telling a great story and making a great game.

The amazing graphics in Halo 4, The Last of Us, Witcher series on PC, Super Mario Galaxy, etc. completely served to enhance the game and bring a new level of fun and depth to the gameplay.

NewWhiteFeather1986d ago

Graphics don't matter when the only way to tell the difference is to study a side by side comparison.

Liam Neeson isn't any less talented because Channing Tatum has soaked more panties.

I promise you the Destiny story line will be just as incredible on current gen machines.

There are no graphics when you read a book, except what your mind can cobble together.

People only say graphics matter (now, when the race is so close) when their console has superior graphics capabilities. Please read that with a heavy emphasis on capabilities. Stronger hardware does not equal stronger software.

**Disclaimer** I have and will continue to own every system created since my birth, aside from the Wii U.

avengers19781987d ago

Graphics matter, cause that's what you see first, and peaks your interest, but for overall gaming, experience, gameplay, good characters, all matter slightly more then graphics.
From the early games shown for the next-gen systems it looks like gamers are getting a lot of great content with a wide range of game play.
But when your talking longevity we all want to see games get better over time, and yes even the way the look needs to get better to keep the masses interested

ThatCanadianGuy5141987d ago

Killzone, Infamous, Wither 3 & MGSV.I'm happy with that level of graphics.

Just build on top of that.Better animation, bigger areas to explore, more enemies on screen, more options to deal with things, more customization etc.That's all i really want.

DEEBO1987d ago

do people even think before they talk or type an article up?if graphics didn't mean anything why make new gaming console's? gameplay is very important but us as gamers need that next step in graphics.8 to 16 to 32 to 128 bit yeah graphics do matter,alot.if you have been gaming as long as me to see pitfall on the 2600 to uncharted on a ps3,you already know the answer to this article.

Smoovekid1987d ago

Not if you have the weaker consoles.

Godmars2901987d ago

Graphically weaker consoles can and have had great games. The PS2 certainly proved that against the first XBox and NGC.

The big question with the XB1, since its supposedly low on the graphic totem pole, is will MS put in and allow for games on the system to shine and compensate for it's alleged graphical weakness. More so when MS never really set any graphical points when they had the advantage in that area.

CrimsonStar1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

uhhhhh lol no... but what I saw at e3 of The Xbox One was blew me away graphicly and with the more powerful ps4 im more then good. lol you act as if the xbox one's graphics are so inferior when they are slightly off if not on par with the PS4 .

Gamers > Fanboys

Godmars2901986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I'm asking If MS will put in the work to bring out the best in their console when they've either left that to 3rd parties or not do it at all.

Gamers are better than fanboys, but fanboys never question the quality of the game on *their* system no matter what.

1986d ago
Godmars2901986d ago

Who honestly gives a damn if the games aren't good.

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CrimsonStar1986d ago

lol if your referring to the ps4 and Xbox one that's pretty sad . They both have really great graphics enough to keep me entertained and wowed .

Gamers > Fanboys

DEEBO1987d ago

i get a disagree for telling the truth? lol but anyways the company that makes graphics cards for pc's wouldn't even be in around if graphics didn't matter.and i bet they are banking off making these new consoles&pc's hum with top of the line graphics stop asking dumb questions.

Fireseed1987d ago

You got disagrees because graphics aren't the most important thing when making a game.

DEEBO1987d ago

so why all the r&d when making a next generation console.i mean if graphics didn't matter,developers could just stop at the 360 and make different gameplay experience.the wii u is getting bashed for not making a more powerful console but they gave us a new way to don't tell me graphics doesn't matter. i'm not saying just because a game has good graphics makes it a good game.but if the x1made a system with just a minor bump in graphics and only relied on the kinect2.0 for better gamplay. would you say graphics don't matter? no,you run to the ps4 for it's better graphics&processing power to make a better game.

Fireseed1987d ago

I'll tell you when graphics matter. The only time graphics matter is when I begin to model a character and my director swings by and says "Hey were not going to be able to put that into the game cause of hardware limitations"

THEN. And ONLY THEN do console specs matter. They only matter to developers. On a PC the more powerful your rig is the higher you can turn up the settings. On console. You get what we give you. That's it. You have no control of the fidelity, you have no option to turn up the resolution. You can't change the level of anti aliasing.

But to top it all off I've never heard "Hey can you turn up the graphics on that?" No. All games start with a specific artistic style and vision, and the technology helps us achieve that vision. Could you imagine what TF2 would look like if the just decided to add sub surface scattering and higher texture detail to characters like pores and stuff? It would look like shit. I've said it so many times but...


P.S. And about the Wii U. Yes it's getting bashed because it hasn't shown any title that truly breaks ground and utilizes it's new features. Nintendo is just releasing the same old IP's on a new console. And the Kinect 2 is the same thing, the only difference is the X1 is powerful enough to be on an almost similar level to PS4.

And I'd hate to make this comment any longer than it already is, but higher fidelity in games costs more (I shouldn't have to say that). Game budgets are already high, in order to harness that increased power it's gonna take more time and money to utilize. I don't really see publishers allowing game budgets to ballon any higher :P

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