The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Review - JPS

"Telltale took us on a wild ride last year through the months of April and November. I speak, of course, about The Walking Dead episodic releases that ended over several months ago, yet they have still stuck with most of us to this day. The wait for Season 2 is grueling and Telltale acknowledges this. So they’ve helped ease the pain a little with the 400 Days DLC. This add-on content for Season 1 follows a new cast of characters, all which have found themselves dealing with the zombie apocalypse and the moral decisions that tend to crop up frequently. The Walking Dead raised the bar for not only downloadable titles, but for games overall. It’s superb, captivating cast and narrative drew us in and hit us where it hurt (in a good way). 400 Days is coming from the same talented team, with all of its visually-pleasing comic book styling, but it has a lot to prove to reach the same high bar set by the main game. So, I’m sure you’re asking, does it?" - JPS

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