Gizmondo Review: PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 Rumble Controller

Gizmond writes: "The Gadget: The DualShock 3, PlayStation 3's now de facto controller with both rumble and motion-sensing. It replaces the previous SIXAXIS controller without rumble, which is now discontinued.

The Verdict: Fantastic. It's what the PlayStation 3 controller should have been at launch. You don't realize how much you're missing rumble until you actually get it back. We tested it with Folklore, Resistance, Super Stardust HD and Heavenly Sword and all of them behaved just like rumble should. It vibrated when you blew up ships in Stardust, when you shot and got shot in Resistance, and when you whipped out your little demons in Folklore."

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sonarus3883d ago

yea i already have one but i plan to trade in my 2nd six axis to get it later.

pwnsause3883d ago

now that rumble is back none these idiot U.S. reviewers would have lower game ratings to its steepest scores cause of the loss of rumble since its back now.

Frances-the-Mute3883d ago

if only it was less

gEnKiE3883d ago

I already have a white dual shock and I plan to get another. I can only guess that my Sixaxis controllers are going to sit around and collect dust.... :/