Xbox Live Beta Opens and Promptly Closes Due to High Demand

As some of you may already know, Microsoft plans to eliminate Microsoft Points on Xbox Live later this year. On Friday, Major Nelson released a blog post that invited Xbox Live gamers to test out the new Xbox Live in a beta test. Nelson stated, “We’re inviting Xbox Live members worldwide to participate in the 2013 Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360 Public Beta. It will include updates to improve overall performance and the ability to conduct transactions with local currency, as Microsoft Points will be retired later this year.”

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ovnipc1962d ago

Xbox One its the future. x1 day 1. ps4 maybe some day.

stage881962d ago

Nope, but thanks for playing.


I think you forgot the "said no one ever" part of your post bud.

redcar1211962d ago

wait till the sony ponys see your comment lol

Mounce1961d ago

Xbox One, its future is in 3rd place, again.

And its job is to help make the competition look better.

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Cmk01211962d ago

Is that all for the beta, using regular money???

Mikeyy1962d ago

Live still playing catch up with PSN?

True_Samurai1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Hahaha oh man. Our services never got knock down for weeks, hacked by a random group of hackers, nor has our consoles got bricked for system updates. GTFOH ;-) So psn needs to do the catch up
↓↓ @Euridito I've been an XBL member since Halo 2 Me and neither of my friends have seen XBL down EVER

SnakeCQC1962d ago

xbl has been hacked and been down for over a week. Psn gives the user more with less adds etc

HammadTheBeast1962d ago


Not to mention I get hundreds of games with my PS+ subscription, and the hacks for MS are covered up.


True_Samurai1962d ago

^^^ Funny Hammad it was only a small handful. Because when that happened I was hoping I was one of them just to get that 250gb hard drive. :-p though on the PS side it effected hundreds of thousands

elhebbo161962d ago

ps+> xbox gold membership. enjoy your cross game chat while play these AAA games for free.

blackmanone1962d ago

Not to say anything other than this one small thing. Did you notice how TrueNinja said "our services". I'm not saying he's a shill, but this attitude where it's US vs THEM is detrimental to the community as a whole and you should really reevaluate your position.

McScroggz1962d ago

The Xbox 360 had a failure rate of 50 percent. Not a hack that sent the network offline for a couple weeks, not a small percentage of bricked consoles due to a patch. Literally every other console got the RROD (many went through multiple RROD's).

So yeah, good for you!

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thrust1962d ago

Hahaha you think psn is better than live? Wow just wow!

SnakeCQC1962d ago

elaborate? psn has more dedicated servers better first party games and all the same multiplatform games(for some reason microsofts bread and butter)there are zero adverts on the xmb but ms overloads the 360 interface with random adverts

NegativeCreep4271962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Hey if you're being extorted into paying for a free service, common sense should tell u that its better, right???

tigertron1962d ago

Please tell us how XBL is better than the PSN besides cross game chat.

xJumpManx1962d ago

@tigertron, send me a voice message over PSN we can discuss it. Ohh wait you cant.

mrmonkeyhumper1962d ago

More dedicated servers? I call bullsh%t. Playstation 2 servers. Xbox 15000. Do the math

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CRAIG6671962d ago

Slow down on the LSD dude, PSN has come some way, but lets be fair, when it comes to software/netcode/live. Microsoft are years ahead... That's not to say I prefer xbox over my PS3 but as far as online gaming goes, xbox live is ten times smoother,that's just the way it is.

HammadTheBeast1962d ago

Actually MS servers are terribad anywhere outside the US.

thrust1962d ago

Hammad am in the uk an thy are great to me.

GodGinrai1962d ago

@Hammad. I live in the eu region. get a better connection. The servers are just fine.

mursumaki1962d ago

@Hammad I live in Finland and Xbox Live works perfectly to me.

Mikeyy1959d ago

Black ops 2 doesnt lag any worse or better on Live or PSN, so I still fail to see the difference?

Both systems feature P2P hosting. Matchmaking? I find matches instantly on Both, so I don't see a difference there either?

I feel "Years ahead" is a major overstatement. I have repeatedly asked for a discernable difference between PSN and Live and people fail to provide one.

Cite examples, and explain to me Why Live is better then PSN.

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fattyuk1962d ago

pull your tongue out true ninja.

vikingland11962d ago

You do realize it's a beta don't you. I'm sure MS will get it right.

InsaneGam3r1962d ago

Enjoy your XMB (didn't change from 2006 and boring), I will enjoy my dashboard (they change it every year).

Mikeyy1959d ago

XMB is sleek and clean, organized into tabs, Dashboard is a jumbled mess, it looks like the super market Tabloids.

And Dashboard is covered in ads. How is that enjoyable?

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CRAIG6671962d ago

Why are there SONY bum-boys on a strictly xbox related post anyway?

HammadTheBeast1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Ironic considering the opposite happens on a consistent basis. Tons of Xbots on Sony articles.

CRAIG6671962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I aint biased, I read articles regarding steam/PS/XB, I play games on steam/xbox/PS3/WII,even my good old PSP now and again.I can truthfully say hand on heart what you just said is BULLSHIT.
I have not read a single article on this site that was written specifically for playstation users in mind that was then hijacked by xbots? not one.

The Sony sausage brigade make me ashamed to be a gamer at times.

HammadTheBeast1962d ago

Are you high?

Please just skim through any PS3/4 article comments.

Trust me, just look around and you can easily find the trolls.

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