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decapatata1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Great to see a game supported past its season pass' s promises. 800 points is also a great value for all that!

jimbobwahey1985d ago

It's just a shame that the game itself doesn't do a good job of supporting the DLC, isn't it? I was one of the poor fools who dropped cash for the season pass and never get to play on the maps because they never come up for voting.

All we have right now is one playlist for the most recent of the three DLC packs, which last time I checked, only had about 40 people playing it. I can't say I'd recommend that people buy this new DLC and expect to have the opportunity to actually play on it, because 343 have made an utter mess of the playlists in the game.

SJPFTW1985d ago

no one really plays on the DLC maps. Even in Halo 2, 3 and Reach. Only reason I never get DLC for HALO even though they are decent maps. Vanilla maps are always more popular

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pompombrum1985d ago

HOLY CRAP! Look at that pit remake.. it looks amazing. This pack isn't covered by limited edition season pass is it? Damn I'm really tempted to pick this up.. 343 sure know how to entice long term halo fans.

Pro Racer1985d ago

I can't remember the last time I played Halo 4. A remake of the Pit is great news, but I don't see this as being enough to bring me back to it anytime soon.

TotalSynthesisX1985d ago

Mind if I ask why you don't play it anymore? Not trolling or anything. Legitimate question.

UNGR1985d ago

It's unbalanced, maps a crap, gametypes have been defiled, graphics caused the frames per second to suffer, lack of in game skill matchmaking, lack of maps all together, even with this pack, bad UI, Call of Duty style gameplay, horrid lag in MP, and a crappy community. The only people left playing are devote fanboys. All of the skilled players, and the creative Forge workers have left. 30,000 K and less a day is nothing to be proud of in the Halo universe. My legitimate question to you is how do people still play this trash? It;s fairly common knowledge that the hardcore Halo fans are pissed. Even MLG dropped it from the rotation, and that says something. It got praise for the name on the box, the people left and the amount of them really tells you that this was a flop in quality. Bringing back one of the greatest maps ever made with a bunch of pointless stupid Call of Duty skins, with armor that doesn't even look like Spartan armor is hardly enough to bring me, or most other Halo fans back.

TXIDarkAvenger1985d ago

I personally left it because of the perks. The community isn't as good as what Halo 3 was. For the most part its multiplayer, that was the reason I left. Story was great though! It's just not the same without Bungie D:

TotalSynthesisX1985d ago

Looks awesome. Can't wait to grab it next month.

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