Nolan North a voice option in 'Saints Row IV'

Examiner: "As if "Saints Row IV" didn't have enough voice options already. With a stellar cast including Troy Baker, Kenn Michael, Robin Atkin Downes, Laura Bailey, Tara Platt, Rebecca Sanabria, and Steve Blum (the Zombie), you really couldn't ask for much more."

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Pancit_Canton1416d ago

I guess Naughty Dog is not making New Uncharted pretty soon. Probably a New IP from Naughty Dog again or New Jak games in the making. This guy is just floatiing around doing some part time gig.

CalamityCB1416d ago

Or maybe voice acting is his full time career and doesn't want to be remembered for voicing one guy.

Kamikaze81416d ago

At the same time, I hear his voice so much that I really don't appreciate it anymore.

brodychet1416d ago

Not really a surprise.

Didn't you guys know?

Nolan North has voiced a character in every game ever created.

Just look at his Wikipedia :P

Blaze9291416d ago

lol this guy:

you know its a problem when you start a new game, and now instantly recognize him as the voice damn near every videogame.

CrossingEden1416d ago

Nolan North has performed in 236, so i guess the other 235 voices that he did were just part time gigs -__-

pr0t0typeknuckles1416d ago

Cool, I may use it if I do a second playthrough.

Y_51501416d ago

This game is sounding out to be a good fun.

CrossingEden1416d ago

hell yes, troy baker AND nolan north in saints row