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Ring in the New Gen: Top 10 Xbox Exclusives

SpawnFirst.com counts down the best Xbox exclusives in history, in preparation for the upcoming Xbox One. (Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

jimbobwahey  +   687d ago
Three of those games aren't exclusive. Whoops?
CrossingEden  +   687d ago
i've seen you boasting about how planetside 2 is a ps4 exclusive -_-
NeoRatt  +   687d ago
They are Microsoft platform exclusives.

Or Sony excluded...
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ShugaCane  +   687d ago
I would have put Panzer Dragoon Orta, Unreal Championship and Project Gotham Racing 2 instead of Kinect Sport, Dead Rising and Crackdown. Just my opinion, though.
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Pascalini  +   687d ago
I stopped reading when I saw gears 2
CRAIG667  +   687d ago
well the next on the list was Halo, just so you know.
mgszelda1  +   687d ago
Why even put a Kinect Game on there
Hicken  +   685d ago
Gotta round out the list.
WeaseL  +   687d ago
played L4D2 on Linux and its also on Mac
NewWhiteFeather  +   687d ago
Genuine question... were you able to just play them on Linux and Mac or did it require a Windows emulator?
WeaseL  +   687d ago
Just the steam linux client
Pascalini  +   685d ago
Smartglass looks great

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