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Josh from Bag of Games writes "Ever since the jaw-dropping, concluding moments of The Walking Dead-Episode 5: No Time Left, series aficionados have been anxiously anticipating Telltale Games’ next batch of episodic adventures while simultaneously craving more details pertaining to both the loveable Clementine, and the remaining cast of hardened survivors left after Season One’s finale. Though information on Season Two’s inevitable release still proves to be relatively scarce (though rumors state we can expect its first episode in the fall), Telltale Games has taken it upon themselves to release a special DLC episode, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, for those dreading the wait in between installments. Filled with The Walking Dead’s trademark, emotion-fueled dialogue branches and split-second moral dilemmas, 400 Days serves as a fitting, but not entirely flawless entry in a series whose engrossing narrative and fleshed-out characters have continued to captivate a devoted and ever-growing audience."

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MkaY1991d ago

Great review. I'm still waiting for the second season with more indepth characters and all that. That is what Walking Dead is about

Jhandville19921991d ago

I agree, I'm truly looking forward to seeing how Season Two plays out. Hopefully it ends up coming out in the fall like some of the rumors state it will. I really want to see what happens to Clementine and the rest of the remaining survivors.