Why 'The Last of Us' Should Not Get A Sequel

Punching Beta argues that the contender for GOTY 2013 'The Last of Us' should not get a sequel.

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PopRocks3591837d ago

It probably would not receive a followup, but an entirely new cast of characters set in the same universe following their own story, separate from (or maybe loosely relevant to) Joel and Ellie.

That's what I would hope for anyway. There's very little reason to put those characters through more strife.

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stage881837d ago

@Poprocks Completely agree, well said. Although I believe the single player DLC may deal with other notable characters will TLOU 2 should be a completely new cast.

ChickeyCantor1837d ago

Ellie will be the final boss.
Made by [insert japanese developer].

Thatguy-3101837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I honestly want to play as an older and more experienced ellie. Still remember the feeling I had when I first got to play as her in winter. Amazing and well crafted character.

WeskerChildReborned1837d ago

If this were the case, i wouldn't mind playing new characters, just hope they would be as good as Joel and Ellie.

Crazyglues1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Why 'The Last of Us' Should Not Get A Sequel' ?
Are You Crazy Of course it should-

Ok let me go write, 101 reasons why The Last Of Us needs a Part 2... LoL

When a game is this good of course you want a part 2 why would I want this to be the end of one of the best games I've ever played...

(ok you have inspired me to write now)

Of course we need another one, if another certain game company can keep making a FPS every year.. and barley do anything new with the same dam graphics year after year...

I would think an amazing company like Naughty Dog who deserves all of there praise for making such an amazing game... If they would decide to make a part 2, I would welcome it with open arms...

Ok I'm off to write why we indeed need a part 2..

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karl1837d ago

that other game company that keeps making FPS every year does it solely for profit

ND obviously does games for profit but im sure they care about they franchise and thats why there should not be a sequel..

unless The last of us was thought out as a trilogy it really shouldnt

"a sequel" i meant

CrimsonStar1837d ago

why ... do you ... pause ..... so much when you... type?

On Topic: I agree TLOU needs a ... sequel.

Crazyglues1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

@ karl

I'm surprised you would say that, I maybe just don't get it why people would want it to end here..

I loved every minute of the game, and when it ended I couldn't wait to find out what happens next like watching the walking dead TV show.. -but maybe that's just me..

Maybe people really feel like this is how you end a perfect game, I don't know..

Can you please explain why you wouldn't want a sequel, I'm really curious to know - why would you want it to just end..? Or anyone else please explain why you disagree and think it should end here..

-Is it because you think they will mess it up? I would really like to know why people think that it's better to just end it here?

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karl1837d ago

well thats pretty much it..
if there isnt a sequel planned, a hole story told in parts before the first game comes out

then i have to think that they need to find an excuse to make a sequel.. ( i would call it an excuse plot)

the story has already been told
soo they need to write a new one based on where they left off, the problem is that they wrapped up almost everything..

sooo it doesnt usually work.. in movies many sequels have ruined awesome characters
because the sequel wasnt part of the "PLAN" till the movie or game sold millions of copies

i have to say that i would love a sequel.. "done right". im just not feeling the ending of the last of us left many thing open for one

and as much as i would love to see this characters grow, i would hate even more to see them become hollow...

trenso11837d ago

TBH I disagree because I feel this Joel and Ellie's story doesn't need to go any further, while I don't want the last of us games to end I do want their story to end, because it ended so right. If they decided to make new games I want them to be completely new cast and show their journey and their experiences. Joel and Ellie aren't like drake and ellena while I loved all those character only one duo has the story and back ground to have more adventures. That wouldnt get redundant after a while. The only plausible story I can really think of is Joel and Ellie to be on the run from the fireflies. But I don't think that would make a good game as a whole but more of a side story. So thats my honest reason for not wanting joel and Ellie's story to continue.

Crazyglues1837d ago

@ karl

@ trenso1

Oh, ok I see...

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CrimsonStar1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Couldn't have said it better .

PlayStation_41837d ago

yeah, it would be interesting to find notes/letters scattered around the world similar to what ND did with Ish, the guy who held out in the sewers.

scott1821837d ago

yeah Joel and Ellie have been through enough.

I would like to play through as someone in the military having to make moral decisions about survivors and the consequences faced. And possibly with more large scale infected battles..... Just something a bit different. Damn I loved TLOU.

Ezz20131837d ago

lol TLOU split it fans
team want a sequel because they can't get enough of this masterpiece

the other team don't want a sequel because they think it's gonna be hard to top this masterpiece with a sequel

lol look what have you done ND hehe

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versusALL1837d ago

The Last of Us is probably one of the best games I have played in my life. That said, I can't help but wonder what other new ip Naughty Dog has up it's sleeve

rezzah1837d ago

Not everything needs a sequel. Humans just like to see more of what they bond with (in terms of what is not alive).

mgszelda11837d ago

SPOILERS Joel gets s0d0m1z3d
Seriously though they could do a sequel no problem. u honestly think no one is gonna come looking or see her bite and Joel have to eventually tell the truth

xReDeMpTiOnx1837d ago

I hope it don't get a sequel it ended perfect IMO and leave open interpretation for what happens.

I would love to see a prequel when the virus first is known about on how it is to come and watch the slow decay of society.

rezzah1837d ago

The way it is set up a prequel will only happen alongside the events of TLOU.

We saw the beginning of the end.

In terms of origins, ND got their idea from one of the episodes in Planet Earth (documentary).

Piece this together and you have an explanation for the cause. How it spread doesn't need to be explained, it is perfect as it is as it relates to the spreading of HIV. It is unknown, this creates a sense of fear because we can't logically explain each step.

For continuing the story the best answer would be one of 2 options. The first would be Ellie as a grown woman, but the plot is unknown. Second would be another group of persons, but the time and place is uncertain.

Personally everything is dealt with in terms of being a great story. Playing around anymore with the world of TLOU can make it seem cliche, especially if they go on to actually cure the world. If do manage to pull off a sequel that remains true to the storytelling of the original that would be amazing. I think if anyone can pull this off it would be ND. They are one of the most passionate devs I have ever seen, and this is shown in their work.

spaceg0st1837d ago

like that missing 20 years? maybe in the perspective of Tommy (the brother) =D

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