AMD Centurion FX-9590 5 GHz Processor Gets Previewed – Comes Close to Core i7-4770K

AMD released their FX-9590 and FX-9370 processors at E3 2013 which brought 5 GHz native clock speeds to consumers for the very first time. The new AMD FX 5 GHz processors are supposed to be limited edition and would only be available through OEM PCs manufacturer’s.

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Need4Game1842d ago

Rather buying high engh CPU & GPU separately, AMD should just do high-end APU, 16 core Jaguar Cpu + Radeon 7970 gpu that'll be nice.

jeffgoldwin1841d ago

There's no games using over 4 cores atm. Why would you think 16 core would be so awesome, because its a large number? It's like these people who buy 32gb of ram because maybe 5-10 years down the road it might be relevant to gaming.

zebramocha1841d ago

I thought CPU were unnecessary after a certain amount of cores,if you needed parallelism then use a gpu,though an APu with 7970 or comparable card sounds interesting.

Need4Game1841d ago

Many people play with CAD, Media Editing, 3D Game Development.

Playing with CAD can fill up 32gb ram, My CAD play already almost max out 128gb ram of my ram.

Other people called it jobs. xD

CGI-Quality1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Having 32GB of RAM doesn't hurt, even if it isn't needed [right now]. Who gives a damn what someone thinks about it? Your life won't end because someone wants more cores and/or RAM.

ABizzel11841d ago


Because games will start using 8 cores very soon with PS4 and X1 hitting the market this holiday, so 16 core is the logical step for PC's, although there's no real need for it as you say. Any contemporary high-end AMD CPU will be more than enough to run PC games for the 5+ years.

Now taking this CPU and a HD 7990 and you have yourself a beastly gaming PC and a small home heater.

jeffgoldwin1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

"Many people play with CAD, Media Editing, 3D Game Development"

Very few use that compared to those using gaming pc's for you know, gaming. Plus I did specify for gaming, if you want to go ahead and reread that part.

Geez you people are so sensitive I have to write a 10 page paper to address what if's, and special case possibilities.

Nothing wrong with adding 32 gb when you only need 4-6gb for now for GAMING (not address CAD, servers, or w/e else some guy somewhere will come up with an exception. Isnt this mostly a gaming site last I checked?). But you will put more heat, more electricity, and spend more for all the ram for GAMING that isn't necessary atm. Ok gunna beat someone else here to the punch line with a 5-6k budget: maybe for 4k resolutions and 3 monitors. IDK not my thing.

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RIP_Cell1841d ago

no you don't want an APU on a gaming PC, and on a laptop a 7970 just uses too much power.

jeffgoldwin1841d ago

Vast majority of laptop gpu's will use the letter "M" at the end of the card which means it sips less power, runs cooler and is less powerful than the desktop counter part. EX: 7970M.

Maybe you already knew that, but for someone that didn't, that's how she works.

zeal0us1841d ago

For a gaming PC, I rather have high-end CPU & GPU than some unrealistic APU. Beside APUs really aren't that great for gaming(PC-wise not talking about consoles), bottleneck can become a problem.

aixao1841d ago

Not yet, AMD-APU-HSA-HUMA would forgone wasteful redundant memory, and bottleneck between GPU & CPU, with unified Memory Architecture. That'll have to wait until DDR4 comes out.

One APU, One Heatsink, Unified Memory, Less Power Cables, simpler PC components.

Better for Software & Game Developer to make better Software & Game.

jeffgoldwin1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )


All that stuff you mentioned about unified next-gen console parts is all theoretical as to how much performance we will see. We really don't know yet.

Please do present unknown things like it's a proven fact, when it is not: "One APU, One Heatsink, Unified Memory, Less Power Cables, simpler PC components. Better for Software & Game Developer to make better Software & Game"

DeadlyFire1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

APU max is 4 cores at the moment with so many GPU cores. Still though on a PC a CPU + a standalone GPU would work fine for the same purpose. PC needs heavier CPU cores than Jaguar due to the OS like Windows with such bulk stress it puts on hardware.

APUs just add some GPU cores to the formula. Say 4 core APU + GPU and vs CPU + GPU so one gets an extra boost with those extra GPU cores. Could work better than Crossfire/SLI in the future.

AMD and NVIDIA, and Intel are all aiming to do low, mid, and High end APUs. For the most part the high end APUs won't start rolling out for another couple of years. 2015 is pretty much the barrier when APUs start to take over. AMD could be the first one. We could see a 1 Tflop APU with 4 Piledriver cores and 10 or so CU by end of 2014. NVIDIA has an ARM APU coming as well. Intel's Haswell has 1 Tflop of GPU on it. Its Intel's own design though so its not perfect. They are improving though.

stragomccloud1841d ago

There are so many better apu architectures than Jaguar. Why limit yourself to a mobile design?

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1841d ago

Its not a bad option for newcomers but i will stick to my 3770k and 680 lightning.

Letros1841d ago

A $900 CPU is not a bad options for newcomers? Hope you're not building any PC's for friends...

jeffgoldwin1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Agreed $900 is too low end for me to want to use it. Maybe for some starving college kids or high school kids on a tight allowance I suppose.

AuToFiRE1841d ago

You must be new to custom PCs..

Letros1841d ago


These CPUs are made for record setting overclockers, not gamers.

FantasyStar1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Damn, I got my hopes up that this would be the new Steamroller CPUs we've been waiting for. I suppose if there's a market for this: I could toss this into my rendering-farm.

DeadlyFire1841d ago

They are coming soon enough. This shows strong promise for a new high end AMD push either way. Could see some real results in a year or two.

AMD Richland's top APU performs pretty well for gaming at 720p over Intel's integrated graphics in the i7-4700 series.

mmj1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

It's nothing but a trophy processor of what Bulldozer should have been to begin with, "close to 4770K" performance for the price of a 3960X? lmao! is anyone seriously going to waste their money on this turkey?

kwyjibo1841d ago

AMD are going to release their CPU refresh later this year, with Steamroller on desktop and Jaguar on laptops.

If you want AMD, now is not the time.

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