Sean 'Day9' Plott Explains What It Takes To Be A StarCraft II Pro Gamer

Gameskinny - Sean Plott has emerged as one of the leading voices, literally, in eSports today. Known as Day9 by millions of fans, Plott has turned a love of gaming into a career. The former StarCraft: Brood War pro gamer is now a caster for StarCraft II.

The native of Leawood, Kansas focused on mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and received a Master’s Degree in Interactive Media from the University of Southern California. He’s put that education to good use. Today he oversees a multimedia empire, Day9TV and Day9Daily, where he connects with millions of fans of Blizzard’s games and helps them improve their own virtual skills.

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jagiii1991d ago

Day9 has really put those degrees to work for the good of eSports.

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Mainsqueeze1991d ago

Lots and lots of time is what it takes.

Wni01991d ago

SC2 is the best competitive multiplayer game right now - easily.

Dancinsolo1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Age of mythology

pompombrum1991d ago

I take your age of mythology and raise you hello kitty's online adventure!