Why the PS4 Will Likely Launch Before the Xbox One

CraveOnline writes: "As of right now neither Microsoft nor Sony have revealed the release dates of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. All we know for certain is that by the end of the year gamers will be enjoying next-gen graphics. So which will release first?"

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Wedge191906d ago

Whenever it launches, I have release day delivery from Amazon. I won't have it at midnight, but it'll be in my hands that day.

JonnyBigBoss1906d ago

Same. It's going to be a good holiday season.

zeee1906d ago

I have a question. I pre-ordered launch day edition at Amazon and also at Bestbuy.

Both came with the same default dates of Dec, 31.

When I pre-order BF4 for PS4, the date says October 29th!? How can the software be out so early if PS4 was launching in late November or something?

Also, is it me or did ND just leave an easter egg in The Last of Us regarding PS4 release date?

BatRastered1906d ago

@zeee BF4 is coming to 360/PS3/PC as well. They probably just copied the PS4 version's release date from that. I wouldn't read too much into it.

DarkBlood1905d ago

dont forget some vita games were out a week before the actual hardware so it isnt too far from the idea.

moparful991905d ago

@zee That dec 31st date is nothing but a place holder so they can start taking pre-orders.. Sony is on record saying the PS4 will be out holiday season 2013 which incorporates from Halloween all the way to New Years.

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greenlantern28141906d ago

already paid for just want it as soon as possible.
since neither company has confirmed a release date you never know who will launch first but i doubt if you really want ps4 it coming out after xb1 by a week or 2 is going to matter. same goes for the xbox fans they arent gonna go out and by a ps4 just because it is out first. basically all the first and second shipments of the ps4 are spoken for so no bodies just gonna go and grab 1

cellur1111906d ago

Unless amazon is wrong, the xbox one get released November 27th. In the US anyway.

kneon1906d ago

Best buy bumped up the ship date for my order to Nov 30th from the original default date of Dec 31st. But I doubt they would release the day after black friday so I'm expecting at least a week earlier than that.

demonsoul1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Sony Got the Balls to launch while MS got their Eggs to Hide to avoid Being a Humpty Dumpty who sat on the wall only to suffer a great fall. MS Deserves it.

Mark My Word, PS4 > > > The Rest. Same Generations as the PS2 Domination Era. :)

Chaostar1906d ago

"Sony Got the Balls to launch while MS got their Eggs to Hide to avoid Being a Humpty Dumpty who sat on the wall only to suffer a great fall."

This is the most hilariously random analogy I've read on here, well done.

UNGR1905d ago

The PS2 was great but having no competition would suck. We need all 3.

Denethor_II1906d ago

Nothing like opening a fresh package from Amazon, especially when there's a new console inside. I'll be going to a midnight launch personally.

Akuma2K1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I thought about going to the Gamestop midnight launch by my house to get my PS4 but i'll get mine the next day in the

smokelocc1906d ago

Same here! Im gonna be so broke by the end of november, PS4 and xbox one pre-ordered day one. Excellent gaming holiday coming!

Campy da Camper1906d ago

Midnight release at GameStop for me. I figure get home by 1am hook it up go through settings and all that then pass out. When I wake up game in tray ready to go!

DEEBO1906d ago

yeah're going to pull a all nighter,gaming away until you pass out.i know i am.

Aleithian1906d ago

Same here. Just got to get from the store to my car without being mugged...


Fuck gotta stop supporting these scam artist!

MuleKick1905d ago

I agree with you 100%. I don't understand how people can't see it. Just sell your games on Ebay or something. You get so little back for trading your games then they sell it for a $5 discount. Ripoff!!!
They're all going out of business soon (10-15 years). This is their last gaming generation. All digital is right around the corner.

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1906d ago
adumbpolock1905d ago

I have to have it shipped to an APO (Okinawa) address so I'll most likely get it a week later but still can't wait.

madpuppy1905d ago

I think that Sony is playing MS again, they don't release a launch date and let MS release theirs, just about 2 weeks before the launch of the Xbone, Sony will announce that it will be releasing a week before the Xbone's date of release.

I think that now that Sony has the upper hand they are going to milk the heck out of it, just to spite Microsoft.

It won't change sales that much but, it will drive the execs at MS bonkers. :P

1905d ago
V0LT1905d ago

Same. I'm glad I ordered it as soon as it was posted :D

showtimefolks1905d ago

It's ore ordered already so it can launch whenever. In Louisiana gamestops are getting 6 Xbox one units per store to 65 ps4's

And most if not all already sold out of both for launch day

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dbjj120881906d ago

Plus Sony's already sending PS4's to media.

Chaostar1906d ago

There was also that rumour about low ESRAM yields affecting Xb One production.

nukeitall1906d ago

There was also the one from "well placed development sources to Eurogamer" saying memory performance (es ram) improved for production console.

Point being, pre-orders hasn't stopped being taken for launch day consoles suggesting MS doesn't have production issues.

ThatCanadianGuy5141906d ago

You pretty much just confirmed Chaostars theory, Nuke.

Where would they get a slight boost memory bandwith without changing any specs unless they..*gasp* downclocked!

eyeDEVOUR1906d ago

The article is not saying anything about production
Did you read it?
It's saying that the "product" is better than it was first believed...

roslindros1905d ago

"While none of our sources are privy to any production woes Microsoft may or may not be experiencing with its processor, they are making actual Xbox One titles and have not been informed of any hit to performance brought on by production challenges. To the best of their knowledge, 800MHz remains the clock speed of the graphics component of the processor, and the main CPU is operating at the target 1.6GHz. In both respects, this represents parity with the PlayStation 4." And also downclocking would not free up memory, TruthFact....

nukeitall1905d ago

@DayZ :

"Where would they get a slight boost memory bandwith without changing any specs unless they..*gasp* downclocked!"


Downclocking causes a boost in memory bandwidth? That is a new one. Clearly shows the technical knowledge you have there.

Remeber kids, stay in school. If you are not a kid, oh boy!


It is saying the performance increased, which is key.

If you have yield problems, what do you do?

You start downclocking or disabling things to see if the chip will still run within those constraint. Since MS isn't disabling things or reducing ES RAM, then the only other option is to downclock right?

Seeing how ES RAM is performing better than they expected, means? NO DOWNCLOCK, which means NO YIELD PROBLEMS!

Intel does the exact same thing producing their CPUs. The CPUs that fail higher frequency is tested for lower, if it passes the test it is marked and sold as a lower specced component.

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Need4Game1906d ago

The Quicker the PS4 launch the Quicker we can disassemble it. Show us its insides already. We want to see the Chips, the Heatsink, the fan, the PSU, the ram, the wifi, the motherboards, everything.

Gratisfaction1906d ago

I get it for the games sir. Not to dissect it...

zeee1906d ago

^ Perhaps YOU do but not everyone's just about games. Some people like to see what's under the hood and THAT my friend is actually very healthy.

It teaches a lot about how hardware was designed, how we could change things in the future, modders take it to the next level and lets not forget, we learn how to repair stuff!!

CRAIG6671906d ago

As someone who builds his own PC's I have to agree, it's always cool to see the guts of the beast

nunley331906d ago

im not going to buy one to tear down myself but i certainly wanna see the insides. I'll be hitting youtube for those tear down videos for sure.

Merrill1905d ago

I can't wait to see this for the PS4 & Xbone. Very excited for that.

DarkBlood1905d ago

so you want Bender to jack off to the insides of a ps4 is what your saying?

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fOrlOnhOpe571906d ago

It will be the final part of Sony's very successful strategy and bury the ghost of launching behind the 360 this (last?) gen.

JBSleek1906d ago

Launching two weeks is different than a year.

ala_7671906d ago

ur right... lol still we fanboy are dying on this topic :D

madpuppy1905d ago

like I commented earlier, I think Sony will try to launch 1 to 2 weeks earlier just to drive MS nuts.

It won't effect sales but, it will have an impact. :P