Xbox One Cloud VS PS4 Cloud

Both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 brag about having cloud technology and power behind their systems. Are both of these clouds the same? Or does one system have an advantage?

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FrigidDARKNESS1504d ago

There you have it folks MS has beenworking on the cloud infrastructure since 2009 .
Infrastructure is there for all developers to use. MS and Samsung collaborated to build the worlds fastest most efficient cloud server.

Kanzes1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Both parties are using cloud for different purposes

Microsoft's cloud (Azure) is for in-game computing and dedicated servers,

while Sony's cloud (Gaikai) is dedicated for streaming PS1, PS2, PS3 games. But I don't think Sony just using Gaikai for that purpose.. after all, it's a million dollars thing

georgeenoob1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

A lot of folks on this site don't want to accept this and keep denying it.

Look at that Watch Dogs article for example when a producer said Xbox one's cloud makes its city more diverse, it's like he was speaking in a different language to them.

itswinter1503d ago

I thought it was only PS3 games... Not PS1, PS2 and PS3... Yeah, I'm like 95% psoitive it's only PS3 games... :/

JustPlay41503d ago

From what I read about them this is what they do:

Microsoft's cloud (Azure) is for storing data and for developing programs (ie games) and the service is on virtual servers (for the public it is anyway)

PlayStation's cloud ( Gaikai) is just used for streaming (for now)

thehitman1503d ago

@george that article was fake lol....

kneon1503d ago


While Gaikai was all about streaming that doesn't mean that's all they will use it for. Cloud computing is just remote servers providing computing and storage resources.

That's all it is, there is no magic despite what marketing crap get's attached to the term "cloud computing".

But what cloud computing can for gaming is still limited due to latency and bandwith issues.

cLiCK_sLiCK91503d ago


Deny what? We dont even know what they mean when they say does 'diverse' even mean?

Why the hell is microsoft having a hard time time explainging this cloud shit? Typical PR junk talk and idiouts falling for it.

The_Con-Sept1503d ago

People seem to forget that you must have an internet connection in order to access said cloud. If you don't have an internet connection, or have bandwidth limits in place, or don't have access to the internet then you are pretty much fucked. If you are wondering why there are so many disagrees it is because developers are taking more and more short cuts on the Xbox when it comes down to ease of use and availability.

Again PS4 is the better overall choice because they don't need an internet connection to have "the best experience."

The cloud the cloud THE GOD AWFUL F ING CLOUD! All of these little Xbox fanboys salivating over an online life support system that needs to be used with every single game in order to compete with the PlayStation 4. I remember back just last gen where consoles did not need life support in order to produce better games. They were patches. Two generations ago we didn't even need patches. If games had a terrible glitch in them it was too far too few. Now that this stupid cloud crap surfaced it only means Microsoft has complete control over your system. You guys keep fighting for the stupid cloud to find that the next Xbox won't even have a CPU or a you in it what so ever. It will be a required always online, always connected pos internet console that is only sold in areas with online access. Sorry but the cloud can go get sucked into a space vacuum.

At least Sony is using it for older games as a means to give old games a chance.

MYSTERIO3601503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

@Kanzes Your exactly right, the PS4 cloud service will be used for more then just PS3 game streaming

ZodTheRipper1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Now that the PS4 outdoes the X1 in most points the cloud seems like the last straw MS supporters are holding onto lol

Since I'm playing offline most of the time and with that cloud thing you have to have a stable internet connection permanently (which is NOT guaranteed even in the large city I live) I couldn't care less. The whole concept of an always-online console was introduced way to early imo. The USA may be ready for it, but the world clearly is not.

MikeMyers1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

When both of these systems come out gamers will notice right away the differences. From how fast and seamless it is to navigate, to how fast you will download items. On the games we will also see it right away with games like Forza 5 and how that computing power within the cloud will monitor your driving habits and be able to use that data in online races. You will also notice the how low latency will be playing with other people around the world on the Xbox One.

Microsoft will be ready day one. Sony on the other hand will be rolling out things like Gaikai well into 2014 and beyond. They are not ready just like they weren't ready with PSN for the PS3. We are talking about a company with a net worth of over 285 billion dollars compared to a company worth 20 billion. This cloud technology will be used with Windows as well, not just gaming. What Sony have invested in cloud technology and Gaikai pales in comparison. This is a reason why Sony is now charging for online gaming on the PS4. They need money to re-invest and make their online services better and faster around the globe.

We already see it downloading items on the PS3 compared to the Xbox 360. On average things are just smoother and faster on the Xbox 360.

But no, let's listen to people here on the forums. The experts. Those who think every year Call of Duty will sell poorly. That the Playstation Vita will be a huge success. A site dominated by Playstation fans. Good luck getting a unbiased view of Microsoft's cloud technology. You see, the way it works around here is the majority will shoot anything down that may have an advantage over Sony. That's what leads to unhealthy debates. You get people who will disagree even if they don't even know what's going on because they are brainwashed to do so all for the sake of promoting their preferred system/company.

Then you get the real die-hards who write blogs every day speaking venom towards the competition. They are threatened by Microsoft and they should be. You think a few trolls with nothing but time on their hands is going to have any impact? Microsoft isn't messing around. They have invested billions of dollars and have the power and influence to make sure the Xbox One is a success. They marketed Kinect to success and that device didn't even work that well. From all indications the Xbox One is next gen and Kinect 2 blows the doors off the original. They also have the games regardless of what trolls around here say. Most of the very vocal people around here against the Xbox One have been playing this trolling game for years. Most times they are also the biggest Sony supporters. Coincidence? I think not. Ask yourself this, why are those who are Sony fanboys also the same people with the most hate and voice their opinions the most against the Xbox brand? I've never seen this much hostility from Nintendo fans and Xbox fans. Why is that? Why are Sony fanboys so vocal and with so much hostility?

But like I said, don't listen to all of these developers like Insomniac and Respawn about cloud computing on the Xbox One. Nope, let's listen to those other folks here who won't say anything good about the Xbox brand. They know best.

Now watch the disagrees fly away.

HammadTheBeast1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

@Mike Myers

All that money yet MS still ends up last in every console generation. Tsk tsk. And no, its not just this site. The fact that PS4 is massacring One in every pre-order option, every poll, and just overall says a lot. I don-t know why you're such a fanboy for Xbox One. Cloud doesn't do shiiiit.


Man living up to your name as always. That WatchDogs article was about how Xbox One had a more diverse city than 360 and PS3 genius. They said the EXACT same thing in another interview for PS4 you ******* fanboy.

greenlantern28141503d ago

@itswinter watch the ps4 reveal when david perry gets on stage and talks about streaming games he says ps1, ps2 and ps3 games.
Dominic Guay has been misrepresented his comments where about next gen vs. current gen.
pretty much states why what ms claims about the cloud is not correct.
sony has said they will have dedicated servers if your just going to believe what ms tells you might as well just believe what sony say.
and finally ms Azure cloud is used by companies for off site storage and processing which they pay ms for. so only some of it will be given to gaming.

Sevir1503d ago

Ummm did you watch the PS4 reveal... Gaikai's Cloud Network infrastructure powers the Entire Online gaming experience of the PS4... The launch of Streaming PS3 titles to PS4 and Vita is just a feature launching in 2014.

Sorry to break it to you, but Cloud computing feature are featured throughout games already running on the PS4... No Azure needed... Gaikai technology on the PS4 isn't limited to streaming games.

There is a reason Gaikai is far more successful and labeled as powerful and fastest in the industry.

Remote access to your game, placing items and even letting your friends take over if you have a tough spot you can't pass all remotely is confirmed Day one and that's all trumpeting the cloud.

Again, Battlefield 4, Destiny, Watch_Dogs Driveclub, Killzone:Shadow Fall all use The Cloud on the PS4 for handling remote calculations for processing in game. The difference here is One console isn't underpowered in raw power so the need and dependancy to use features mitigated to the internet is just not priority. When your Hardware can do all the heavy lifting and still have strength to tackle other heavy things the need to "Use the cloud" becomes an after thought.

JokesOnYou1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

This is truly one of those times in life where size really does matter.

"Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s Windows Azure software and related programs have surpassed $1 billion in annual sales for the first time, a sign of progress in the effort to challenge Inc. (AMZN) in cloud computing."

slazer1011503d ago

@ MikeMyers MS net worth is only 69.96 Billion.


MikeMyers1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


Here is a comment of his about a year and a half ago,

"The Xbox 720 is just now using Blu-Ray which the Ps3 has had for the past 6 years... who's behind? Half of the Xbox 360 sales are from 2nd consoles people buy to replace RROD victims.

The PS3 has much better tech and games

Tell me one Xbox 360 game, not a shooter, that has redefined a genre. Yeah shut up. And here comes Twisted Metal and Starhawk, and The Last of Us and many more. While you sit there and hope that there may be a "Halo 4" to help you feel better."


Here is a reply from him about a year and a half ago too,

"WOW!!!!! Kinect Rush, Kinect Starwars and Kinect, Fable the journey- 3 kinect games
and one hardcore!? LOL thats such a killer line up of games!/S outside Halo 4, nothing else on that list is even laughable. If kotaku can get hyped after seeing that meager list then just imagine how they feel about the PS3 list! The Vita alone next year has more exclusives than the 360 LOL!!!"

This is what I'm talking about. Playstation fans being the most vocal on a site that is heavily biased towards the Playastation brand. A site where the Xbox forums, the Wii and Wii U forums, the handheld forums and the PC forums don't add up to the activity of just the PS3 forums. Why is that? Can anyone here explain that? Can anyone here explain how a system that has sold less than 80 million systems have such a dedicated fanbase that trumps all of those combines that is in the hundreds of millions? The answer is simple, Playstation fans are the most rampant on forums, the most vocal and the most hostile. I'm not talking about regular fans like myself who have supported Sony game platforms since their first PSOne. A system I bought the first day it went on sale at the Sony store. No, I'm talking about the fanboys. The ones who seem to be the most radical group of fanboys out there. The ones who seem to have the most hatred towards the competition. Those with this elitist attitude who are actually fragile gamers who are threatened by that competition. Those who continually say vile things, write blogs.

You would think that since Sony has done so well they would the the happiest group out there. They would be the most satisfied. Apparently not.

But hey, let's listen to these guys. They know what's best. They know how the Xbox One will play online. They know the cloud is just a marketing ploy. They know that system is all about movies and not really a gaming platform anyways.

Good luck with that.

ALLWRONG1503d ago

Funny how Sony fans forget OnLive. Is it Selective memory, or denial?

NatureOfLogic1503d ago

Xbone fanboys hiding in the clouds. PS4 has every advantage over Xbone, so the Xbox fanboys turn to the unproven cloud pr bs. They can't argue sales, hardware, games or even the controller anymore, so now it's all about teh cloudz. Lol, Xbox fanboys continue giving me laughs.

malokevi1503d ago

lol, agreed.

Lets not base our decisions on the words of industry professionals, features, investments, services, or games. No, lets make our appraisal based on internet polls and pre-order numbers.

That will make us feel better! :D

As usual, Xbox Live is pushing the boundaries of online console gaming, and PSN is playing catch-up.

strifeblade1503d ago

yeah ur right sony's cloud is about a 350 million dollar thing, microsoft's cloud is about a 9 billion dollar thing and counting to put things into perspective

Dakidog1503d ago

@Mike Myers

I don't know about "regular fan", I mean to sit there and look through 2 peoples comment history just to make a reply to justify your fanboy comments? You can't tell me that's not going a little hard lol

Besides the game part of HammadTheBeast's fact. The Xboxone now has Bluray which PS3 already has, so they are indeed catching up. We all know the RROD fiasco added to the 360 sales, not saying by a huge amount(but it's still fact).

I just would love to know what you're basing how "fast and seamless" things will be on? You must have both the PS4 and Xboxone and several games.

Before calling out other people...I think you should check yourself! Try not to paint yourself out as a "regular fan", as far as I'm concerned you're just as bad if not worse than the "Playstation fans".

Lwhit61503d ago

Which is better because that opens up the door of backwards compatibility.

CryofSilence1503d ago

This argument is obsolete.

Both can do cloud computing. End of discussion.

malokevi1503d ago


Lol... yeah. And both consoles can also render 3d graphics... I guess that's the end of that discussion, too?

The double standard is laughable.

Kryptix1503d ago

lol Not only was the article fake but even georgee spun something new to what Ubisoft said. Ubisoft has not stated anything about the cloud yet. Shows how much Xbox One fanboys are in denial. lo

oof461503d ago

I sure hope Gaikai can do dedicated servers too. Peer to peer needs to die a horrible death.

ABizzel11503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I don't know how to explain this any clearer than I have.

As far as gaming graphics go Gaikai is the superior service, at least for now. The purpose of Gaikai was to allow PC games to be played on any device by running the games on powerful PC's and streamed through servers to other devices at playable framerates.

Gaikai can reliably use PC's with AMD 8350 CPU's, 7990 GPU's, and 32GB of RAM and stream games on ultra settings 1080p 60fps to any devices PlayStation certified.

Nothing Azure has can compare with that at this point of time. The advantages Azure is looking for is always on, and always changing worlds where random events can happen, and background equations for effects, physics, and lighting can be stored in the cloud. It's great in theory, but graphically the Gaikai setup is vastly superior until Internet speeds are significantly faster nation and world-wide. Dynamic worlds and events are the best thing going for Azure, but again it's not that much of a improvement since both consoles are capable of background downloading even while gaming, so it doesn't really give that much of an edge besides the X1 potentially having events spawn as soon as the developer uploads it, vs. the PS4 having to wait until the download in the background finishes (anywhere from a couple of minutes to a day depending on how large the file is or when the update occurs).

Azure has potential, but it's not anywhere near where it needs to be right now. Gaikai; however, has had years of development as well and as far as tradional gaming goes, it is vastly ahead of Azure and the better service to today's games. Azure still needs years of work, before it can do any of the things MS wants, and Sony needs to get mighty PC's ($1,500 - $3,000 each) up to run Gaikai the way it needs to be (which is the easier task). But both services needs better Internet to function to their peak performance, Gaikai just needs less.

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ChozenWoan1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

If you check Gaikai's history, you will find that they have been building up their infrastructure since 2008, and they are using Nvidia Grid tech. You will also find that at least until last year when Sony purchased Gaikai, that EA, Samsung, and Ubisoft was working with them at first. Which is why I find it funny that MS is now getting all the credit as if they started this trend.

The fact that MS has to tout cloud gaming as a boost to the Xbone's power this early in the gen is a bad sign. For just as Xbone will benefit from server computing, so can the PS4. So while Sony isn't focused on marketing this fact now, we can be sure they are already working on it... in fact that might be why they purchased Gaikai last year when they did. Hmmm

To be honest, Sony's purchase of Gaikai will prove to be the biggest move they have made this gen that will have the greatest impact on how the next gen ends. Gaikai's tech will allow Sony to be able to stream entire games from cloud servers... ENTIRE GAMES!!!

By the end of the next gen, I'm sure the internet infrastructure and video encoding will allow 1080p 60fps AAA PS4 games to be streamed entirely from the cloud with the console acting mainly as a video decoder. Especially since Sony appears to be starting to trend in that direction with PS1-PS3 games starting next year.

I will admit I could be wrong, but when reviewing history instead of marketing, I find that Sony has and will continue to have the advantage when it comes cloud gaming next gen.

Related References:

itswinter1503d ago

GAIKAI didn't start it either and no one makes it seem like MicroSoft started it. I loved GAIKAI 's demos though... They said no lag, but I did lag a bit sometimes and it didn't always look as good as possible, but I think it's my computers fault. It really kind of sucks. I only heard the PS4 will be able to stream PS3 games... Now I'm confused. Anyways, I used to play GAIKAI demos when I was bored, and it was pretty fun. c: Then SONY bought them. It's cool. I don't care that the PS4 has it but I only wish they bring back the demos. Also the ONE's Cloud is for extra things that wont be able to be done on other platforms. At least that's what Ubisoft said when talking about Watch Dogs. Btw, games like TitanFall and Forza 5 are only scratching the surface. It took what like 8 years for current gen consoles graphics to get maxed out. I can't imagine what the ONE will do 8 years later. I also want to know what the PS4's cloud will do later. It apparently wont be like the ONE's but I still wonder. So basically what I'm saying is, the ONE's Cloud isn't just for small things. So SONY wont really have an advantage. Btw, MicroSoft has said the specs and many other things could change. There is lots that can happen in 6 months. :D

n4rc1503d ago

Not to put too fine a point on this..
But how is a streaming service anyway comparable to cloud computing and dedicated servers?

2 completely different services..