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Obstructed Views | Ouya: The Gamer’s Choice for Retro Emulators?

Over the past couple of months, everyone in the gaming community has heard about the Kickstarter project for an Android-based gaming system named Ouya. At first glance, everyone was extremely excited and ready to put down even just a few dollars to contribute to this great gaming innovation. Well, on June 25th, the day everyone was waiting for had finally arrived: the official retail release of the Ouya. (Android, Ouya)

thorstein  +   789d ago
I don't know. $100 to play retro games through an emulator that I already have on my phone. I just get the roms for games I already own so, how fast will this be shut down for piracy?
cellur111  +   789d ago
Im pretty sure there is part of the store on ouya that sells games for the emulator.
Rainstorm81  +   789d ago
I kinda want it just for nostalgia's sake
Foxgod  +   789d ago
Actually, this thing is better for tv, ironically enough.
Just install XBMC, you can even launch your games from XBMC if you like.
Primal Rex  +   789d ago
carnt beat the pc
Jyndal  +   789d ago
I bought one. No regrets.
For $100, I have a game system that allows me to play anything I could on PC emulators, with much less hassle.
The 3D remake of Final Fantasy 3, Ravensword:Shadowlands, and Shadowgun are awesome as well.

Planning on trying out Vendetta Online soon.
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Summons75  +   789d ago
Except any gamer with standards won't look twice at an emulator seeing as their illegal and all. Nobody has liked the Ouya anyway can we stop giving this poor joke attention.
Foxgod  +   789d ago
Emulators are not illegal, roms are.
But if you own a game, you are allowed to have the rom too.
cunnilumpkin  +   789d ago
that would be the pc

it emulates ps2 and wii games in 1920x1080 native at 60 frames

it will be a long time until handhelds do that, hell the ps3 cannot even do it, ps4/wii u probably never will

pc is the ultimate system for emulation

phones and tablets are only good for really old emu's

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