Freedom Factory bringing Bloodbath to Wii U

BloodBath is a 3rd person Hack'n'Slash set in a dystopian future where a violent bloodsport is the only outlet for the frustration of society. Select your Pit Dog and prepare to fight all around the world against merciless adversaries in dangerous arenas full of death traps and hazards. Enjoy a Multiplayer experience like no other in "Bloodbath"

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BosSSyndrome1899d ago

Can't tell if its retail or an eshop title.

LOL_WUT1899d ago

eShop did you not watch the trailer? ;)

BosSSyndrome1898d ago

Can't. I won't have the internet speed for videos for a few days. it was an honest question but thanks.

PopRocks3591899d ago

Well hey, I guess there's at least one M rated game to check out. Indies are really digging Wii U and Vita. Good job to both Nintendo and Sony in this regard.

jcnba281899d ago

Don't forget Bayonetta 2.