This is easily the best Mass Effect cosplay so far

DSOGaming writes: "We don’t usually post screens from cosplayers because most of the times, they simply showcase their boobs (or their bellies, or their rounded butts, or… well, you know what we mean). However, this EDI cosplay is just perfect, is not kinky or ‘dirty’, is the closest thing you’ll ever get to that character, and its attention to detail is phenomenal. In short, yes; this cosplay deserves your attention."

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Vladplaya1386d ago

Very impressive indeed.

nukeitall1386d ago


Why am I getting sexually aroused for EDI?

Godlovesgamers1386d ago

Because you've never been with a woman...?

nukeitall1386d ago

Nice try, but game over, insert coin and try again!

Chidori1386d ago

EDI has always aroused me sexually. But this is just too much.

Godlovesgamers must be boning Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson all at the same time huh.

PurpHerbison1386d ago

Nothing grinds my gears more than another nerd implying that someone doesn't get women.

inveni01386d ago

That's just pathetic. Go home.

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1386d ago
CommanderWTF1386d ago

Who is this women, and how can I get her to have sex with me?

MrDead1386d ago

You need a Joker cosplay outfit, Vrolik Syndrome is optional.

Aceman181386d ago

it almost doesn't look real enough lol. that't pretty impressive.

wannabe gamer1386d ago

and thats a good thing too. at first i thought it was a screenshot from the game.

overlord231386d ago

Edi made me blow a fuse.

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The story is too old to be commented.