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Why Grand Theft Auto V Is The Biggest Threat To PS4 And Xbox One

UK retailers have warned that consumers may hold-off buying PS4 or Xbox One in order to play GTA V. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Kanzes  +   822d ago
It's not really a threat.. it's not like we can't play it after we get our Next-Gen consoles
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LOGICWINS  +   822d ago
Thats a VERY good point. Even if there isn't a next-gen version, GTAV should be available within the One and PS4's respective cloud services.
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Fil101  +   822d ago
I'm not exactly tech savie but even though ps4 isn't bw compatible with disc based games can we not purchase digital ps3 games from the store ???
Wintersun616  +   822d ago

It wouldn't work like that. The reason why we can't have BC out of the box, is because the PS3 games are programmed specifically the PS3. The PS4 has completely different hardware inside and that's why the games can't be played with it.
WolfOfDarkness  +   822d ago
I really don't know when GTA 5 will be released ... If its going to be released before PS4 and Xbox one then its a good Idea ! It will keep us busy until next gen consoles released ! But if released during PS4 release I will not get it .
ThanatosDMC  +   822d ago
It's slated for September unless they changed it. More than enough time before the next gen consoles hit.
dan_chan89  +   822d ago
17th of September is the release date. (Before PS4 and XB1)
MizTv  +   822d ago
I just hope I can beat it before I get my ps4
WolfOfDarkness  +   822d ago
I bet you can beat it and discover the world of GTA in one month .
TXIDarkAvenger  +   822d ago
no offense but if you plan on just "beating" GTA V, you probably shouldn't bother with the game.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   822d ago
Actually GTA is possibly nextgen repellent. The ones who are really looking forward to GTA will simply skip buying next gen for 6 months up to a year. You have to realize how long people have been waiting for this game.

I can already tell BF4 will look night and day between current gen and next gen. 60 fps, 64 players online with top notch graphics with full scaled maps.

Compared to 30 frames 32 players online with passable current gen graphics with compressed/scaled down MP maps.

Current gen seems hard to swallow when it comes to BF. But imagine how many people simply don't care and don't wanna spend 4 500$ console just a for a few games.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told MCV this week that he expects the cross-generation trend to fade away over the next 12 months.

"The goal for this year is to have games that are on next-gen, but can also can be played by the number of people that aren't ready to go next-gen," he said. "Starting next year, not all of the games will be done across generations. You will have to use the capacity of the machine, and to do that you will have to do a specific versions for next-gen."

Sounds like to me next year Ubisoft will have more next gen games down the line than current gen.
zyphee  +   822d ago
Hell yeah it is. Rather buy gta 5 then next gen anyday
Panthers  +   822d ago
why not both? one is a console, the other is a game
zyphee  +   822d ago
Any game i want on next gen is on current gen....their not getting my money just yet
Rusty515  +   822d ago
You do realize that GTA5 is one of the last AAA games being released for current gen consoles? Metal Gear 5 and Destiny are the only big games that come out next year for current gen consoles that I can think of. You're gonna be missing out.
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WolfOfDarkness  +   822d ago
But what if " You can Download GTV 5 digitally on your PS4 ?!? "

It will be so sweet playing it in PS4 .
Soupaman66  +   822d ago
digital doesn't mean its automatically compatible. There are still some changes needed in the code to even recognize that the machine is a ps4. think about the changes needed for the start/select options buttons or if the share feature could glitch up the game. developers need to make sure everything is glitch free. Rewriting code for a next gen system cost money and time away from making a newer game and at the same time there are current gen consoles that can already play the games disk and digital. Its much more cost effective to not bring compatibility to PS4.
LAWSON72  +   822d ago
The problem is not coding cost it is the hardware limitation, I believe sony said if they wanted PS3 games to run on PS4 it would require the addition of the cell processor bringing up the cost of the console
Cam977  +   822d ago
If it wasnt for GTA: V and GT6 I'd upgrade to the PS4. These games prove my PS3 is still full of life.
truthteller  +   822d ago
Yes for PS3 owners. 360 has been dead for years now compared to PS3.
Cam977  +   822d ago
Oh sorry, I forgot. What was the last 360 exclusive that received 9/10 or higher? MS have always dropped support for consoles which I hate. I'm playing TLOU, it's flat-out incredible, comparable to Resident Evil 2 & 4.
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jukins  +   822d ago
Eh IMO I ready for a new open world game GTA is OK but nothings really changed from 3 to 5. And watch dogs looks like its ready to take on GTA for the open world crown not only on current gen but next gen as well
zyphee  +   822d ago
Nothings really changed? Why do people like you exist.. you couldn't even design grand theft auto 3 if you studied game design for years.
jukins  +   822d ago
Wow did the I offend your deep relationship with a digital game lol. Honestly please tell me what's dramatically changed in gta in each iteration. Put your fanboyism (which is very obvious) and notice I didn't say GTA is bad its just been pretty much the same game if they were actually very different we wouldn't be on grand theft auto 5. Why do people like you exist who get so upset over an random internet comment that you would insult the person and challenge their design skills which they made no claim of having? BTW how are your design skills do you even have the tools under that troll bridge you lurk beneath?
aLucidMind  +   822d ago
The driving mechanics and how the effects weather can have are two things that are significantly different in GTA4 than in previous ones. You could very easily spin out in the rain if you drive a rear-wheel drive car (like a muscle car) too fast in GTA4; but drive the same car in the same weather in any of the previous ones and you could turn on a dime despite driving double the speed you were driving in GTA4's version.

Most of the changes involve graphics and the driving. But I do agree, not much has changed beyond those two things. Still waiting for other drivers to not go "oh, you're driving right next to me at the same speed? Time to switch lanes!..... Oh look! You're stopped at a red light! *CRASH@60MPH*" >_< every time.
metaltales49  +   822d ago
so your saying a game will stop me from buying a Next-Gen console....You do realize i can get both and so can every one else right?
seanpitt23  +   822d ago
No game can out shine a new generation of consoles not even gta
zyphee  +   822d ago
Good luck believing that
Psychotica  +   822d ago
I am not throwing out my older consoles just because the PS4 is coming out. Buying GTA 5 has no effect at all on my PS4 purchase. Not to mention GTA 5 comes out about 2 months earlier.
ANIALATOR136  +   822d ago
yes when 2 months has past we probably have already completed it and started to get a bit sick of it
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zyphee  +   822d ago
Wait I just noticed the picture on the website.. If i didnt know any better Id sayt hat was a retail copy of GTA 5..it even has the plastic on the case..if thats the case RELEASE IT NOW
Rezka  +   822d ago
I realized this few days ago next gen chose the wrong year D:
cedaridge  +   821d ago
I don't agree nor disagree I do think its the right time. I'm getting the ps4 and GTA V for xbox 360.
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CaptainPunch  +   822d ago
Yeah I'm still picking up a PS4, I wouldn't be surprised if GTA V came to the PS4 at some point.
Red_Devilz  +   822d ago
For me it will be the other way. I'm going to hold GTA5 until it comes out for PS4. If it doesn't, I will prefer buying it from Gaikai as a "PS3 game on PS4" - if available at that time.
JimCom95  +   822d ago
I plan to hold on to my ps3 longer because of all the great games coming out for it but i still plan getting ps4 at launch.
sloth3395  +   822d ago
im passing on the game since im getting a PS4 and if it comes out on it then i will get it
Kane22  +   822d ago
im getting ps4. no current-gen game is gonna change my mind. im not that hyped for gta5. im not being fooled again by hype.
MAULxx  +   822d ago
I'm getting a PS4 & wasn't ever planning on buying GTAV.

I bought GTAIV & was disappointed. Not doing that again.
PersonMan  +   821d ago
You're one of the few who were disappointed with GTA IV. I freakin' play it almost every single day. Even after all these years, I'm still surprised by some of the things that happen to me in that game. The physics and the life of the entire city is amazing.
sarcastoid  +   822d ago
In all honesty, my excitement for next-gen has diminished my excitement for GTA V weirdly enough.
feraldrgn  +   822d ago
It's the best of both worlds.
If you don't plan on getting a next gen console at launch, you can play these fantastic games on your previous console until they announce next gen games you want.

Everybody wins.
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tigertron  +   822d ago
I'm actually holding out for a PS4 version, because I have a feeling we'll see some sort of GOTY edition on there.
n4rc  +   822d ago
I see it the opposite way..

Ps4/x1 will hurt gta5... I couldn't wait to play it now I doubt I'll even get it..

Will be too pumped to play next gen games to bother buying another AAA 360 title.. I'm already done.. Just blowing through preordered dlc packs while I wait lol
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pkb79  +   822d ago
Not going to buy into the GTA Hype, I mean GTA IV was crap compared to the previous games. Will wait for a PS4 version or get it on sale. The games not going anywhere once its out.
sprinterboy  +   822d ago
I am really looking fwd to it but will wait for ps4 version tbh wether that be one or two years time same as gt6. Will wait for ps4 version more than happy with gt5
2pacalypsenow  +   822d ago
Im gonna wait and see if GTA5 is more like GTA SA or 4 if its like 4 i'm skipping it it
greenlantern2814  +   822d ago
It is not like I am giving up my ps3 when I get a ps4. I know there will be games coming out for awhile on ps3 and I can get them to ad well as next gen games.
For instance splinter cell, beyond, kzsf, watch dogs ps4 version, BF4 ps4 version and possible gta 5 are the games I am picking up for sure this holiday season. Maybe knack as well.
PersonMan  +   821d ago
Let's see....

Beyond Two Souls
Assassin's Creed 4
Watch Dogs
Need for Speed Rivals

I think I'll have plenty of games on my PS3 to keep my mind off of the PS4.

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