Tech Analysis: Titanfall

Digital Foundry's take on the new shooter from developers who wrote the book on console 60fps gameplay.

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Smoovekid1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Textures. lol

Source is a great engine but this is supposed to be next-gen.

Walker1598d ago

Looks worse than current gen, lol ! Source engine ftw :D !

1598d ago
pyramidshead1598d ago

I think they sacrificed graphic fidelity to achieve a supposed solid 60fps, so I'm led to believe so that'd be why.

1nsomniac1598d ago

Thats what they claim in the article.

karl1598d ago

the concept of the game excites me but the graphics are quite under what u would expect from next gen

loulou1598d ago

the source engine is old. it was clear from e3 that there would be better looking games that titanfall at launch.... but will there be many that play better??

because that game looked incredible gameplay wise

1598d ago
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Majin-vegeta1598d ago

My question why the fark didn't they use FB3??Seeing as they're developing a game under EA.

Fireseed1598d ago

Well a lot of times on a game project you'll find they pick the engine that best suits the artists. Perhaps a majority of the artists felt more comfortable with the Source engine. I haven't seen the FB3 UI for myself, or it's import/export feature but I heard it was a headache for a lot of artists. Could be why.

Anonagrog1597d ago

EA do not own Respawn Entertainment. At the moment the Frostbite engine is being kept in-house for EA dev's only.

Pascalini1598d ago

Titanfall is my most wanted game- looks so good

Also got voted best game at e3 by ign

windblowsagain1598d ago

cod with mech's at 60fps.

I'm sure some will love it.

karl1598d ago

im sure call of duty was gonna have mechs at some point

they must be pretty mad someone beat them to it ...

colt-of-tipton1598d ago

Your right some people will love it,im one of them .

Belking1598d ago

I'm excited to play this on Xbox-one.

No_Limit1597d ago

Day One on Xb1, Can't wait!

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