A Young Villager vs. Skyrim

A new of Elder Scroll V: Skyrim shows a Young Villager. You thought The Villager was scary before? Wait till you see him go on a rampage around Skyrim.

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Rhaigun1477d ago

Beheading...its what Animal Crossing was missing all along.

1477d ago
CaptainYesterday1477d ago

The Villager is so creepy, he will be my main for Smash Bros :)

Abriael1477d ago

And the skyrim modding community strikes again :D

DragonKnight1477d ago

What's up with the noise in the video?

megatron007331477d ago

The music is just rocking D:

DragonKnight1477d ago

I didn't hear any music. I did hear a computer sound like its sound card was about to blow up though.