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Submitted by john2 875d ago | news

Watch Dogs - New PC Graphical Features Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Ubisoft has revealed some of the graphical features that will be featured in the PC version of Watch Dogs (and most probably in the next-gen console version of it)." (PC, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox One)

Psychotica  +   875d ago
Can't decide to get this for my PC or my PS4..
Neixus  +   875d ago
Get it for the system your friends will have it for, the ''hacking into another player's world'' looks really fun.
hakis86  +   875d ago
Psychotica: For your PS4 of course.
Sure the PC version will allow you to play it in a higher resolution than 1080p, and probably somewhat raised graphics settings.

But with your PS4 you can share cool gameplay moments and brag to your friends, or share bugs, all this on the fly. I'm really excited to see how much this feature will be used.
ZeroX9876  +   875d ago
the problem with comparing PC vs any console is that there`s way more features(on PC), but at a higher price for the initial hardware. it`s like comparing a budget PC build vs a high performance PC build.
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Hydrolex  +   875d ago
If you have a nice pc that could max it out then of course pc man !!! Plug in your ps3 or ps4 controller and it will feel the same
truthteller  +   875d ago
Exactly. I'm leaning towards PS4 cuz I like my couch more than my chair.
wannabe gamer  +   875d ago
just get a wireless controller for your pc and enjoy the couch too
Neixus  +   875d ago
you can hook up your ps3 controller to your pc, all you need is bluetooth :D
Plagasx  +   875d ago
Sighs...another clueless console gamer...

You can hook up a 360 controller to your PC and play on a couch...
Yukicore  +   875d ago
No doubt PC, next gen console version will come out later than PC, you will be about up and running the game, and had loads of fun before PS4 version airs.

Or you will be sitting and waiting for the PS4 version to come out, with all the reviews and gameplays right in front of you...
Stryfeno2  +   875d ago
PC or Xbox One? Maybe both...I will see.
PeaSFor  +   875d ago
Xbox who?
Elit3Nick  +   875d ago
you can try a more original comment next time...
meetajhu  +   875d ago
They said from now on Xbox exclusive means game will also be available on PC running Windows 7 or 8.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   875d ago
I will pass on this game for the xbox one. The ps4 version will have all the perks and dlc while the xbox one version will look better but will be gimped of all dlc and perks. Why spend 60:00 on a game that jhave zero replay valoe.
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medman  +   875d ago
I love how some people assume they know which version of the game will look better without having laid eyes on either version. I know this, based on what I've seen thus far, the best looking games I've seen are Infamous Second Son, The Division, MGSV, and Destiny. I tend not to include racers because they always look good. Three of those games were running off PS4 dev kits at E3, while MGSV was running off a high end pc at the Microsoft conference. How you come to the conclusion about graphical superiority when you haven't seen one second of legitimate gameplay on an actual Xbox One is beyond me. Good luck with that.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   875d ago
Easy go bavk and look at the e3 2012 demo that the user was using a black xbox wireless controller for the durango sdk.
SniperControl  +   875d ago
lol, dude you think that was on a X1 dev kit?, both Sony and MS had confidentially agreements with devs not to disclose any info regarding the game or console.
what you will find, that the demo was running on a PC using and x360 controller.
You do know PC gamers can use a 360 controller on a PC right?
fossilfern  +   875d ago
PC it is!
gamernova  +   875d ago
Pre-order my copy from newegg a few weeks ago. PC of course :)
tubers  +   875d ago
Does the X1 version allow me to hack and use XBox One owner's Kinect 2.0s?
s45gr32  +   875d ago
That would be awesome if it does it like minority report. So you are playing watch dogs then you get this cool holo screen (via the illumini room with if that's still in Microsoft plans) using your fingers to manipulate the holo deck. Now another possibility would be to use smart glass for the hacking abilities. There is lots of possibilities but I do hope that if they are going to use kinect for voice that they use it for negotiation tactics that affect the game world
Victorvondoom8  +   875d ago
Dont buy this game......There full of BS.
s45gr32  +   875d ago
Okay so are you thinking that Ubisoft may make this game a gta clone with hacking abilities. I don't know, I hope it doesn't end up like that and if it does I will gladly say yup they were full of bs.
SIRHC13  +   875d ago
While I love sitting down and playing a game on consoles, I need to get some more out of my 670, so I think i'll be going PC.
s45gr32  +   875d ago
Obviously the PC, now as a PC gamer I also want more exclusive gameplay or content not just visuals. Meaning while tomb raider looked amazing and blew me away visually, I was slightly disappointed with the lack of survival (no dehydration system, MGS 3 stamina system were you hunt food to keep your stamina up and while is down the player can't aim properly or run) which would of taken tomb raider from enjoyable and great to a masterpiece. Now for watch dogs I really hope the whole hacking thing is not just a gimmick plus it should play differently from a game . Well too many open world games follow the grass rags to riches formula like sleeping dogs. .........
ninjahunter  +   875d ago
Global illumination. Some day you will make my game not look worse and still cut my fps in half. Till then i say NAY!
djthechamp24  +   875d ago
wonder what platform will have the most sales
Yukicore  +   875d ago
That would be PS3 or X360 IMO.
Or PS4 if people will be quick about moving to new consoles. But I'm not so sure about that, It hasn't happened so fast before, and probably won't now.
kingduqc  +   875d ago
PC still gets the best version again :P
FantasyStar  +   875d ago
I hope you guys don't forget that Ubisoft doesn't have a good track record when putting out PC Releases. If they're not on time, they're badly optimized for the PC Platform.
Str8Chaos74  +   875d ago
Far Cry 3 runs great on PC.
djthechamp24  +   875d ago
Runs great if you have a decent PC running the game.
Str8Chaos74  +   875d ago
Well my PC is 6 yeas old and Far cry 3 on my setup blows the console versions out of the water.
ion666  +   875d ago
Some ppl dont have p.c.'s hooked up to there 50 inch t.v. my computer moniter is tiny ,so its console for me and most ppl . i will side with the cheaper of two.
Tundra  +   875d ago
So... what's stopping you from hooking it up to your TV.

I'm playing alan wake PC at the moment on my 42in with a PS3 controller. The option is there if you want it.
ion666  +   874d ago
i would have to buy so much more equipment ,its not worth the hassle. Graphics cards ,cables, finding the programs to work with the controllers. and space,my tower is huge and my computer is not up to par and money .its ot worth it. If money wasn't an issue ,sure i could be like you guys.
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EXVirtual  +   874d ago
I'm getting PS4, but I can easily say the PC will have the best version in terms of graphics and specs. That's what it's like with all multiplats

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