Star Citizen’s Economy Is Designed To “Generate Action and Missions”

For anyone still wondering how complex the economic system is in Star Citizen, a new video from Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games shows off just how nuanced it is in Star Citizen.

In the video, which you can view below, Roberts explains how simple supply and demand... (read on to continue)

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FragMnTagM1992d ago

Man I cannot wait for this game. It is going to be so epic.

webeblazing1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

this game is going to be a more hands on version of eve plus he said before of players would be able to control one ship like u see in a battle ship its gonna be epic battles in this game

i wonder y this game aint getting more hype than other games thats basically doing the same thing they alway did

oh yeah its for pc that y

Azurite1992d ago

No publisher = no huge marketing budget

webeblazing1992d ago

i was poking fun at how this website and gaming journalism work these days. a lot of these kickstarters is going out side of the box bringing what we want back into game we should want to spread the word about these games because a lot of publishers dont think about what customers want until its to late.

shuuwai1992d ago

Lets hope dog fight starts in Dec 2013. -_-;;

They got $13,450,136 USD in Funds as of 7-7-2013 15:00EST, and the game isn't even out!

deadfrag1992d ago

game release is december 2014 not 2013!

shuuwai1991d ago

alpha stage. -_-;; game is out in 2015. -_-;;

The_KELRaTH1991d ago

Can't wait.. got the T-shirt n card :)

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