Opening moves: the eight most impressive game reveals

OXM - They say you shouldn't judge a game on the strength of a first impression, but some games make it incredibly hard to do otherwise. Below are eight of the most stirring or stylish game reveals I've come across in my moderately lengthy career as a man who writes about unreal people and worlds.

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CrossingEden1293d ago

this article says that no assassin's creed has ever delivered on the promises in that trailer, pretty sure that those promises were delived in AC3 with running assassin's and the improved physics engine

mgszelda11293d ago

My only gripe with ACIII gameplay wise was that there wasn't enough all out battlefield fights

Evil_Ryu1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Ubisofts money could be spent on better New/or Existing ip's i hope this franchise goes away

CrossingEden1293d ago

out of every company this year, ubisoft is the company that has announced the most new ips -_- people like never take this into account when you whine about te lack of new ips

RedDeadLB1293d ago

Some are impressive, most are not mention worthy. That's what you get with biased journalism.