Moments: The Purification Of The Dark Brotherhood In Oblivion

Game Informer - The guild system in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion feels unreal. You can be the leader of the Fighters Guild, a protective organization for good, and a vile, high-ranking Dark Brotherhood assassin at the same time. Two morally opposed groups, headed by the same person. For a while, Oblivion lets you have your cake and eat it too.

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zeal0us1963d ago

Its sucks mainly because you have to kill everyone that in the sanctuary right around the time when they all started to like you. Then you find out down the road that the people you killed was in fact innocent.

KillrateOmega1962d ago

I know, right?

I felt terrible by the end of it all :(

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GreenRanger1962d ago

The Dark Brotherhood, The Mages Guild, The Thieves Guild, and The Fighters Guild (The Companions) were all terrible in Skyrim.

Oblivion was ten times the game that Skyrim was.

CGI-Quality1962d ago

I thought I was alone in this viewpoint!

dktxx21962d ago

I don't think anyone could deny that the guilds sucked ass in Skyrim. Huge letdown.

Mainsqueeze1962d ago

They were for some reason alot shorter and more linear than in previous ES games idk why they decided to go that rout but i hope they bring back better guilds in the next ES or more side things to do in Fallout 4.

MikeyDucati11962d ago

I was upset about what they did to Lucien Lachance. That was messed up. The man was dedicated to the job. I was happy to see him return in Skyrim.

Sketchy_Galore1962d ago

I had to stop obeying the Dark brotherhood after one or two assignments because I'm too damned good. Their gear did become my main outfit though and they came in handy when I developed a nasty case of the vampirism and didnt want to put my mouth on a hobo's neck. I never even met them in Skyrim, I did a few things I would've thought might get their attention too but they just weren't interested. They obviously heard how my last guy just took the uniform home and stopped showing up.