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Submitted by WeaseL 951d ago | news

Sony: PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived

The PlayStation 4 made its debut on UK soil this week, with Sony's retail partners and key press invited to a location in London to see the new console in action and play the new games. (PS4)

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Need4Game  +   951d ago
The Games will decide how powerful the console is.
Let it play Fantasy JRPG bigger than Skrim, with airship.
pixelsword  +   951d ago
Oh, please;

The Holosuite says "hi".

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Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   951d ago
Wtf is happening to the N4G community these days.
pixelsword  +   951d ago
lol c'mon...

have a sense of humor; I'm almost willing to say that out of all of those disagrees there's a PS4 fan stringing together clips comparing the PS4 to Star Trek's Holosuite as we speak.
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FATAL1TY  +   951d ago
★ PS4 ★
Eddie20101  +   950d ago

Just like Uncharted, Killzone and The Last of Us did on PS3. Only on Playstation, can't wait to see what Sony developers do on PS4.
abzdine  +   950d ago
Xbox One and PS4 are both next gen, but no one at this point should disagree with the fact that PS4 is the most powerful and first party titles will set new standards!
TrevorPhillips  +   951d ago
Did you not see "The Crew" game coming to PS4. It's massive!
MrWonderful  +   951d ago
In the words of Ben Parker" with great power comes great responsibility"
Lior  +   951d ago
I think Nvidia will laugh their heads off with this statement
Masterdon   951d ago | Spam
Dasteru  +   950d ago

Explain how it is overpriced.

It is $299

Both the PSP and PS Vita were $299 at launch and the SHIELD is several times more powerful than the Vita, which currently is only $50 less and doesn't even have built in flash storage.

Seems to me you are just a typical butthurt Sony fanbrat who cannot handle potential competition, just because SHIELD isn't made by Sony you call it overpriced or garbage or a joke, etc, etc.

It's about time someone released a well spec'd, well priced gaming focused tablet with proper game controls.

Too bad the low IQ Sony fanbrats that infest N4G are unable to recognize a good thing, just because it is released by a company other than Sony.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   950d ago

Would Nvidia Shield cost the same as Vita if it was released at the same time as Vita?
Dasteru  +   950d ago

Probably not given the hardware in it would have been considered alot more advanced at the time, however, it isn't really relevant.

The Vita is still selling for $250 now, the SHIELD is only $50 more despite having much more powerful hardware, and 16GB of built in storage space. If Sony were to release a device identical to the SHIELD right now, it would likely cost $400.
Ritsujun  +   950d ago
NS can't play S.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   950d ago

Vita might drop by $50 when Shield is released. We can speculate how much it will be then. At least it deserves to sell for more because apparently Nvidia didn't invest (much) into aesthetics of their handheld. Not everybody cares about the looks, but some of us who do, understand that it cost money to design a good looking product.
sklorbit  +   950d ago

There is a reason nobody is talking about shield. It isnt a compelling device, and neither is the ps vita for that matter. Shield is going to fail and fade into obscurity

Come back to this comment after shield releases and tell me I was wrong, I would love to be... but i wont be.
Eddie20101  +   950d ago
@ dasturu

Both are probably overpriced for the handheld market.

As far as NS being more powerful than PS Vita there's nothing available that shows that its more powerful. There's really no big third party games for it. The few third party games that are available are mostly just cash grabs.

PS Vita not selling through the roof so I think the NS will sell even less.

Why do you assume it's Sony fanboys that are against it rather Microsoft fanboys I mean the NS Is a Google Android system.

Read post above.
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Dasteru  +   950d ago

"Why do you assume it's Sony fanboys that are against it rather Microsoft fanboys"

Because N4G is notoriously pro Sony, the Sony fanboys outnumber MS fanboys like 100:1 on here.

Also this is the only site that i know of that constantly hates on the SHIELD, most other sites i have seen news about the SHIELD, there is near universal excitement for it. Hardly anyone on other sites ever says it is overpriced or that it will fail.

It isn't just the SHIELD either, i have been on N4G for probably 5+ years and it is very common for people to downplay anything that isn't a Sony product. It is nearly a national sport on this site, insult anything that isn't Sony, Praise everything that is and have "Well said" or "intelligent" bubbles handed out to you like candy. Free pass to 10-bubble land.
Eddie20101  +   949d ago

There are just as many MS fanboys on here, there just to darn narcissistic to know that they are fanboys. Some are just plain childish and stupid. Some just hate anything that is a Sony product, but they swear they are not fanboys.

I have own nearly every system including the Xbox, and Xbox 360. I was very gun ho about the Xbox and even was about the Xbox 360 in the beginning, but the media, the Xbox community, Microsoft themselves kinda soured my liking of them.

I'm a gamer not a fanboy, I own and play all the consoles and have two very decent PC's that I built and play lots of games on. I own a lot of games on all systems.

My dislike of one company that makes consoles does not make me a fanboy, nor does it make any other person who feels the same a fanboy. Nor do I think everyone has to feel the same way I do.
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evenstar  +   949d ago
@Dasteru-- Low IQ Sony fanbrats? Do we have to resort to name calling when sharing our opinions? Way to classify all Sony players into one giant heap of incompetence. We have our preferences for gaming and you have your's and while I'll admit to SOME players being overly fanatical, it isn't all players and it certainly isn't just Sony players.. That's one of the major problems of this site.. lack of respect for each other's opinions, and each other.. and name calling.. Sounds like kindergarten BS to me...
bullymangLer  +   951d ago
Sony: and how is this power of yours unique? <

please stop fooling kids into buying your console solely on "power" tactics . goombas
Ritsujun  +   950d ago
Oh look it's the bullcat again.
TotalHitman  +   950d ago
Type "Gaming device" in google and video game console will be at the top. NOT PC. PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived.
starchild  +   950d ago
Absurd. PCs play games and they are devices, so it is factually wrong to say that the PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived.

They should have said, "PS4 is the most powerful home console ever created" and then it would have been true.
TotalHitman  +   950d ago
@starchild, a console is or should be mostly dedicated to games. A PC (even a gaming PC) is still designed to do other tasks. A PC is like a phone. You don't consider it a portable gaming device, you consider it a phone.
showtimefolks  +   950d ago
And I believe Sony but it's been proven by 3rd party sources too that ps4 is more powerful. But it's nothing new Sony is known for making powerful consoles

Haters gonna hate but ps4 is designed by a developer for developer while keeping the gamer in mind. Cerny is a genius
TrevorPhillips  +   951d ago
less than 5 months till the release of the beast, the juggernaut...the PlayStation 4! :)
webeblazing  +   951d ago
wait wont this happen every console gen. isnt this a pointless thing to say period. and a few year when they announce the next consoles wont this pop up again. gaming journalist are finding it harder and harder to find more interesting stories to write these days seem all they do is hype $h!t up.
Walker  +   951d ago
8GB GDDR5 VRAM and over 50 percent more powerfull GPU FTW !
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Supermax  +   951d ago
Unlimited power and know comes with lightning bolts comeing out your fingers every time you say unlimited power.
pixelsword  +   951d ago
I'm having a little problem with what you wrote; are you:

*warning someone that saying "unlimited power" in respect to the PS4 that they should "know" that lightning will come from your fingers

*saying that "now" you have to have lightning bolts as a requirement to speaking about the PS4

*or are you addressing it like "no"; as if merely mentioning unlimited power in regards to the PS4's power automatically grants you lightning bolts?
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RBlue_Desire  +   951d ago
he was trying to quote palaptine in his own words.


Related video
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pixelsword  +   951d ago

Spontogical  +   951d ago
PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived?

This was common knowledge on Feb 20th 2013.

Greatness Awaits - Long, Live, Play

EDIT: Console not device ;)
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Foxgod  +   951d ago
Technically gaming pc's are also gaming devices.
Because people buy those for gaming, not for other things.
But yeah, they have the specs, but they also had that with the ps3.
Lets see if the architecture will hold up against the competition.

Specs are not the whole story, i thought people would have learned that by now.
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majiebeast  +   951d ago | Intelligent
You keep telling yourself that, hope it helps you sleep better at night.

The architecture is confirmed to be extremely easy to develop for, time to triangle went down from 9-12 months on ps3 to 1-2 months on ps4. Octodad was running on ps4 in less then a month they had Warframe's E3 build in 3 months. Microsoft has the harder to develop for architecture this time around with the ESRAM.

So yes specs are the whole story. Keep believing in fairytales like the power of the clowd and super esram.
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warewolfSS  +   951d ago
We're all the games you developed easier to make or no?

Do tell, I'm interested.
Gratisfaction  +   951d ago
Bubbles granted my good sir

From Mark Cerny
ArmrdChaos  +   950d ago
I have enjoyed witnessing the waffling going on the past few months. Last gen there were many that defended the Cell the very same way. Many wanted the heads of all those "lazy" developers. Now look where we are. heh
CrossingEden  +   950d ago
yes, lemme tell you how specs are the only thing that will decide the quality of games, not like some developers are not as talented as others or anything, oh, and how about those budgets, they DEFINITELY aren't a deciding factor, everything on ps4 will be triple A just because
DigitalRaptor  +   951d ago
A PC is a PC. Personal. Your PC can be whatever you make it. Your console cannot, which is why specs are incredibly important.

Xbox One is what Microsoft has made it to be through where they see their priorities to be. Not being a dedicated gaming device is pretty set in stone.

PS4 is a dedicated gaming device because Sony has leveraged its strengths in specification towards gaming and we already know that PS4 is going to lead the charge in ease of development. Developers have already spoken out and so has Cerny with all we need to know.
Qrphe  +   951d ago
"Specs are not the whole story,"

So after years of xbots bashing the Wii NOW this is the new defense card? It's like they all had a meeting and unanimously agreed to go with that same statement.
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DonFreezer  +   950d ago
Shut your f****** mouth.It's sony lunatics like you who bashed the Wii.I have not knowned a single Xbox fan who has bashed the Wii.Just look at the youtube page of the Xbox.Most of the games has quite a few dislikes.Do you think someone who is a fan of Microsoft would dislike games like Forza Motorsport or Project Sparks?Are you that delusional.Microsoft fans spend their time playing exclusive games not bashing other consoles.
mandeep1803  +   951d ago
Ok, as an owner of PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, I must disagree. The most powerful gaming device still remains PC. It is easily the most powerful console for sure, but anyone who wants the most premium experience still should go for high end PC.
2pacalypsenow  +   951d ago
Pc's are not consoles dedicated to gaming Like Ps4 is
Kos-Mos  +   950d ago
Dedicated? Then why is my PS3 overflooded with crap I can't uninstall; netflix,google,tv etc. Nintendo is the only ones that keeps it clean.
Rainstorm81  +   951d ago
A PC is a PC

A Console is a Console

They are both gaming platforms

I Thought I'd clear that up
No_Limit  +   951d ago
Sorry, A custom built PC with a I7 3960X, 16gb of Ram, and a GTX Titan is the most powerful gaming device one can conceived. Consoles don't stand a chance.
Foxgod  +   951d ago
A lot of gaming motherboards can even handle 24 GB of ram, combine that with 4GB of vram, en you have 28GB of ram, that is much faster then the ram in consoles in both latency and bandwidth.
Dasteru  +   951d ago
Gaming mobo's have supported 24GB ram for over 4 years now.

There are a couple dozen boards that support 64GB of ram and several that support dual and even quad physical CPUs.

Money no option, i could theoretically build a system with 32 CPU cores, 128GB of ram & 4 Titan GPUs with 6GB of Vram. 16 TFlops of compute power just from the Titan GPUs alone.


The 7990 is a dual GPU card, the Titan is a single GPU, 2 Titans is much more powerful than a single 7990, also you can have up to 4 Titans in a single system while you can only have 2 7990s.
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xHeavYx  +   951d ago
Can you get all that for $400 without ever updating it?
sorane  +   951d ago
^^ have fun with your paperweight with no games,online, 1 controller etc etc....
Clunkyd  +   951d ago

I find it funny how you just completely ignored that guys comment. So instead, you talk shit.
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starchild  +   950d ago
Why is it all about cost now?

If there was a $200 console that was weaker than the Wii U would you buy it just because it is cheaper?

Yes, the upfront cost is somewhat higher to get a good gaming PC, but when you factor in the $50 a year you have to pay to play your games online the cost of PC and consoles reaches near parity.

Then when you factor in the cost of games, the PC easily becomes the more affordable platform over the long term.

But even if it just straight costed more to game on PC I would do it.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   951d ago
Wouldn't it be more powerful to have a 7990 instead of a titan
No_Limit  +   951d ago
That is exactly my point. As long as PC can upgrade parts, consoles can never catch up. I was taking it easy on the PS4 cheerleaders, LOL.
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DarkZane  +   951d ago
Except that PCs aren't gaming devices, they're just something you can game on, but they're not meant to game specifically. Consoles however are gaming devices you can happen to do other things with too.
Clunkyd  +   951d ago
All this power on gaming PCs yet it doesn't have a dedicated user interface for games. Doesn't feel like im using a gaming console, feels like im using a Computer. no?
starchild  +   950d ago
You console fanboys are so ignorant.

Gaming PCs ARE meant for gaming.

And as for user interfaces for gaming not existing on the PC, give me a break. I guess you've never used Steam? Booting up into Steam's Big Picture mode gives you a totally game focused user interface. It's actually more game focused than the console interfaces.
Polysix  +   951d ago
That's not a mass produced 'gaming device' that's a bespoke, powerful multi-function unit.

I have a 4.5ghz I7, GTX780@over titan speeds ands 16GB ram. Yeah it's great, and will be awesome with oculus rift in future but a PS4 does "stand a chance" because of the way it's exclusives especially hit the hardware doing things we sometimes don't even see on PC (though we could nobody bothers). The exclusive games are why the PS4 has win written all over it, the fact it's got a great spec for the price is just a bonus :)

PC+PS4 combo FTW!

edit @ all the others' missing the point - the PS4 is a GAMING "DEVICE" that was mass produced to be just that. A PC is not a conceived mass market gaming device!! PC just happens to be bloody good and super powerful FOR games among other things.
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Foxgod  +   951d ago
No matter how hard you optimize a game for the ps4, it would never be able to run a high end game on Double fullHD with 120 frames per second, which your pc is perfectly capable of.
So consoles really dont stand a chance.
#8.3.1 (Edited 951d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(36) | Report
No_Limit  +   951d ago
PC = Man of Steel
Consoles = Bruce Banners, but fanboys think they are Incredible Hulks.
Rainstorm81  +   951d ago
No Limit

That has to be the dumbest analogy ever......
thecurseddevil  +   951d ago
16 gb =2gB.

true story.
webeblazing  +   951d ago
a pc is a pc its whatever you use it for so they got that one
Polysix  +   951d ago
Xmas 2013 - Best Xmas Ever!
Fergusonxplainsall  +   951d ago
I hope for a October release, like two to three weeks after Beyond TS comes out..

That way if demand is big they can easily keep restocking for the Holidays. Can't wait to get my hands on DS4.
Foxgod  +   951d ago
I hope you preordered you console of choice, otherwise you wont be able to get one before April 2014.
Rainstorm81  +   951d ago
Why is that?

It didn't happen with the PS3 which had very limited stock at launch...and it also didn't happen to the 360 or the Wii-U. Actually I think that has only ever happened to the Wii and PS2, being sold out till Mar-Apr the following year

Unless there is some kind of shortage....the latest you will be able to find a next gen console in January 2014 after the holiday rush......Although X1 may have shortages if its preorder allocations are anything to go by
Harpers_Ferry  +   951d ago
Sony is so full of it.

How can they tell me the PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived when it doesn't even have improved retinal scanning, mind control systems, holographic movie surround vision, and telepathic personal music.

I can't even teleport this stupid antique into my home for crying out loud.
NightStalker33  +   951d ago
I don't think people around here caught wind of the sarcasm...
Harpers_Ferry  +   951d ago
PS9 commercial people, come on now, you're embarrassing yourselves.
Rainstorm81  +   951d ago
It was obvious but people are also obviously stupid
Rockstar  +   950d ago
I think Sony said the PS4 will get a day 1 patch for all of that.
Harpers_Ferry  +   950d ago
That's going to be one hell of a download.
SpideySpeakz  +   951d ago
Hold on right there! Most powerful gaming device?

Currently, the gaming PC holds that spot, and won't be knocked off for decades to come.

Sure, the PS4 is probably the most powerful console to ever be created, but still don't hold a candle to the High-end PC.

PC wins at the end of the day.
Ulf  +   951d ago
Is there a gaming PC standard that could be labeled as a "device"? Without that standard there is no such PC gaming device, and PC developers are forced to target i5s with HD4000 GPUs and 2 GB of 1333 as their minimum spec.

All you really get from a better PC, then, is more pixels, and sometimes better textures, if the developer was feeling generous.
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sorane  +   951d ago
^^ clueless
Clunkyd  +   951d ago
Lulz_Boat  +   951d ago
bu bu bu bu bu bu buuuuut the CLOUDDDDD!!

fingazblank  +   951d ago
In defense, the pc your playing all your fantastic games on, in 2k resolutions with 3 monitors has just cost you £2000, the ps4 is £400 (including, a extra pad and a game)

also that super powerful pc is running windows, probably windows 7 so in theory microsoft ftw
Foxgod  +   951d ago
Yep, Microsoft ftw, because their Direct-X interface is what made pc gaming possible in the first place.

Without direct-x it would have been impossible to develop games for a platform with so many differences.
#14.1 (Edited 951d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(30) | Report | Reply
majiebeast  +   951d ago | Well said
Can you stop spreading your kool aid induced fud. People might actual start to believe your delusions.

How do you come up with this stuff were you born yesterday that you dont know any better?
#14.1.1 (Edited 951d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(8) | Report
fsfsxii  +   951d ago
Checking out MS's record, they also tried to kill PC gaming with GFWL.
2pacalypsenow  +   951d ago
We could still game without Direct x . OpenGl would've been the standard
Iwasneverhere  +   950d ago
OpenGL came out in 1992. 3 years before DirectX. The first OS to employ the use of DirectX was windows 95. Initially developers preferred DOS for game development because of the protected memory of windows 95 which greatly restricted access to most of the hardware. Sorta ironic eh? Well that's about enough showing my age for one day.
sorane  +   951d ago
^^ don't forget about the next 8 years of paying for online and games that cost way more
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imchuckbass  +   951d ago
It's the most powerful console ever conceived

It's not the most powerful gaming device ever conceived

There's a difference.
llMurcielagoll  +   950d ago
They're synonyms.
TrevorPhillips  +   951d ago
To the people disagreeing with us, I feel sorry for you guys.
PraxxtorCruel  +   951d ago
They're disagreeing because it isn't the most powerful gaming device, pc is. Had it said console I guess there would be no arguing going on.
Hicken  +   951d ago
A PC is not conceived as a gaming device.
TechnicianTed  +   951d ago
You can play games on pcs Hicken, it is a gaming device. So much crap spoken in here 'A pc isn't a gaming device, duhhhh....'

I have more games on my pc than I do on my consoles, it is the ultimate gaming device in my house.
Hicken  +   951d ago
And I can watch TV on my phone, but it's not a TV. It's got a word processor and everything, but it's not a PC.

You can build a PC for gaming, but PC was not created for that purpose, any more than my PS3 was built to be a PC.

The PS4 was conceived as a gaming device, and, as such, is the most powerful there is.
Revolver_X_  +   950d ago
Its so hilarious how pc elitists seem to sit idley by and wait for articles like this. PCs were not created for gaming. You have to adjust, upgrade to play games. PCs will always look better, but it is not a gaming device. If you think it is, you are an idiot. Go into your nearest Best Buy. Ask a rep to show you where they keep "gaming devices." Wanna bet a million dollars that you'll end up in front of consoles?

Why do PC fanboys try to twist even a categorisation to stay relevant?
TechnicianTed  +   950d ago
A pc can be used for anything you want to use it for, a pc wasn't made for the sole purpose of being used as a musical instrument, but you'd be hard pressed to not find one used in any major music studio in the world. A pc is as valid as a gaming device as a console is, the difference is a console can do far less.

If a pc wasn't a gaming device it wouldn't have been used for gaming for decades. The first video games were made on guess what....

.....computers, not consoles.

And Revolver_X, only morons use the word 'elitists' to describe anyone that games on a pc. You can count yourself as one of them.
starchild  +   950d ago
The PC gaming hardware market exists for PC gaming. We build our PCs for the purpose of gaming. They are devices. They were built for gaming. They play games. THEY ARE GAMING DEVICES!
Bolts  +   951d ago
This most powerful gaming device will be obsolete in less than 2 years.
Jovanian  +   951d ago
its been obsolete since before it was announced, already overtaken by PC hardware that it could never, ever hope to catch up to
2pacalypsenow  +   951d ago
Obsolete but it will still sell more games than on PC and thats all that devs care for
givemeshelter  +   951d ago
Most powerful CONSOLE. Not the most power GAMING SYSTEM.
It cannot be upgraded so in two years or less it will be fully obsolete in terms of power and specifications.
kewlkat007  +   951d ago
The PS4/Xb1/Wiiu will be obsolete in less than 2 years after launch.
Rainstorm81  +   951d ago
The Wii-U was obsolete in 2005
Belking  +   951d ago
Most powerful but yet games are still struggling to get 60FPS gameplay.
SaveFerris  +   951d ago
I know this won't happen ever, buy why can't companies stop with the marketing bull and just level with us?
I want MS to present to us how they decided to make the Xbox One, what made them choose the ram setup, kinect and everything else in a way similar to what Mark Cerny did for Sony. I want developers to level with us and tell us what strengths each console has and how they intend to use them. If one console has an advantage, I want third-party developers to use it unless it is too costly or difficult.
kewlkat007  +   951d ago
I agree..
microgenius  +   951d ago
just look at THE LAST OF US dude do you think ps3 is now obsolete?
you pc elitist are just good at play with numbers while know nothing about coding and optimize
anyway a PC\PS4 combo would be ultimate gaming experience
#22 (Edited 951d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
DEEBO  +   951d ago
let's be real guys.they are talking about home consoles not a custom made p.c.
HG_69   951d ago | Spam
Stryfeno2  +   951d ago
So the author never played on PC? Delusional
HOLLYWOODLAND   951d ago | Spam
ToonarmY  +   951d ago
How can it be the most powerful when there are pc's years old already more powerful? Time traveling vortex of shit
pyramidshead  +   951d ago
I wouldn't say device, because: PC, lol.
Console though, perhaps.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   951d ago
It referred to consoles, not over the top custom PC's that will never be maxed out by any game.
joeorc  +   951d ago
exactly PSN_ZeroOnyx
Gara reiterated that Sony's main goal with the PS4 was to deliver the most powerful console at a price that gamers consider to be acceptable" with further

underlining its perceived status as the next-gen games console designed exclusively for gamers.
bocajbee  +   951d ago
Even a PC with a 660ti and i5 3570k is more powerful than the PS4...
2pacalypsenow  +   951d ago
But can you build a PC with that for 399.99?
cunnilumpkin  +   950d ago
ps4 is $400 upfront, if you want to game online for the next 8 years with it, add another $400, now add in the extra $10-$30 more per game you will pay, say buying 20 games a year over 8 years that's 160 games, at $15 extra per game (and that is being very generous)

that's at LEAST $2400 dollars more you will spend just on games on ps4 vs pc

so over 8 years, your "$400" console, is going to cost you over $3200

you could build 3 gaming rigs that would f'ing DESTROY the ps4 for that

or you could build one amazing pc, and buy 500 games and still spend less than you would buying an inferior console and only getting 160 games

keep telling yourself that console is cheaper
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2pacalypsenow  +   950d ago
But for those 2400 you get more than that on Free games with PS+ . And 500 games? yeah not everyone like cheap ass indie games for $3
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