Xbox One's 11 Most Promising Original IPs - And How They Could Fail

Ushering in the fresh faces of the next generation with a word of warning

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1690d ago
xReDeMpTiOnx1690d ago

X1 actual non timed exclusives don't really look good imo, ryse is full of qt and only looked good to look at running on modified hardware. Sunset overdrive might be ok just a little different. Quantum break wth I'm still confused.

Microsoft only really had 2 sleeper series and that's halo and gears but gears isn't even owned by Microsoft so who knows. They need something big if they are gonna try and compete with Sony and they need multiple hits not just halo 5,6,7 etc.

Otherwise Sony will just trump them with exclusives like they have last 2 gen.

Manic20141689d ago

8 oF The new IP's is owned by MS, especially Quantum Break. So if Quantum break is as good or better than Alan wake then MS will have a new franchise to add to a list. Then their is also Sunset Overdrive, Project spark etc

xReDeMpTiOnx1689d ago

Alan wake essentially even really a hit, maybe for Microsoft but overall it absolutely crashed and burned compared to heavy rain.

I'm sorry Xbox fanboys ( I'm no fanboy btw I've owned all 3 consoles this gen)

Xbox has only had really 2-3 Huge hits that being halo,gears and maybe just maybe forza for sale of argument.

Nintendo has, Zelda,Mario,super smash bro, metroid, etc

Sony has, heavy rain, killzone, uncharted, last of us, god of war, lbp, etc

I'm sorry but when I buy a console I buy it to game not sell me all these features when I'll use 20% of them if that. Sony always has had better exclusives than Microsoft there is absolutely no way you can deny it.

n4rc1689d ago

Exclusives exclusives... Who really gives a crap?

Its elitist bullshit that only the most arrogant care about.. Would you enjoy tlou any less just because Xbox owners could play it too?

Pretty fkn sad if so..

And I've bought uncharted and kill zone and was greatly disappointed.. Just like gears and halo..

Judge a game on its merits.. Not because you can play it but some cant

Manic20141689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Actually you are wrong as Alan wake was a success selling over 3 million copies(Stated by Remedy) with 2.6 on 360 but Heavy rain sold over 2.4 million copies.

No doubt that MS have had weak franchises compared to nintendo and Sony but this gen it seems that MS are expanding their exclusive's with the new IP's

But as said before Alan wake sold very well but with a slow start, Heavy rain sold good but not as well as Alan wake.

PSVita1690d ago

I just want to say I think titan fall is way looked like KZ3 or Crisis 3 mechs are cool but it's defiantly nothing new. Not saying it'll be a bad game though.

ThanatosDMC1690d ago

Yup, the so called "mech" are just giant models of a human character. It'd be more interesting if it was an actual mech.

Cmk01211690d ago

Titan fall is coming to ps4... Not an exclusive. N4g needs to stop allowing trash writing on their site

warewolfSS1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Where does it say it is?! NOWHERE. It's as good as me saying that your gonna win the lottery. Just cause i say it isn't true. Unless , of course, your a dellisional fanboy that believes his own words. And lord KNOWS that would never happen, especially on n4g

PSVita1690d ago

I don't think it's comfirmed that its coming to the PS4 yet, although it's likely.

sic_chops1689d ago

Vince said himself that he wanted to start this game on one platform and m$ reached out to him. He wanted to put this game out on a smaller scale at first to see how it did instead of just letting it loose. He also said that developing it for other platforms "isn't out of the questions and has been thought of." if he wants to make more money, he will make it available to larger audience once he sees the reception to the game. So no, technically this isn't an xbox one exclusive. As of right now it seems to be a timed exclusive. This comes from his twitter account.

DG901690d ago

'Xbox One's 11 Most Promising Original IPs'... Multi Plat they're not just Xbox IPs

pyramidshead1690d ago

Oh god that title. This one will be a comical read in a couple of hours :P

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