Is PS4 Exclusive Line-Up Really Better Than Xbox One?

The PS4 exclusive line-up looks way better that Xbox One (with the exception of TitanFall, although the game will arrive on PS4 at somepoint later). Here is list of Six PS4 exclusive games that will Xbox One owners will feel jealous of. Furthermore, Sony has already confirmed that at GamesCom 2013 they will announce over 25 PS4 exclusives and most of them will be AAA titles and not just indie games.

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ShugaCane1961d ago

I haven't played any on them so I can't say if it's better or not. But it definitely looks more appealing, and more varied to me. Knack, Infamous, Killzone, Driveclub. Platformer, Action game, Shooter, racer. Plus all the Indie games. It's way more attractive in my opinion.

jimbobwahey1961d ago

The Xbox One lineup holds more appeal for me, mainly because of Forza, Titanfall, Killer Instinct and Project Spark.

Still no way I'm touching that console though.

Panthers1961d ago

I was so excited for Killer Instinct, until I saw it and saw that they dumped it on some no name developer and made it free to play.

Its just a quick cash in to shut the fans up who have been asking for KI for a while.

Septic1961d ago

Yeah Forza, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Project Spark....those games kook incredible. I was all set to buy a PS4 first but that lineup is gonna make me get the X1 first. Unless the PS4 comes out a few weeks which case I don't think I can help myself lol.

majiebeast1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

You have a quake avatar but dont own a pc that can play Titanfall? Why else would you buy it on xbone KBM>Controller anyday.

SuperLupe1961d ago

Same for me, MS convinced me with the launch games so getting a XOne first. I dont see any reason to rush to the PS4 right now. I'll give Sony a year.

Plus by that time they would have come out with a slimmer version and a price cut. Its all win win for me.

InMyOpinion1961d ago

Dead Rising 3 is the only exclusive that would make me consider getting an Xbox One.

s8anicslayer1961d ago

Septic has an identity problem, he's all over the place depending on which way the wind is blowing. Dismiss his blasphemy for he does not know what he's talking about.

minimur121961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

alot of people seem to be forgetting the F2P games, these are the day one downloads lineup for f2p on the console

Blacklight Retribution
Planetside 2
DC univers online

how does this sound now? :D

Along with all of the indies you get for free when you buy PS Plus, which are exclusives to PS. (Timed, I believe)

Don't Starve
Secret Ponchos
Driveclub (limited tracks, and cars)

Fireseed1961d ago


So all the members of the fighting game community who are declaring it's the next great fighting game are wrong? And the fact that you're declaring it's F2P even though that's long been proven false. I've personally gotten to play the game and can say it's fucking amazing. So sorry, go attempt to shit on another Xbox exclusive cause KI is fucking gold.

Dmagic1961d ago

@ wintersoilder stop the lies the few people in the fgc that got to play it said they had "fun" with the game no one ever said it was great or the next coming of anything. in fact they did a poll and 80% of the fgc said they would not buy a xbox just for ki.

Dee_911961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Its really a toss up for me for which ones are more appealing right now.XBOX One im really looking forward to forza and ryse and titan fall but titan fall isnt really an exclusive and I have a feeling its really a timed exclusive for the xbox one...PS4 ofcourse Infamous Drive club and KZ all look promising.. they both have really good games, and if MSFT didnt try to pull that stunt I would get a xbox one on release date hands down.But I cant forget that, so im gonna wait and try to get a used one.

How ever debating which ones you think are better is completely useless and a waste of time.The real question is which console has the most, and most varied.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31961d ago

Majiebeast thinks this looks better than any Xb1 exclusive? Lol, I cant take people like you serious. It doesn't even look better than this let alone this

4Sh0w1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Eventually I'll have all 3, wii-u just hasn't had anything compelling for me to start next gen, I'll wait for a price drop. I'm definitely going to get X1 first, probably ps4 later on. I wasn't impressed with anything exclusive to sony. KZ seems to have lost its identity from what it was in KZ2, Knack looks good, infamous trailer looks great just haven't seen any gameplay, I dont know what Hokokum is but indie games dont sell me a console since both have good ones, The Order only showed a trailer and Driveclub looks like just another fun racer but I prefer GT and Forza to keep me playing for a year+.

Xbox one had alot more impressive games Ryse, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Forza5, Dead Rising3, Project Spark all were standouts for me all showing gameplay. I can't wait to se what Remedy is doing with Quantum Break and insomniacs Sunset Overdrive is definitely on my radar. Initially though Im picking up X1 for KI, Forza5, DR3 and Kinect Sports Rivals to play with my kids.

lgn151961d ago

Thank-god you included "Still no way I'm touching that console though." or you would have been down voted into oblivion. Smart guy.

gaffyh1961d ago

PS4's LAUNCH lineup is DEFINITELY better than the Xbox One's, because most of the games MS showed at E3 are NOT launch games. TitanFall and Halo are definitely 2014 (or later), and nothing was confirmed for Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive.

So yes, Killzone Shadowfall, Driveclub and Knack, and all the free 2 play games does make a better exclusive launch lineup.

The fanboys can deny that all they like, won't make it less true.

Now regards to the overall announced exclusives, Xbox One I believe does have somewhat of an edge (if you include TitanFall as an exclusive), simply because they announced a lot of games that are late 2014 games, whereas Sony held back on announcing stuff too early. In fact, I believe the latest game they announced was inFAMOUS which is Q1 2014.

IMightBeRetarded1961d ago

Gamescom and tgs are where sony will show even more of their exclusives, as for microsoft I really doubt they have much left to show.

Septic1961d ago


Who said I don't have a PC that can run Titanfall? I game on PC too.

What's wrong with playing Titanfall on consoles? Yeah KBM is far more accurate but I like being able to relax and play on the sofa.

How do I have an identity problem? So because I'm not a fanboy that only restricts himself to one platform, I don't know what I'm talking about?

Urusernamesucks1961d ago

killer instinct can be bought full with all characters. Free to play is only option and your just being naive if that bothers you.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1960d ago

I'll say once and I'll say it a million more times "considering MS' track record this generation, I doubt they will continue to cater to the hardcore gamer after the xbone's first couple of years" I trust sony's playstation a lot more because they have released a steady stellar exclusive line up since second half of 2008 up to present day. I know Sony started late this gen but they have had a great track record for the past 5 years. Xbox on the other hand... dry, dryer than death valley dry.

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LaChance1961d ago

No matter how much it hurts N4G, and no matter how many disagrees I get Im gonna say it.

The truth you all know deep down inside but try to suppress.

The XOne lineup is at this very moment is superior to the PS4's lineup.

What Sony has going for them is the hype for the hardware, not the greatness of their launch lineup. MS got that on a lockdown right now. They know how important it is to get great games rolling out early in a consoles lifecycle. Thats what they did last gen and by the time the PS3 was out they already had too much momentum.

Disagree all you want but hey we all know some truths do sting and its just more convienient to ignore it.

Blastoise1961d ago

I will disagree, thanks. Because I can genuinely say I think the PS4's lineup is looking better than the Xbox ones.

jimbobwahey1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

To be fair to Sony though, they're still putting out great games for PS3 whereas Microsoft has long abandoned the 360.

If Sony did what Microsoft is doing, and cancelling games for PS3 to move to PS4 (like MS moved 360 games to Xbox One to fill out the launch lineup) then it would really be no contest with The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6 and Beyond Two Souls launching on PS4 along with everything else.

So on that note, I really can't fault Sony for supporting all of their customers, especially when Microsoft gives theirs the finger.

hkgamer1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Not sure if MS paid for these exclusives(which i don't really care if they did) or promised them DRM. But if MS did promise them DRM and then backed out of the idea then I guess some of these exclusives may end up on the PS4.

Or maybe they just have a better relationship with MS.

PS4 line-up does look a little more varied and has lots of indie backing them. But we all know that alot of gamers dont care for indie or even a varied list since they will never play thos

But at the end of the day they haven't and you cannot compare last generation to this generation. Some of the PS4/Xbone buyers will not have the previous generation games.
Let's just hope that Sony decides to port these over to PS4. Once I purchase my PS4, I will probably stop buying PS3 games.

Gamescom will probably show alot more sony 1st party games. We know that Naughty Dog, Santa Monica and other studios will show something.

ZodTheRipper1961d ago

It's better at the moment but we all know that this is going to change once Sony's first party announces it's games. Also, you can't be sure about the exclusivity claims on some X1 titles.

majiebeast1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Infamous:SS>Anything shown for the xbone. You know its true.

2cents1961d ago

I don't disagree with you having an opinion, but I do disagree with you trying to project that opinion on others as all your asking for is a fight.

Who's to say that someone that believes Sony's offering is stronger due to personal preference is wrong? No one as it is an individual choice. The real question is how many stand combined on either side, then we could have a debate about the majority votes and what key titles cause the sway. Far more intellectual and interesting debate than a dumbed down fanboy argument about who is better.

nypifisel1961d ago

We don't know either consoles full line up yet. In my opinion neither got that killer game I really want, yet PS4 games look better in my opinion and I'm still getting a PS4 though. The hardware is way more appealing.

crazyeightz1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )


Absolutely agree 100% with everything. MS really effed themselves in the face with this one. On the strength of exclusives alone, MS could have offshoot whatever disadvantage it had with a SLIGHTLY inferior machine. Heck I was in line to buy an XB One on the mere fact that Titanfall was announced as an exclusive. But MS's PR idiocy and this whole forced Kinect business caused me to now change with PS4 instead.

Projekt1961d ago

I respect your opinion, but not your arrogance.

pixelsword1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

@ LA:

That's your opinion, just like how this article mentioned the opposite; it's no shame liking one over the other, but you shouldn't put your opinion out as fact because just like every other opinion, it's a weak foundation to stand on.

MikeMyers1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )


That's the thing, people on here kept harping on the Xbox for not having games for the core audience and now that they've shown they are indeed coming to the Xbox One what do people do here? Talk about everything else besides the games.

Forza 5
Killer Instinct
Sunset Overdrive
Minecraft Xbox Edition
Quantum Break
Project Spark
Dead Rising 3
Kinect Sports Rivals

Yet people want to say those games are not diversified? When you have a community largely made up of Playstation fans you will get very a very biased view, and that isn't healthy for any real debates. Sony also has great games coming out too such as Infamous: Second Son which looks incredible. But instead of members talking about how great these games are what takes precedence here? Console wars and lots of Xbox hate. I'm not even talking about just the Xbox One but Xbox and Microsoft hate. We have members here who have done nothing but troll for years and are ramping things up leading to the launch. Most likely because they feel threatened. Otherwise they wouldn't care about a system they don't plan on supporting.

If the biggest complaint about the Xbox 360 was the lack of games then talk about the games coming to the Xbox One. Otherwise it was all just another tactic where the goal posts keep moving.

Microsoft has invested in more game studios and have more games in development right now than at any time in the history of the Xbox. Everything gets reset to zero and so far the launch line-up IMO looks better for the Xbox One. I have no doubt in 2014 the PS4 will have an awesome line-up of games but many of them won't be out until 2014 or later that interest me. Gaikai is also not coming until at least 2014. Right now GT6 and Forza 5 are on my must have list and only one of them is coming to next gen systems.

BlaqMagiq241961d ago

I'll respect your opinion but don't you sit there and say that what you're saying is the truth. It is purely subjective.

MysticStrummer1961d ago

Tell the truth and it may sting, but what you said is entirely subjective.

In my honest opinion, the two best things MS showed at E3 were a multi plat (MGS5) and a timed exclusive (Titanfall), neither of which will be a launch title.

My most anticipated PS4 game so far is also on PC (Planetside 2) but it's a launch title and it will never be on One because it's made by SOE. That game alone makes PS4's launch lineup better to me.

Also, how did MS have too much momentum when they ended up coming in third again? They launched first out of three, and ended up third out of three. That's some truth that stings.

ABizzel11961d ago


I agree, currently the Xbox One line-up looks better, but that's because they showed the majority of their 15 exclusives games for the first full year November 2013 - November 2014.

Thus far we've only seen Sony's first party PS4 games for launch - launch window, and their exclusive Indie games besides maybe The Order (my guess holiday 2014). Sony has already said they have 20 / 30 exclusives planned year 1 and we haven't heard from Naughty Dog (Uncharted Team), Guerilla Team 2 (New IP), Team Ico, Sony Japan's PS4 game, and a bunch of their other teams many of which are switching to two game teams this gen thanks to the ease of developing PS4 games vs. PS3.

Everyone said wait for E3 so MS can show game, and we did and they did. Wait for Gamescom and TGS for Sony to show games which they are generally the only console manufacter to show-up with E3-like showings at these conferences.

jessupj1961d ago

Oh would you please shut up. There is no 'truth'. The better line up is all subjective.

Sony hasn't even shown their full hand yet, we still have gamescom and TGS.

But I hope you're enjoying your 360 that has gotten a measly 3 decent exclusives in the last 2 years. And enjoy your xbone when MS does the same thing and stop releasing games once they trick enough fools like you into buying it.

When you're doing that I'll be enjoying superior multiplats and amazing exclusives on a superior console.

medman1961d ago

LaChance is lost. He's one of the unfortunate souls who doesn't realize that many of Sony's best first party developers have projects for the PS4 currently underway that haven't even been announced yet. So, much like this gen with the PS3, many of gaming's games of a generation will be unavailable to him. I feel sorry for these folks who have no idea what they missed out on. Excuse me, I shall return to my Survivor playthrough of The Last of Us. Good luck sir. PS4.

GoodnessGreatness1961d ago

I don't see Xbox having better first parties than PS4. Sony has some of the best 1st party developers.(Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studios, Media Molecule, etc.) All Xbox One can depend on are timed exclusives and third parties.

pabadamus11961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Your comment wins and it makes the most sense. What is good, better or best is purely subjective. Fanboys are wasting their breath trying to assert their opinions as fact. All in a futile effort to justify their online existence.

The truth (as of right now) is that both consoles have a pretty lackluster 'day one' launch offering with the bulk of the interesting stuff coming 'launch window' and beyond. I would say that Sony may have the slightest of an edge with its handful of downloadable/indie titles that can bolster what is ultimately an uninspiring launch lineup.

But that is my opinion and it doesn't mean a darn thing. People will disagree and have their own opinions and that is ok.

gaffyh1961d ago

@LaChance - You are a known Xbox fanboy, but please see my comment above. The best games for Xbox One are 2014 games, NOT launch games. PS4 launch line-up beats Xbox One's EASILY at the moment, until MS actually confirms which games will be AT LAUNCH.

They announced a lot of stuff at E3, but they HAD to, which is why the had barely anything to show for some games. e.g. Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Halo, Below.

1961d ago
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Need4Game1961d ago

JRPG Exclusive will be the decisive factor,
is there any JRPG exclusive?

hkgamer1961d ago

Level-5 hasn't announced anything yet I think, so maybe they will have something for next gen.

Atlus probably won't release anything yet, not for another few years anyway.

FFIV:RR is hardly a JRPG and not really exclusive but looks promising.
Hiroyuki Ito director of ff6,9&12 hasn't done anything in a while so maybe he has something up his sleeve.

Tri-ace hasn't done anything for a while. Maybe they release something related to the tech demo they showed a few years back.

All hopeful thinking, but hopefully something will be shown this year. I want some decent JRPG. Hiroyuki ito directed JRPG would be a dream come true.

gamertk4211961d ago

JRPG's are terrible. Just my opinion.

1961d ago Replies(7)
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1961d ago

Any platform that has Naughty Dog on it is my #1 lol

hkgamer1961d ago

shame no platform has naughty dog on its launch line up atm.


Intentions1961d ago

Most of the games ain't even coming out on launch, so why is it called a launch lineup -.- :S

pixelsword1961d ago

To make you happily take the console home only to realize what you just said months later.


MuhammadJA1961d ago

Titanfall & Dead Rising 3 will come to the PS4 eventually.

Manic20141961d ago

Titanfall if successful then most likely the sequel will come to PS4 not the first one and as for dead rising 3 the franchise was ought back by MS so you cant really expect it to coe to PS4 but it ay come to PC.

RedHawkX1961d ago

yep titanfall defenitley is coming and not just the sequal lol. that would just be dumb bioshock came over, mass effect came over even the first one so people need to stop being stupid please

medman1961d ago

Does anybody really care about those games? I know I don't. Titanfall is not my kind of game. I need a singleplayer story to sink my teeth into. Dead Rising 3 is a poor excuse for survival horror when compared to a masterpiece like The Last of Us. Ok, unfair comparison...Dead Rising pales in comparison to Left for Dead. Better?

sandmanswers1961d ago

So you've played Dead Rising 3? Sony fans live under a bridge

brave27heart1960d ago

My own personal opinion is after the clusterflock of MW2 the guys at respawn can keep walking. I didnt see anything in Titanfall that makes me want it. BF4 looked better, Planetside 2 looks more unique.

My opinion.

Also I think people should buy a console based on the games you think will come in the future. If you love the core MS franchises then theres a good chance the Xbox 1 will be good for you. Personally I dont think MS will ever have as diverse a catelog as Sony, nor take the risks on stuff like LBP, Journey or Heavy Rain.

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RedHawkX1961d ago

also dont forget ps4 has free games day one at launch like warhammer, dc online and such so you dont even have to spend a penny to game right out of the box. also it has playstation home as well.

avengers19781961d ago

I think in the long run PS4 will have more and better exclusives, and we haven't seen a lot of the PS4 games that are on development.
Both systems are bringing the games early but will MS continue to do so? It's hard to say....

Jaces1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

As of now the bone looks like a sweeter line up but we've yet to see all the PS4's exclusives so I'm hopeful. Yet I'm getting the PS4 day one, M$ has really put a bad taste in my mouth after E3.

strifeblade1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Exclusives wise microsoft has it hands down.

Driveclub vs Forza 5
Killzone Shadowfall vs Titanfall
infamous second son vs dead rising 3
Knack vs Ryse
The Order vs quantum break

Looking at it from this perspective i take xbox one exclusives to their playstation counterpart any day.

On top of all that msoft confirmed these other exclusives:
Sunset Overdrive
Killer Instinct
crimson dragon
Project Spark
unnannounced black tusk game
Halo 5

MYSTERIO3601961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

You seem to be forgetting others from Sony:

Deep down
Final fantasy realm reborn
The Dark sorcerer

Including indies:
Basement Crawl by Bloober Team
Blacklight: Retribution by Zombie Studios
Carmageddon: Reincarnation by Stainless Games
Contrast by Compulsion Games
Daylight by Zombie Studios
DC Universe Online
Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment
Galak-Z by 17 Bit
Hohokum by Honeyslug
H-hour: worlds elite
Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games
Octodad: Dadliest Catch by Young Horses
Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty by Oddworld Inhabitants
Outlast by Red Barrels
The Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios
Primal Carnage: Genesis by Lukewarm Media
Planetside 2
Ray’s the Dead by Ragtag Studio
Secret Ponchos by Switchblade Monkeys
Soul Saga by Disaster Cake
Tiny Brains by Spearhead Games
Transistor by Supergiant Games
Warframe by Digital Extremes
War Thunder by Gaijin Entertainment
The Witness by Jonathan Blow

Plus Sony are currently working on 20 EXCLUSIVES for the first year of launch.

strifeblade1961d ago

I thought deep down was only suspected to be an exclusive, has there been any confirmation by the dev that its exclusive? I only heard them talking about the playstation version but maybe at gamescom they will be more specific? Yes your right about ffiv, and wasn't the dark sorcerer a tech demo? quantic dream is known for making a few tech demos over the years that dont materialize into games.

MYSTERIO3601961d ago

I personally thought Sony showed a decent lineup at E3 and with 20 Exclusives set for the first year Sony doesn't seem to be disappointing.

IMightBeRetarded1961d ago

Just wait until gamescom and tgs, sony will show some more of their 20 exclusives for the first year.

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fermcr1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I know I'm going to be hammered by both sides, but in all honesty, both consoles are laking in exclusives at launch.

Driveclub or Forza... don't care for driving simulators.
Knack... meh.
Dead Rising 3... meh.
Killzone... another pretty brainless FPS... not really that interesting.
Ryse... not sure about this game.

It would be great if Infamous, Titanfall (brainless FPS but i like what i see and not really a exclusive) or Quantum Break were release at the consoles launch.

Edito1961d ago

I just want to ask one thing, what FPS in ur opinion is not brainless???

STK0261961d ago

The old-school Rainbow Six games!

Mr-SellJack1961d ago

Farcry3,rage,resistance,origin al crysis,portal1,2killzone2 ,metro and bioshock aren't mindless fps imo and are the best this gen in offline replay value

fermcr1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Half-Life series, Portal series, Deus Ex series, Farcry series, Bioshock series, etc.

hkgamer1961d ago

I agree that the list is lacking. But which console launch had a better line-up?

Looking at consoles debut launch titles (only looking at titles that were released on console debut on first released country.)

N64 had Mario 64.
Snes had super mario
DC had virtua fighter
PS had Ridge Racer

After looking at the list, it looks like original xbox had the best launch line up.... everything else was lackluster.

Mr-SellJack1961d ago

Pretty much agree launch games are worthless best thing is to buy ps+ and an open world game(AC,batman or watch dogs most likely)

Hellsvacancy1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

The Order: 1886 sounds interesting, but havnt they already confirmed it wont be a launch title?

Its gameplay I wanna see

thehitman1961d ago

Ya they are still in very early stages of development it probably wont release until fall 2014 or maybe early 2015.