OXM Online: Fallout 3 Preview

OXM: "Before you read any further, there's one thing you should know about Fallout 3: Just because it's being created by Bethesda - the same studio that brought you The Elder Scrolls - doesn't mean it's "Oblivion with guns."

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Bolts3883d ago

...its more like Fallout with Oblivion than Oblivion with guns.

Iamback3883d ago

is it just me or this game looks like crap? I am serious it does, at least looking at screenshots.

SL1M DADDY3883d ago

But I personally do not share your sentiment. I personally am loving the game as described by the previews and the looks are just amazing to me. With the number of hours I had in Oblivion, I am sure that this game will not dissapoint. Well, for me that is. lol

kwicksandz3883d ago

Blinded by JRPG fanboyism i suspect.

Play some fallout 2 and get back to me.