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Watch Dogs on Xbox One will have a more dynamic city compared to Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4

Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay drops a bombshell saying that the Xbox One version of Watch Dogs will have a more dynamic city. (PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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boybato  +   873d ago | Funny
cloud powah!!!!!
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The_Infected  +   873d ago | Well said
So far Turn 10, Ubisoft, and Respawn are all using it and praising it so I'm pretty sure it works great:)
NewMonday  +   873d ago | Well said

false content in the article

developer was talking about both XB1 AND PS4 vs 360 and PS3.

grasping at straws right now
Septic  +   873d ago

"It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One."

Well, I don't think that quote goes far enough to justify the website's statement that:

"Watch Dogs on the Xbox One will have a more dynamic city than the PS4. "

Did the developer mean further on the X1 than the PS4...or just generally further once they get to grips with the tech? I personally think its the latter but yeah, I think the headline is grasping at straws.
NewMonday  +   873d ago
...Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay says it will "take a little while before we can get to the full power of those machines", in reference to PS4 and Xbox One...

the original comment

abzdine  +   873d ago | Well said
Story quality: WTF?
Like this website?: No

Even the media cannot give the right info nowadays..
ShinMaster  +   873d ago
Took me a little while to realize this was fake
xxLuckyStrike  +   873d ago
Sighs of relief and defused rage echo throughout n4g
FrigidDARKNESS  +   873d ago
You may want to add Insomniac to that group.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   873d ago
Dat cloud!
LaChance  +   873d ago
Dude you are lieing.

You know people dont read the articles on this site and that they will take your word for it, especially if its pro Sony.

I checked it out for myself and the dev explictly says the XOne will have a an advanatage compared to the PS4 version

EDIT: LOL ok so from the comments below lets just say its fake and call it a day ... lmao. Ah these Sony faithful never cease to amaze me.

"He then goes on to mention Microsoft’s cloud service that seems like it will be a crucial component to the Xbox One stating, “Physics calculations, similarly, aren't dependent on strict timing. The way a tree reacts to weather, it's physics, right?" Guay went on. "It's bending materials. Well, what if I could run that on the cloud? It doesn't need to be fully synced. There are occasions where there will be an advantage, but it's clear in the short term there's plenty of power within the machines. That's where our engineers are working."

In addition to those comments Mr. Guay went on to talk a bit about the graphics and the “dynamism” of the city. Here is what he had to say:

"For example, we’re able to simulate the water in full 3D, if you go on a boat the waves that form will affect other boats. We’re also able to spend more time giving brains to the other people on the streets so that they can basically be smarter, and there can be more of them. It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One.”

There it is guys. From the devs themselves, not some fanboy spec sheet.
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kingfetish17  +   873d ago
No matter what's true or fake, the PS4 version of Watch Dogs is the version to buy since it's getting 4 exclusive missions & an exclusive outfit for the main character.



No_Limit  +   873d ago
Will add Watchdog to my launch lineup on for the Xbox 1. Good to hear it is turning out to be a good game.
kingfetish17  +   873d ago
I'll wait for updates on both versions to decide which version's the best.

Exclusive content > A more dynamic city

In my opinion...
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Autodidactdystopia  +   873d ago

I am sincerely confused by your logic... o_O
Skips  +   873d ago | Well said

He's not lying. IT IS taken out of context...



This one just took Nowgamers' article, twisted it, and slapped on a flaimebait headline. XD

"It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One."

He's just talking about pushing it further on Xbox One IN GENERAL. He's not even comparing it to the PS4. XD

"He also spoke about some of the advantages next-gen power affords Watch Dogs."

Nice try though kiddo. LOL!!!!
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Saigon  +   873d ago
They are referring to the cloud service...didn't sony say that their service can do the same calculations...also this would mean in order for each user to take advantage of the 'cloud service'/more dynamic city they would need to be connected...I am I wrong...
wastedcells  +   873d ago
Doesn't Sony own a much more capable "cloud" system? Seems like Sony just isn't boasting about it.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   873d ago
So far Turn 10, Ubisoft, and Respawn are all using it and praising it so I'm pretty sure it works great:)

Ashlen  +   873d ago
Haha this is the best thing I have seen on this site recently.

This article has been paraphrased three times on this site and each of the three times this guy has seemingly said totally different things.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   873d ago
Eveyone is showing the same original article from whence the statement came. Guess what? It all reads the same--they are taking things further with XB1. You sony fans should stop trying to twist it around to downplay what was said because everyone can read and what he said is clear as day. He can backtrack if he likes but he said what he said. You guys are posting the same link as if its different than what this article is saying...its not.
MysticStrummer  +   873d ago
"Did the developer mean further on the X1 than the PS4...or just generally further once they get to grips with the tech? I personally think its the latter but yeah, I think the headline is grasping at straws."

Yes. They talked about the dynamism of the city and the onscreen result in another recent interview, and they said it will be the same experience on all platforms.

The headline is bait.

@Wraith - If you read what he said in context, he's talking about a difference between current and next gen. Try not to be too let down when both versions are the same.
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No FanS Land  +   873d ago
whatever they say, both consoles can do cloud computing. and anyway, if it's true it will only apply as long as the console is connected to internet.
malokevi  +   873d ago
The denial from sony's dedicated is palpable.

Why can't you just take this as a good thing? Some of us aren't so narrow that we refuse to consider all three. I love videogames and will be getting all 3 consoles, so good news is just that... good news.

No need to kick, scream, and manipulate the facts. That's all I see from you "faithful"
XabiDaChosenOne  +   873d ago
@Lachance where does it say in the quotes you posted that the Xbox one will have an advantage over the PS4? All I see is a quote taken out of context.
"Fundamentally the core, innovative part of Watch Dogs is the same on every platform. But on PS4 we're able to push every lever a lot further."

ALLWRONG  +   873d ago
Denial is strong here...
Crazy Larry  +   873d ago
I'll get killed for saying this (despite having a PS4 preordered) but the cloud is not the focus of the article, and achieving this on the X1 is possible even without the cloud. There is a reason high end PCs use DDR3 for their CPUs. Assuming the CPUs in the X1 and PS4 are identical, the lower latency of DDR3 can allow for better AI and more dynamic environments. The environments WILL be prettier on PS4 due to GDDR5, but "more dynamic" due to the smaller multitasking abilities of DDR3. Sony fans see a "5" and think it means better; but the reality is they are just different RAMs that specialize in different things.
DigitalRaptor  +   873d ago
@ malokevi

Firstly, this quote is taken out of context. He was talking about Xbox One as a next generation system not in the fact that "the cloud" aspect is what allows it. Nowhere does it say the Xbox One version will have a more dynamic city than the PS4 version.

Secondly, no. I'm not open to the Xbox One because I won't support a company that tried to screw over gamers, disrespect their consumers, and control the industry and make decisions that would adversely affect the way in which people look at a gaming console going forward. I'll buy a PS4, I'll buy a Wii U, I'll continue to buy games for my PC and handhelds. But I won't support Microsoft and it makes perfect sense to say so.
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PFFT  +   873d ago
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RetroGqmer  +   873d ago
@Crazy Larry You are comparing the relative merits of RAM type, but ignoring the architecture of the machines, and how they allocate resources, i.e the OS.

As Digital Foundry stated before the console reveals, the PS4 would have been at least on par with the Xbox One with the originally rumoured 4GB GDDR5, due to it's architecture and allocation of system resources.

The Xbox One is a powerful machine, but Sony took a calculated gamble modules would be available in the required size and cost to enable them to bump the specs upto 8GB GDDR5.

Microsoft couldn't take this gamble as they needed 8GB RAM, to cover the OS and other system resources like Kinect integration, hence the use of 8GB DDR3. To make up for some of the performance deficit they also use 32MB of eSRAM, but this also adds to the complexity of the machine, both in terms of production and coding.
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malokevi  +   873d ago

Cool, man. You have fun with your principals, while I enjoy great games. Win/win!
PLASTICA-MAN  +   873d ago
The same thing was said for the first Assassin's Creed on the Xbox 360 that will have betetrt crowd than PS3 because architecture was easier and it didn't even happen. Now I don't see why why they would do it especially when both have the same architecure but with a light difference being that the PS4 having the overpowered counterpart of the same architecture. Like newmonday said, it is pure flaimbait and it is only comparing the current gen version. I saw someone(FrigidDARKNESS: http://n4g.com/news/1304970... ) posting this link in a comment in the previous Watch Dogs article and was reprted as trolling, I don't see why this article got even approved.
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hkgamer  +   873d ago
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nukeitall  +   873d ago
The original article talks about PS4 and Xbox One, but then he shifts to specifically point out the Xbox One is able to be pushed further.

Sounds to me like, the developer is indeed saying the Xbox One version is more dynamic than the PS4. Does it matter though?

Some will perform better, some won't! The differentiating factor won't be pixels for me anyhow. It will be features. If I wanted pixels I would spend the equivalent of PS4 or Xbox One on a graphics card for my PC!

loulou  +   873d ago
he specifically mentions xbox one. no other console. i also read somewhere that watchdogs will be 60fps on xbox 1..

i dont honestly know what to think, but for me nothing has been taken out of context. he clearly states xbox 1 and only xbox 1.

difficult to swallow on n4g it seems. inferior machines blah blah. i also read a rumour that m$ had put placed an embargo on devs about talking about the SPECS of xbox 1 until september.

perhaps at gamescom at the end of august m$ are going to reveal just what their custom stuff is under the hood.. and perhaps n4g has been celebrating a little too early.

one more thing, remember e3, when forza and killer instinct were looking gorgeous and smooth on xbox 1 dev kits at1080p 60fps?? and some of the ps4 games were stuttery and 30fps??

and all this talk about m$ being 6 months behind. yet if you were honest, you would have to admit that the xbox 1 games on xb1 dev kits forza, ryse and KI looked gorgeous. yet sony was having a few problems..

something just doesn't add up at the moment...

i'll leave you with that
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JerkDaNerd7   873d ago | Spam
SilentNegotiator  +   873d ago
Why is this article still up? It's inaccurate to the context of what he said and it's a duplicate.
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No Way  +   873d ago
So, an extra mission, or whatever, is better than a more life like city?
Which, apparently, per the article, is kinda 'exclusive' to XB1?
LonDonE  +   873d ago
i hate how Microsoft and x box fan boys keep using the cloud argument, and keep making it out like the cloud compute features are only available on xbox1, or that it is exclusive to xbox1, it is not, Sony just as easily can set up a server farm, with dedicated servers, and use them to do exactly what Microsoft keeps making out to be the second coming of Christ for gaming, its not!

This is just p.r to talk up the xbox 1 specs and capabilities, yes maybe one day cloud computing for console gaming will get to the level where it actually makes a big difference for us, but at the moment it is not a big deal!

Hell, Sony already have gaikai which has a massive cloud and server based infrastructure set up all over, not to forget P.S.N and S.E.N, so the infrastructure is there, they too could easily do whatever Microsoft is doing with regards to the cloud, so get over it guys!

Microsoft is just making the out the cloud stuff to be so much more then it actually is, the facts as they stand, is that the PS4 IS SUBSTANTIALLY MORE POWERFUL AND WILL BE MORE CAPABLE THEN X1! no way to sugar coat that, sorry! and yes the PS3 was more powerful then the xbox 360, but due to the cell and programming for it being too hard, the lazy 3rd parties used xbox360 as the lead platform for most games, which resulted in lazy shoddy ports for PS3, but that in no way meant the ps3 was less capable then the 360, just look at any of the EXCLUSIVES on PS3 compared to the xbox 360 exclusives, killzone 2 and 3,uncharted 2 and 3,the last of us, ALL WERE TECHNICALLY LIGHT YEARS AHEAD OF any 360 exclusives!

Killzone 2 to this day released all those years ago, still looks much better then any xbox 360 game released today!
No one can deny that the PS3 is more powerful then the 360, only a blind fan boy would do that!
but again, the multiplats suffered early on,due to lazy third parties,and this made uninformed gamers who are mostly casual gamers, think that xbox360 was indeed more powerful then the PS3!

But this new generation this will not happen, since the PS4 has been said to be so easy to program for, and so should give third parties along with first parties ease of access to all the power the PS4 tech has!
Meanwhile the xbox1 has been said to be more complex to program for, and so again we are faced with a similar situation, but this time just like the PS3, the PS4 is undoubtedly more powerful then the xbox1, but the key difference being Microsoft's advantage of having a easy to develop for console, like the 360 was, is now gone!

Instead the xbox1 is complicated compared the the PS4,so this gen hopefully the PS4 will be the lead platform for third parties when it comes to making games, and so maybe the 360 will be the one getting shoddy ports, and also when you factor in the power differences, it don't look pretty for xbox1!
JerkDaNerd7   873d ago | Spam
DragonKnight  +   873d ago
What I want to know is, how many sites are going to regurgitate the same article over and over. This is the 3rd time we've seen this flamebait article misconstruing what was actually said in the exact same way.
Pinkdolphin  +   873d ago
@newmonday actually the origional quote comes from the official xbox magazine highlighting the benefits of the cloud which is cited on the article if you actually read it http://www.oxm.co.uk/56771/... ""So suppose you were an AI, and the decision to make you move was run elsewhere. There would be the same latency," he continued. "If you think about it, it's not different than you holding the controller when you're playing multiplayer. It might allow someone to use one dedicated machine just for on AI. What kind of AI could I do with that? That's interesting."
"Physics calculations, similarly, aren't dependent on strict timing. "The way a tree reacts to weather, it's physics, right?" Guay went on. "It's bending materials. Well, what if I could run that on the cloud? It doesn't need to be fully synced. There are occasions where there will be an advantage, but it's clear in the short term there's plenty of power within the machines. That's where our engineers are working."

The advantages are there written in black and white for you.
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YNWA96  +   873d ago
Jeez.... Move on in life people.... This is just another article to get hits because they know you will get your boxers in a twist over anything.... Buy the console you want and happy.... Why does the 'other' console effect you so much if you are never going to buy it. Any response to this or disagrees is your acknowledgement that you are petty or have no meaningful life and fanboy tag is all you cling to.... So please, just enjoy what you bring into your life and have fun with it. Last few weeks on N4G has been a hatred filled joke.... Move on.....
pixelsword  +   873d ago
This is a fake article; why didn't the mods pull this and why is it still on the FRONT PAGE?!
TheFanboySlayer  +   873d ago
They did say that it could be pushed harder on the xbone...we'll have to wait and see what they really mean. If they continue to boast about microsofts cloud computing in a video interview or something, then this may be legit.
hduce  +   872d ago
@Kratos_Kills 200 plus disagrees? I guess you really pissed off the fanboys.
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latoya12kimber   872d ago | Spam
Aceman18  +   873d ago
wow so this website took the original article from nowgamer and twisted into this flamebait article. game journalism is truly sad if they have to resort to this level.

the real article refers to both systems since they'll be using dedicated servers they just happened to say xbox as an example. do people actually believe a 3rd party would anger one base over another?

click the link below to see how easy it is to find articles that say both versions will be pushed further?

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slampunk  +   873d ago
The article you linked was from Feb when the XB1 hadn't been announced?
LaChance  +   873d ago
Article from february dude, a lot of things have changed since then, like the XOne actually being revealed. Just a little detail I thought you would like to know.

So no, no matter how hard you wish this story is fake it isnt. Yeah hard to sallow huh ... with all the 8GB GDDR ram and what not lol.
Aceman18  +   873d ago

that my be so, but i stand by my statement that a major 3rd devs/publisher wouldn't willingly anger one base over the other.

both versions will have dynamic city as both are more powerful than current gen. also PS4 is easier to develop for why exactly can't they do the same for it?
Skips  +   873d ago


^^^ THE ACTUAL ARTICLE. Published on July 1st...

"Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay says it will "take a little while before we can get to the full power of those machines", in reference to PS4 and Xbox One."

^^^ Did you see that? "In reference to PS4 AND Xbox One".

LMFAO! Nowhere does it say Xbox One will have an advantage over PS4. XD

This particular article claiming "Watch Dogs on Xbox One will have a more dynamic city compared to Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4" is nothing but flamebait and you fell for it! LOL!!!!

He's talking about NEXT GEN in general...

Ala "He also spoke about some of the advantages next-gen power affords Watch Dogs."
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MysticStrummer  +   873d ago
Yeah the Watch Dogs article with "PS4 advantages"
in the title talks about these same things and says both systems will have the same level of "dynamism" to the city, and the same "onscreen result", meaning there won't be more NPCs on XBox's streets than on PS4's.

This article is the definition of flame bait.
No FanS Land  +   873d ago
@Sonic2000 at the end of the article you linked, it does say that they can push dynamism better on the xbox one. without mentioning the PS4. Did you purposely omit this info?
PFFT  +   873d ago
The game will be great on both consoles so WHOCARES!
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JerkDaNerd7   873d ago | Spam
nnotdead  +   873d ago
This is flamebait. the writer has mixed interviews to make it looks as though Guay is comparing the PS4 to the XB1. He wasn't. In one interview Guay was talking about the next gen being able to do more in the game than the current gen. In another interview Guay is just talking about possibilities in using cloud computing. Nothing about using to make the game better on any other console.

"There are occasions where there will be an advantage(to using the cloud), but it's clear in the short term there's plenty of power within the machines. That's where our engineers are working." Maybe I'm miss reading now, but it seem Guay is stating that they aren't even using the cloud for watch dogs.

This is as low as it gets. How any mod can allow this is beyond me. This isn't just some weak opinion piece. The site and all its supporters are passing this off as news. Fake news that can have real world effects. Get off your ass Mods and at least pretend you are trying to run an honest site.
brave27heart  +   872d ago
Real, fake, taken out of context, legitimate, misquoted, fact...

I dont care. I still wouldnt touch an Xbox 1 after the stunts they've pulled.

I dont care if every multiplat looks better on Xbox 1, or if the Xbox 1 is ten times more powerful, the PS4 is my choice because Sony didnt try to screw gamers over. Microsoft did and thats fact. Changing your mind counts for nothing when you only did it because your worried about your bottom line.
CyberSentinel  +   873d ago
I can't wait till games "require" 6-8 gigs of "dedicated" on board system ram. Will the "cloud" be able to pick up the slack/lack? Things should get interesting then.
#1.3 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
thekhurg  +   873d ago
They won't. Xbox one will be the multiplatform standard this generation. We'll have to wait for ps4 exclusives for hardware to be pushed.
denawayne  +   873d ago
Xbox One has access to 7 gigs of ram for games if needed
RetroGqmer  +   873d ago
Ah, the "cloud", it's amazing how a marketing buzz word can change perceptions about something as dull as online storage/servers. Better still, whenever a difficult question is asked, the powers that be at Microsoft can say, "the cloud will deal with that", knowing full well it's an intangible service which is so difficult to show whether it has any great benefit at all, never mind being essential.

Right now, all we can go on are people like Digital Foundry, they can cut through the marketing speak and tell us how little use the "cloud" actually is to shift data back and forth. You see, unlike video/game streaming, which can be compressed, you can't do that with raw game data, so the actually benefit of the "cloud" for gameplay improvements is negligible, as we'll see when TitanFall completes it's Xbox One exclusivity period, and comes to PS4.

The "cloud" is also part of the Playstation ecosystem, there'll be dedicated servers for titles like DriveClub, streaming content from "Gaikai", and whatever other services Sony wish to offer.
CyberSentinel  +   873d ago

I believe Xbox180 only uses 5 gigs for games, and 3 gigs are reserved for the 3 OS's.


Probably won't matter for the first 3 years, but once games require more then 5 gigs, things could get very interesting.
loulou  +   873d ago

from what i have read, the hypervisor in the xbox 1 can shut down ram using applications if need be. so what denawayne said is correct.

if a game needs more ram, then the hypervisor will allocate it the correct amount.
CyberSentinel  +   873d ago

If that's the case, then the games really shouldn't be that different from each other on both platforms.
rainslacker  +   873d ago
@dena & loulou

I've searched for a link stating that from an official source, however, the only thing I can find saying 7GB's will be available for games is from one guy who is speculating based on what they know about hypervisor, and doing it in a way that isn't even entirely accurate or considering how the Xbox is intended to be used.

Perhaps one of you two could link an official statement to that effect, since I know there are a few people here parroting it like it's the absolute truth.

I would seriously like an official source link. I am not trying to discredit you on your belief, but if you're going to make an argument, at least be able to back it up.
#1.3.7 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report
rainslacker  +   873d ago
OK, I don't normally worry about disagrees but for the people disagreeing with me asking for an official source that 7GB will be made available for games, how about actually posting an official source instead.

I understand you want it to be true. Hell I want it to be true. But unless you can post something official, can you sit there and honestly say it's true and believe it yourself? Do you have enough respect for yourself to go find if this 7GB available for games is even true? Or do you just want to believe what you want because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Trust me, before asking for a link like this, I went to look myself. I searched hard for it. If it were true I would have back up denawayne's and loulou's argument with more technical information and links myself. I may hate MS right now, but I will give them credit where it is due.

I am aware of the article that people are referencing to get this number, and it's not an official source. It's a guy speculating on the use of hypervisor in the X1. And as I said, he disregards certain aspects of the X1's functionality to come to his conclusion, namely the multi-tasking features of the X1 OS itself which is reliant on those services running.

So please, Xbox fans who want this to be true, do something positive and prove me wrong. Make me a believer. This is your chance. Don't ignore criticism, address it in a constructive way.
RedHawkX  +   873d ago
im never giving this site a shot again. sorry dudes make better article and not lies you chump
kewlkat007  +   873d ago
The power of the cloud is so frowned upon by users not getting the XB1. If you cannot see the dynamic advantages with certain games, then I don't know.

At least give MS credit for trying to bring something new to gaming on consoles. The infrastructure will be there, MS is paying for it, so devs will have all the tools to take advantage if they choose to.

I think they will.
avengers1978  +   873d ago
It's also frowned upon by tech people like digital foundry, and if you need the cloud how well do all these games function without it?
kewlkat007  +   873d ago
You really think the games will not function out the box if cloud is not involved?

I think it will enhance certain games..especially multiplayer online, big world games, where, even if your not playing things will be continuously added, evolve and change.

As much as developers program certain functions to take place in a game, at a certain time, when a certain thing happens, you don't have to stick to these rules depending on environment or locations in game, or after 24 hours.

The things is, console's have never used this added benefit so why there are a lot of questions on what games and how will it be implemented, well that is up to the devs. I doubt MS investing in 300K servers to sit there and be useless.
#1.5.2 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report
thekhurg  +   873d ago
With Microsoft allowing offline play the cloud has been proven to be nothing more than a PR stunt. It's a glorified dedicated server architecture with a new name.
avengers1978  +   873d ago
I didn't say they wouldn't function, I'm questioning how well they will work without the cloud.... Considering they are talking about the games basically needing the cloud.
dennett316  +   873d ago
The largest benefit of cloud computing is for the developers and publishers, because it becomes a kind of always online DRM. The actual benefit to gamers will be minimal.
I'd be happier if neither system had cloud functions because it will simply encourage DRM.
moparful99  +   873d ago
" I doubt MS investing in 300K servers to sit there and be useless."

Or maybe its just a marketing tool? Considering all of the questionable and unorthodox methods Microsoft has used to gain a marketable advantage over the years is it really so far fetched that this is nothing more then a dedicated server farm with a buzz word like "the cloud" to incite interest and increase exposure? Until somebody, anybody gives me tangible evidence that "the cloudz" has any benefits outside of dedicated servers its nothing more then a marketing ploy...
husomc  +   873d ago
new to gaming ? how do u thing MMORPGs have been running all these years. the 'power of the cloud' has been in use all along. and what about cloud saves that's being done across all platforms. also Gaikai uses a boat load of servers to provide game streaming services. and now MS want to make it sound as if 'the power of the cloud' is the second coming of christ.
#1.5.7 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   873d ago
The city is in the clouds... kinda like bioshock infinite haha
husomc  +   873d ago
so Watch Dogs has to be always online on the xbox one ?
joefrost00  +   873d ago
Watchdogs has to be always online for every console and PC
Maybe that is why they are able to take advantage of the clouds
Imalwaysright  +   873d ago
No it doesn't you can play it offline.
denawayne  +   873d ago
Sit back and watch. Many games will need to be always online for both systems.
rainslacker  +   873d ago

Yeah, except that it doesn't have to be always online.

From the Senior Producer of Watch Dogs


It does have features related to playing the game while connected though, to I guess enhance the experience.
husomc  +   873d ago
@rainslacker: yes he's contradicting himself if it doesn't have to be always online for the xbone version but offloads calculations for AI and wave physics to the cloud, I don't understand how that would work. Ubi have to cater to the lowest common denominator and in this case that would be 'offline' customers
rainslacker  +   873d ago
He said some stuff could be done on the cloud, however he also mentioned that they're still researching that, so it's possible that Watch Dogs wouldn't include any of that implementation. Basically saying that cloud isn't going to be what MS says it will be out of the gate, and it will take time for developers to properly utilize it.

Watch Dogs does have features centered around an online connection. For instance, a friend could "hack" into your game and effect it in some way. It's an online feature that "enhances" the game experience, but the overall experience can still be had through offline play. There was a game this gen that had a similar feature, but can't remember what it was. Was a popular one, name just escapes me. However, I don't think cloud is required to make it work, just an online connection.

It's like saying in today's gen, you can get the full experience of the game, but if you want to experience the multi-player feature, then you need to be connected.

Overall, this is going to be the way next gen is going to be. More features will require online play, and it's a form of indirect DRM in the same vein of online passes to help recoup money on the 2nd hand market. Unless these companies are nice enough to allow used games to utilize those online features like an newly brought copy.
avengers1978  +   873d ago
If all these games rely on the cloud power... Then I guess it's safe to say if you don't have your console online then they won't run as good.
batbatz  +   873d ago
bullshit, why more than the PC?
sorane  +   873d ago
it's not
Parapraxis  +   873d ago
So according to some of you with very poor reading comprehension the Xbox One version will also be better than the PC version, as they didn't mention that either!
sorane  +   873d ago
sorry to wake you up from your dream, but it's time to get back to reality
#1.10.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report
TheXgamerLive  +   873d ago
Its very true remember #Ms #Cloud isnt just a server its more like a cloud powered gaming engine. Any developerthat utilizes the Cloud will have similar results. Halo 5 is going to be a prime example.

Yes many have cloud servers but MS is a cloud powered engine/server and it will do incredible things:-)
GraveLord  +   873d ago
Title is completely overblown. He never said Xbox One would have a more dynamic city than the PS4. Never. He didn't even imply it. Typical N4G misleading title. I'm not surprised.

Some people are really desperate for positive Xbox One news. It's kinda sad.
popup  +   873d ago
Even if one system was proven to be 80 times the performance of the other, people would still deny the truth and believe the hype from a marketing team saying how a screw makes it just as quick, if not quicker.

The human flaws. Belief and Egos.
Muffins1223  +   873d ago
Misleading title...these are all "what-if" statements from the developer
scott182  +   873d ago
All this cloud talk is confusing to me. I thought Sony had one bought one of the best cloud companies around. So why is Microsoft making such a big deal about their cloud if Sony has a great one too? Just wondering.... I'm not talking about the article, just things I have heard in general.
#1.15 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
lizamary   873d ago | Spam
tonja12labonte   873d ago | Spam
lzim  +   873d ago
had a horrible impression of Jeremy, Richard and James dumping cars for consoles..
crazyboom  +   873d ago
WOW this was really taken out of context.
First he was talking about next-gen meaning ps4 and xbox one.
Second he never said anything about using the cloud in this game from the original article.
Third in this article when he is talking about the cloud he says "what if i could run that on the cloud" and finishes with there's plenty of power within the machines, thats were our engineers are working."
nice try xbox fanboys
thezeldadoth  +   873d ago
you ps3/4/vita/sony guys are ridiculous. Every time there is innovation from some other company, you come out and say "s-s-s-ony can do it too!"

Wii motion control "teh six axis and wand is buh better"
Kinect "bu bu teh ps eye was out first"
tablet controller "you can connect teh vita and its superior"
microsofts cloud computing "buh sony just bought teh gaikai and can do same stuff"
You're stupid. Because everything you said is actually true.
redwin  +   873d ago
@boybato I dare you to read this and not agree http://www.reddit.com/r/xbo...
RetroGqmer  +   873d ago
It really is quite tragic that some people are so invested in "format wars", they willingly and knowingly repeat discredited nonsense.

What kind of society do we live in where it's more important to "win" an argument by being disingenuous or outright lieing............
Eddie20101  +   873d ago
Article is false has been changed from original article to say what this writer wanted it to say.

The article on an Xbox site

The article on another site
assdan  +   873d ago
This guy is really pushing what they said to the limits. In every quote he says machines except the last one. He didn't say vs ps4 either. I don't really think what he said meant all that much.
aceitman  +   873d ago
if it is so powerful (the cloud ) why haven't they showed its power . if they make that claim then they should show it and let everyone see a game real game not tech demo using the cloud. imo I think its not ready or its really nothing to brag about it, im tired of hearing the cloud with nothing but blue clear skies being showed.
#1.25 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Epic_Troy  +   873d ago
Power of the cloud hahahahahahahaha
#1.26 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
s8anicslayer  +   873d ago
I smell bullshit, the nowgamer version says the PS4 version is superior...I guess they're trying to promote all platforms but are looking like liars in the interim.
#1.27 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
chrismichaels04  +   872d ago
Misleading article. Its pathetic what some gaming sites will do for hits.
latoya12kimber   872d ago | Spam
Septic  +   873d ago
I guess cloud itself isn't the myth a lot of people claim it to be?

Forza, Titanfall and now this.

However, I don't see any reason why the PS4 has to be less dynamic. Surely it can do the same thing?
NewMonday  +   873d ago
lets see if you play Watch Dogs on the XB1, go look at some trees by the water then unplug the internet, I bet the scene will still be the same because it is all rendered locally.

If not, I will delete my account from N4G and I will be very embarrassed to comment again.
BattleTorn  +   873d ago
Either way


It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One"

He doesn't specifically mention being online
MestreRothN4G  +   873d ago
Actually no. The dev pretty much confirmed always on for the xbone version.
joefrost00  +   873d ago
It dont matter cause you cant play watchdogs without the internet on neither version anyway
TheXgamerLive  +   873d ago
No. Here is the problem the ps4 will have. It was designed for 4 gigs of memory then last min they up'd it to 8 to compete with XBOX ONE. Sounds good rifgt? But when all or near all 8 gigs are used the ps4 will suffer over heating issues and static gameplay will suffer and or console shut down, so devs will be careful when pushing the ps4.
nnodley  +   873d ago

You can't possibly believe games will use all the RAM in the consoles on launch titles. Only developers that will utilize most of the RAM is first party devs and won't be until the end of the gen.
#2.1.5 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
nypifisel  +   873d ago
It is, no computations will be made by the server for your xbox
FrigidDARKNESS  +   873d ago
Did you know that Respawn Ent. Said that MS and Google are two corporationdns that have the most powerful servers in the world. Did you that MS R&D ranks #1 while Sony ranks 20-30.
M-M  +   873d ago

Um, and? I'm pretty sure that everyone knows they have some of the most powerful servers in the world, it's mad obvious. Typical Frigid trying to bring down Sony any way he can, Sony will do just fine with Gaikai.
nypifisel  +   873d ago
It doesn't matter how "powerful servers" MS has, it's about internet infrastructure. YOU need a very high bandwidth connection, the percentage of people with viable internet is probably less then 10% for cloud computing to work, hence you can't make games that depend on it.
#2.2.3 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(9) | Report
MasterCornholio  +   873d ago
They didn't even mention the cloud in the original interview.

Motorola RAZR i
Colzer01   873d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Kingdom Come  +   873d ago
Don't forget Massive Studio's who have hinted at utilisation of Xbox One's Cloud for "The Division".
#2.5 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   873d ago
Ah ffs septic do you believe everything you read the cloud is NOTHING but servers thats it , steam has cloud and all its used for it storage ect ... egt a grip man why have you seven bubbles when you talk nonsense like that.
Septic  +   873d ago
Calm down man. The statement was framed as a question. Honestly, I'm not a developer so I don't know whether or not there is merit to this. I'm just going by what devs are saying.

Tbh, I'm mainly a multiplayer gamer. So dedicated servers are what really excite me. I'm getting my fibre optic broadband set up oh yeah! 76mb oh yeah!

Pope.....y u mad?
GraveLord  +   873d ago
You should read beyond the title as it is a complete lie.
Walker  +   873d ago
sorry but this is fake :(
Ezz2013  +   873d ago
it's your fault for giving them false hope by submit this wrong article
#3.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Walker  +   873d ago
Yup, you're right. apologies.
franko  +   873d ago
....aaaaand another ms money talking bulls**t...
GameCents  +   873d ago
Didn't SONY pay Ubisoft to make exclusive content for ps4?
DiRtY  +   873d ago
True. Sony paid them and they still say these things.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   873d ago
Yes, the ps4 will get all the perks aind dlc while the xbox one version will be naked of all content.
majiebeast  +   873d ago
Its fake its a comparison between current gen and next gen. Not PS4 vs Xbone.

Game journalism first plagiarizing this interview from nowgamer and then spinning what was actually said.
#5 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(46) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Koyes  +   873d ago
Quality of these articles are utter tripe.
BattleTorn  +   873d ago
You mean this article?


Where he still says:

"It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One.”
#5.2 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
bsquwhere  +   873d ago
He's using Xbox One as an example. No where does it say "..push further on Xbox One, COMPARED to the PS4." He never once states, or even mentions, the cloud at all. This is the case of some shit site taking a quote out of context.
Stryfeno2  +   873d ago
So why wasn't the quote said like this? "It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One and PS4.” I'm Just wondering.
Parapraxis  +   873d ago
Jesus some of you are poor at reading.

"He also spoke about some of the advantages next-gen power affords Watch Dogs."
Then he used the Xbox One as an example of how the new consoles will be better than current gen.


Probably because some people think the general public is smart enough to realize when he is using the xbox one to represent new consoles and didn't think he needed specifically mentionevery other console.
#5.2.3 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(5) | Report
plaZeHD  +   873d ago
Exactly, he is comparing Xbox One to Xbox 360.
imt558  +   873d ago
Cloud powah!!!
WeaseL  +   873d ago
So xboxone does have to connected all the time and you need a gold account or you will just get the sh!tier version.
They may as well bring back DRM.
kewlkat007  +   873d ago
Well all consoles are getting the sh!ttier version if you think about it.

PC players will probably get the best version of the game.

you still getting it for your console of choice?
GameCents  +   873d ago
Honestly, there are games that will be better on either console, there's no reason to go crying foul playstation fans.
Is it so hard to believe? Do we need to dissect and twist every positive comment made towards the xbox one?
Tell you what, you're all right, xbox one's version will be inferior to the ps4. Happy? Now you stop trolling.
M-M  +   873d ago
You're the one who's always trolling.

"there's no reason to go crying foul playstation fans."

From your profile,

"One Eighty > 4"

I could keep going, but there's no reason to. I'll end it with this.

"Is it so hard to believe?"

Is it so hard to read above you before posting a comment? Even the person who submitted this article said it was fake -__-.
GameCents  +   873d ago
The person who submitted it is supposed to be the be all and end all of authority and credibility?
Angeljuice  +   873d ago
The problem is that this has been altered from the original article and spun out of context to favour the Xbox. I read the original article and it didn't say this at all. That is why people are "crying foul", because the author has altered the content and context of the original article.

If I quoted your comment above as;
"Is it hard to believe [that] Xbox one's version will be inferior to the PS4's? Now [I'm] happy, [I will] stop trolling."

Would you not be annoyed if your comment was 'reported' in such a way?
fsfsxii  +   873d ago
Whatever makes you sleep lol
supraking951  +   873d ago
lol MS and more bs. Sorry Xbone, PS4 launch system and Watch Dogs PS4 bundle has more preorders than Xbone over at Amazon.
KaDa  +   873d ago
Can someone explain this cloud technology to me!?

I mean, using cloud is using digital extra power (servers located somewhere in a secret base from Microsoft) to run games, so in order to do that your X1 must be connected to the internet in order to have a more dynamic environment in lets say Watch_Dogs?

How is this programmed? I guess your X1 needs the power through the internet in order to run a game?

Is this the reason why MS was pushing the DRM in the first place, in order to make this cloud concept work?

I just dont understand.
devwan  +   873d ago
At best it's not anything different to how dedicated servers work now, and worst it's marketing snake oil. There's no way a game would be written in such a way... the movement of trees in the breeze is trivial and would take a tiny fraction of a local machine's available grunt.

There's no way the cloud is going to be calculating such trivialities as tree movements, sending that data to your xbox one via the interwebs, the xbox receiving it, storing it in main memory and then firing that to the ESRAM screen buffer 60 times a second in real time, that's not reasonable. Then there would be no benefit in calculating such data for a few seconds worth of tree movements and doing the same every few seconds because it's... a ridiculous concept.

Where remote processing is useful is in persistent online worlds where the experience for every player needs to be the same. So, to continue the use of the tree... a tree might fall down and block access to somewhere or might reveal something that was hidden up in the branches (it's all about the trees!!1). Now remember how the cloud has "four times the power of xbox one" to work on other things? If 1 million xbone one players are playing the game, there's not 4 million times that grunt sat working on this stuff, there's no need for that. A single machine (possibly 4x more powerful than an xbox one, but not necessarily) could sit and calculate and generate this kind of change to the game world and throw it at the dedicated game server. From there it gets disseminated to all players. And this isn't any different to how dedicated game management systems work now and it's not exclusive tech to xbox one, it'd work just as well with an always online 360 game.

The other way it could work is that your game is all generates remotely and just streamed to you over the interwebs, but then again, that's not exclusive technology to the xbox one. There is no middle-ground, you can't really have a bit of both, it doesn't work like that, however, many people seem to believe in such magic.

When making games, that kind of background stuff like swaying trees you fake as much as possible unless it is somehow game critical, you'd just have a load of offsets and cycle through tables of them. When and if a game comes along that is based around the movement of wind through trees and that's one of the game's core mechanics (hey, it could happen, flower!) it'll be all done locally as it'd need to be right, there immediately and updated 60 times every second depending on how tight it's locked to the game play.

Sorry for the wall of text.
#10.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
KaDa  +   873d ago
Oke, this clears some things up.

Still if games use this kind of technology, the game must me connected to the internet, because if you walk through a world wherein some of the things you see is powered by a offshore godzilla machine, you must be online.

How does this in theory work with Watch_Dogs? If it uses cloud power, X1 gamers must be connected online in order to see 'the more dynamic' city. (DRM kinda thing?)

How does this work on PS4, it does not uses cloud power, so you can be offline with a less dynamic city?

Still a bit fuzzy on this subject, I get the point of cloud power (thank you devwan for the explanation!!) but how must I translate it with a game like Watch_Dogs?
DiRtY  +   873d ago
Developers talk a lot about the cloud. More than N4G users want them to. Seems like it will be a big deal next gen.
majiebeast  +   873d ago
Biggest buzzword of E3. If the cloud is so amazingly advanced why is the AI in every mmo so bad or why didnt they just put the clowds on 360. Guess why because its a bunch of bull.

They showed nothing of the clowds infinite powah except for drivatar which looked like mmo AI that rammed into every car. If the clowd is so amazing then why arent they showing proof of it? I dont know if you are just blind or gullible to believe this clowd fluff.
#11.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
slampunk  +   873d ago
Clowd power!!! lol... you spelt it correctly 1 out of 4 times... :)

points for trying.....
xxLuckyStrike  +   873d ago
Honestly at this point know one knows what to make of M$ as they have painted an ugly image. They need to higher a front man and funnel all PR thru him.
devwan  +   873d ago
hah, when you see the whole interview that was taken well out of context and spun. There's no way in hell someone from UBI is going to come out and say that kind of stuff, sorry!
chrissx  +   873d ago
What sort of fake article is this? Sorry I have read the real comments and he was talking about ps3,xbox360 vs ps4,xbone. *sigh
ANIALATOR136  +   873d ago
obvious flamebait article is obvious
SephirothX21  +   873d ago
The cloud will allow developers to outsource ai and other processing to more powerful machines. Some ai algorithms are quite computationally expensive so the Xbox One has an advantage here. AI is usually done on the cpu and both consoles have weak cpus. Though when it comes to frame rate, polygon count and texture detail, the better throughput in the PS4's gpu and more efficient ram give it a big advantage in this regard. If you play most games for multiplayer, get Xbox One. If you're like me and you prefer single player gameplay such as rpgs and sandbox games, get PS4. Even though I've a pc that is far more pwerful than either console, I will get PS4 for the exclusives and there will be many. I'm also a hobbyist game developer so if Sony release an sdk to the public for PS4, I'll make games for it.
M-M  +   873d ago
There is nothing special about the Xbox cloud, I'm pretty sure any device that can connect to the cloud can do anything that the One can in terms of AI, what should happen where, and why this and that should change. I'm sorry, but they won't be using the cloud for processing graphics and the like, it's just not possible.
nypifisel  +   873d ago
I'm sorry but you're wrong. It's not feasible with the internet infrastructure of today, also 300.000 servers may sound like much but how would that be enough for 70 million consoles, all off loading computations to the servers? I hate Microsoft for stupefying the general public.
SephirothX21  +   873d ago
Not all consoles would be online at the same time. Those that are will benefit from the cloud in games where developers decide to utilise it. I never said it would do anything else other than AI calculations. The servers will likely have overclocked high-end cpus. I hate fanboyism making people narrow minded and subjective.
nypifisel  +   872d ago
I can't find the source but according to what ever that was the servers which isn't 300k physical machines but rather virtual is each on its own less powerful than the x1. Now saying this without providing any solid source isn't saying much but that's how it is.

And you're right, but 70million consoles, let's say a couple of million play cloud based games at any given time it's still too many machines relying on a poor amount of servers. But as I said it's mostly a problem of bandwidth of the userbase rather than that of MS, if only 10% of the user base got a good enough connection to utilize cloud computing it isn't viable to implement it in a game. MS cloud BS talk is nothing more than that of dedicated servers - which is great but hardly something magical or new.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   873d ago
He was asked what will the next gen advantages be all he did was use the Xbox one as an example he wasn't comparing to the ps4 at all. He was simply saying what advantages the new generation of consoles would have an advantage on over the previous generation
creepjack  +   873d ago
It's hilarious watching the ponies run around in panic, LMFAO
badkolo  +   873d ago
its hysterical , they must of read the article like 20 times looking for anything to disprove it, to funny
#17.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
Angeljuice  +   873d ago
Read it once, realised it was a cut and paste of an article I read yesterday which had been altered, took 30 seconds.
Kryptix  +   873d ago
This was already proven false and spun into the wrong direction with the original comments. The cloud was not mentioned at all and Ubisoft said the architecture is comparable to each other at the moment, still learning it. Then they go to talk about the advantages of next gen versus this gen. If you read closely, between the quotes, the "PS4" was never mentioned specifically. Meaning that the person asking the questions for the article might have asked something like, "what are the advantages of the Xbox One compared to this gen?" Ubisoft said that they were adding Dualshock 4 touch pad support but they never said if that makes the game easier to control on the PS4. Why would they just come out and say the Xbox One version will be more dynamic without stating why? Either the person getting this info worked for an Xbox magazine/website or the question was asked with just the Xbox One console in it. And there's the explanation for the people that need some understanding. :)
badkolo  +   873d ago
see what i mean.lol
bsquwhere  +   873d ago
@Badkolo you comment more times criticizing Sony fans yet here you are celebrating an abuse of the word journalism. It is misquoted and taken out of context. If it said that PS4 was better you'd be pitching a fit just as hard as the Sony fans. Quit acting like your so superior. Learn to read and use some common sense.
Kryptix  +   873d ago

Check out the link, I was only telling the truth. I guess when there's finally something positive about the Xbox One, even when it's a misunderstanding...it seems like the blind MS loyalists get really "excited" over nothing or little. Especially this, I'm just trying to clarify what might have really happened. If you check the link, the same Ubisoft producer, Dominic Guay, said, "the Xbox One is a powerful platform, as of now we do not forsee a major difference in on screen result between the PS4 and the Xbox One. Obviously since we are still working on pushing the game on these new consoles, we are still doing R&D." And this was barely on July 3rd, just a few days before their new comments came in. And what about the specs? Isn't the PS4 proven to be 25%~50% more powerful than the One? Wait, the clouds, the clouds which in other words are just dedicated servers. Still no proof it's as powerful as MS claims it to be and pushing you to believe with just sweet talk. Don't worry badkolo, I know your secret. You're just a mindless troll. I'll keep your secret safe with me. lol
WeskerChildReborned  +   873d ago
Interesting, hopefully PS4 version will be dynamic enough for me to not really mind though i'm still gonna enjoy the game regardless.
first1NFANTRY  +   873d ago
lol at the delusional people trying to shine some light on the Xbone. The guy clearly stated both next gen consoles.
Manic2014  +   873d ago
True he did state both console's but he stated the dynamic's of the city reacts better with the Xbox one than the PS4. So i'm kinda getting confused why people are stating otherwise.

Won't be a huge difference on the console's. Looking forward to buy both PS4 and x1.
bsquwhere  +   873d ago
@Mmehta...hmmmm your account was created after the X1 reveal. I bet your a hardcore gamer huh? Just came here to lay some unbiased truth on us? I bet there's no way your an Xbox fan that would twist around a quote to feel better about your choices. Good job. The gaming community has gone to shit. Twisting articles around to get hits and piss people off. You know what's more powerful than the PS4, Xbox One, and PC combined? The power of the Troll!
HG_69   873d ago | Spam
FrigidDARKNESS  +   873d ago
The xbox one will be the better version running at u1080p 60fps. If you go go back to the e3 2012 demo the guy was demoing the game on the Durango sdk using a black wireless xbox duango controller.
Funky Town_TX  +   873d ago
Look at the hatters. Remove Kinect, charge $400 and I'm in.
WeAreLegion  +   873d ago
Who's talking about hats?
No_Limit  +   873d ago
The power of the cloud is real!!! Might need to add Watchdog with my Forza 5, KI3, DR3, Ryse, Battlefield 4, and NBA 2k14 at launch.

Dang, too many good games to buy. How am I suppose to afford them all?
WeAreLegion  +   873d ago
We don't care how you get them. we just want you to leave.
No_Limit  +   873d ago
I will take a long vacation when those games are out in November. I'll need about 2 months to play them all. Happy now. :)
nnodley  +   873d ago
The power of the cloud is a BS buzzword from MS PR. Titanfall developers already stated that the cloud is just dedicated servers nothing more. Nothing remarkable will come from cloud power. Graphical fidelity will not be pushed further because of it and it won't magically make X1 more powerful than ps4.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   873d ago
For heavens sake, this is taken out of context go look up the nowgamer article......-_____-
slampunk  +   873d ago
After a turbulent few weeks here on N4G with all of the next gen stuff floating around, i find it hilarious that anything that could give an edge to the XB1 game is labelled as fake......

I'm getting both next gen systems and i expect MS to have better online infrastructure (which they do) and offer a better online experience.....They will have more dedicated servers that PS4 and you know what....that's fine....While i'm not 100% sure about the cloud, you cant ignore that more than one developer has mentioned some of the benefits...

Where the PS4 will shine is through it's first party games which is why i will be getting both.... I just finished the last of us tonight which was f*%$ing amazing (One of the best games i've ever played)

If you prefer MS or Sony, fine, but your stupid if you think that the other company hasn't done some great things this gen.....
#25 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Nocando  +   873d ago
These people are a miracle, apparently your not allowed to like anything but Sony.
kewlkat007  +   873d ago
I agree 100%..
2cents  +   873d ago
All I can say is that...
The press has almost all of you eating out of its dirty lie soaked hands. I can't believe there is going to be 5 more months of this. It's really depressing,

It seems no one is allowed to be happy for the PS4 or the Xbox One, this coming generation is becoming far less respectful and overly aggressive, both side are acting childish, everyone is surfing the waves of lies and deceit and swearing by rumour and speculation.

Patience is obviously not a strong point for most of the N4G community. Nickel n Dime sites with pre-pubescent 'journalists' writing utter shite, stirring the biggest shit pot I've ever smelled. We are the ones who need to slow our pulses down and stop being so reactionary about two products that aren't even available yet.

I am staying in the 'wait and see' camp, anyone else care to join and save some face in this pointless battle?
Nocando  +   873d ago
You mean no one is allowed to be happy about the Xbox One. There are facts you cannot ignore about this community.
bsquwhere  +   873d ago
Most of these responses are from Xbox fans..you people choose to see what you want. While there are a slightly(look up its meaning) more Sony fans, there are still plenty of Xbox supporters making up for that by being overly aggressive. Also you can't sit there and pretend to be unbiased while criticizing only one side. If we spent our time supporting real journalism, we'd all be more well informed. Power of the Troll! We need to kill it.
2cents  +   873d ago
I agree that there is more hate directed towards Microsoft than Sony, for sure. Especially here!

But sadly there are some choice idiots on both sides that love to stir it up. Joking and harmless banter can be quite enjoyable, after all gaming is a fun medium to be a part of and it's always fun to procrastinate on occasion, especially when things are clearly in favour of one party over the other and fanboys just can't see the wood from the trees, but alas the humour has been sucked dry from these forums.

So much anger on nearly every comments section, and the things said against MS are beyond reasonable. But hey, everyone has a right to an opinion, it's the intensity behind it that is clearly worrying.
thehitman  +   873d ago
There should be more people reporting this I would myself but N4G restricts people who dont constantly submit articles to approve/report. This is incredibly fake and they dont even reference the original source in anyway plagiarizing. I suppose surrounding lies with the truth makes them feel better, but seems like nobody is buying it here everyone should just either report or Site: WTF? and Like this website No!
BattleTorn  +   873d ago

Even the commenters on the original source are saying "it's out of context" and "not the full interview."

But that has yet to be seen
#27.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
nnodley  +   873d ago

Hmm they don't foresee any differences between the ps4 and X1 versions. If they were able to push the dynamism further on X1 then he would have said it in this article as well.
edonus   873d ago | Spam
CuddlyREDRUM  +   873d ago
There is also a headline story saying the PS4 will be better.

If half of this site imploded, it wouldn't be a bad thing. Actually, about 99% sounds good.
BattleTorn  +   873d ago
It's fake, it's fake, it's fake - they all say....

Where is this out of context, misquoted part that this article has left out? The original story is: http://www.nowgamer.com/new... no?

It says the exact same thing...

At the very least this means we won't have people saying the PS4 is 50% more powerful .../s :/
#30 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Nocando  +   873d ago
They will just continue to say it's fake, they don't care about facts. I am amazed and disgusted by this, because it's like a mass effort of censorship.
awesomeperson  +   873d ago
Your link appears to be broken.

However, from the original article it was stated "we are able to push further on the Xbox One".

There is no clarrification on whether they are able to push further on Xbox One in comparison to PS4, the paragraph is about "some of the advantages next-gen power affords Watch Dogs". This means the paragraph is comparing next-gen to current-gen, not next-gen to next-gen.

It's a fairly debatable wording, and it's imprecise nature leaves it open to interpretation. Do correct me if I'm wrong.
sly-Famous  +   873d ago
Agreed, if some of these kids on this site read the original article they will see that he uses the Xbox as reference to what next gen can do and not as comparison between next gen consoles.
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