The sense of entitlement that comes with being a gamer

Tracy Benson from ITF Gaming writes:, in case you’re brand new to the internet (in which case, I congratulate you on making it this far) is a website that puts together bundles of DRM-free digital content, usually games, and lets you name your price for the whole thing. The first Humble Bundle that I bought was the Double Fine bundle. I don’t know why I didn’t buy any of the previous bundles, and I’m genuinely sad I missed out on them.

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Ripco_Keller1840d ago

Entitlement, the word is rapidly reaching the apex of my berserk button list.

Apparently gamers don't have the right to have an opinion about things they buy.

aliengmr1840d ago

This article assumes that its as easy as "everybody grow up" and everybody does. Its not and that world doesn't exist.

In the real world consumers like myself who more than pay their fair share, inhabit the same space as the pirates and we are treated no different. I would love it if I could stop piracy with a witty comment, but I can't. I pay quite a lot for this hobby so I think I'm entitled to not be treated like a criminal because others don't.