New Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Screens Show Saiyans, Aliens and Gorillas

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is expected to hit the PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita sometime this year.

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RedHawkX1991d ago

looks the same as all the other dragonball z games and guess what its the same freaking stoy lol. sorry but they need to start making more naruto, one piece, bleach and other anime games

Xof1991d ago

Actually, no. It's very different than all the other games.

It's not just another fighting game from mediocre devs. It's an action-combat game from talented developers--the same guys who made all the awesome Macross and Gundam PSP games.

PositiveEmotions1991d ago

Yea i admit this game feels very different than the past current gen dbz games