Editor’s Letter: CNN Trolls Both PS4 & Xbox One as Journalism Fails Yet Again

Editor’s Letter is a series of ongoing articles on the state of PSLS, its future and the future of the industry as a whole.

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mochachino1836d ago

CNN was the biggest 360 supporter until just a few years ago. Personally, there opinions are meaningless to me. If any company is on the advertising and money affects opinions take, then CNN is number one.

xHeavYx1836d ago

I saw that article, the funniest thing was the comment section full of Xbots talking nonsense

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loulou1836d ago

edonus agreed. xbotx on n4g... they are outnumered atleast 20 to 1 by sony trolls. maybe more

xHeavYx1836d ago

Thing is, at least Sony "fanboys" can brag about having the most powerful console, not relying on timed exclusives, the console being $100 cheaper, not being forced to have Kineck, Sony didn't try to force DRM. I can go on and on. What do MS fanboys brag about? the power of the cloud? Titanfall?
Give me a break

Sitdown1836d ago

Sony company tried to force DRM on CDs....but let's just be honest, anything they try to brag about you will just knock it. Sony fans can brag about having the most powerful console when you actually see proof of it on a regular bases. What's wrong about bragging about timed exclusives? What about people who want kinect? why can't they brag about the cloud or not having to wait until an unspecified date in 2014 for advertised online features. Can they brag about For za? Ryse? Halo? Can they brag about how hard you are trying to work to discount them? The console is not $100 cheaper, the package is.... and that's because it is lacking the camera. Also how about we wait until final specs are revealed. I for one plan on enjoying both consoles, while you just limit yourself to one.

georgeenoob1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )


That's because Microsoft can make a feature with 100 advantages and 1 disadvantage, and Sony fans will overshadow all 100 advantages with that single negative aspect.

For example, look at Kinect. They ignore all of its capabilities and pretend that the only feature it has is staring at you.

Wagz221835d ago

@sitdown but if you buy the camera with the ps4 its $459, which is still cheaper than the Xbox one package.

Mounce1835d ago

@edonus @loulou

You say that now - but take it as as it was in 2006 to 2008/2009 and majority of the Trolls, obnoxious pricks and douchebags were ALL Xbox Fanboys talking it up, talking trash and acting high and mighty with the slow transition of PS3 being considered '3rd place'....Sony/PS fans were for the most part, the quiet fanbase that maturely played their games when they came, enjoyed the exclusives and talked trash when they had enough of the 'Xbots' bullshit and slander.

However, now that it seems PS3 rose to higher power, greater exclusives, has outsold the 360, and the PS4 is the most preferred. Who are the trolls? The Sony fans now? It only seems like the numbers have grown '20 to 1' because all of the 360 fanboys that taunted Sony fans are all hiding under a Fucking rock or in a cave somewhere or have jumped ship to the Sony wagon.

That's why it feels like there's more Sony supporters now and that your petty insecurities feel like it's '20 to 1'. You are a minority in the losing game on(at least to me) Being on the wrong 'side'.

Sony fans have earned their right to boast for having to endure the shitstorm of PS3's lifespan. They have something to look forward to, and everyone else who's a Gamer, because PS4 is coming and Greatness awaits.

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MikeyDucati11836d ago

Oh now CNN is the enemy. You people are hilarious.

Reverent1836d ago

You're clearly new here. Just move along.

MikeyDucati11836d ago


Giving you the shaq face. I've been coming to this site for years. You guys are still a bunch of clones without individual thoughts

How about you move around?

Mounce1835d ago

When you speak in such a self-entitled manner because you can proclaim yourself somewhat of an 'avid user' here.

You yourself are just a 'clone without individual thought' since everything you say, out of spite and disgust of those around you makes you basically a hypocrite. If all you can is revolve around your hate, how can you even consider yourself any better than those you're spitting on? 'You People'. You're one of them unless you're Better than them.

Your miserable comments fail to make me see you in any greater light.

Good day sir.

MikeyDucati11835d ago

Honestly I don't give a eff how I look to you Mounce.

Here I am defending my comment and somebody takes a little pot shot at that. So I swing one back and now here you come in tight latex trying to save the day.

But whatever, twigs are often broken when the wind blows.

Good day ma'am

Mounce1835d ago

Yes, I do believe your 'twig'-like mind has snapped and I see them tumbling in an embarrassment manner for all to see.

Your analogy is on the mark, the only fault in your words is that you describe Yourself, not someone else. You're not as strong as you make yourself sound to be and even admit weakness and ignorance that you have to Defend your comment and that you say you don't care how people view you. I wonder how many people thinking lowly of you, speaking down to you, made you turn to that conclusion in your lifes' experience(To not care and be ignorant of your flaws).

Good day sir :) I hope you learn better when you grow up.

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BattleTorn1836d ago

Conflicting = meaningless

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LOGICWINS1836d ago

You say CNN's opinions are "meaningless to you", yet you know enough about their opinions to come to the conclusion that they are 360 supporters.

torchic1836d ago

illogical, pointless comment.

you're obliged to form coherent, logical comments/arguments with a username like that.

torchic1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )


brave27heart1836d ago

Saying someones opinions are meaningless suggests enough familiarity with that person/website in order to understand what those opinions are. It suggests he has visited the website frequently enough. So actually theres nothing wrong with his statement, even if you dont agree with it.

If he said "Ive never been on their site because they're biased" that would be a conflicting statement. But he didnt.

You are correct about one thing though. Logic wins.

fermcr1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Sony elitists ! ... FIRE AWAY ...

bsquwhere1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Here are several responses in a row of clearly pro Xbox people(completely OK BTW, I got no problem with that.)complaining and talking shit about Sony "fanboys". Who they clearly are mad at for what you say? Yep..talking shit. Pot meet kettle. I believe you called him something?

EDIT: If we could actually spend more time voting the spam (actual spam, not opinion spam)off this site in the comment sections, instead of bitching, that be nice.

Aceman181836d ago

CNN playing both sides of this against each other no surprise there lol. both sides falling for it hook, line, and sinker. sad really

greenlantern28141835d ago

dont know why anybody would take them seriously since they ran stories about how the ps4 will dominate and then ran the same story about how the xb1 will dominate. you cant have it both ways

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FrigidDARKNESS1836d ago

Its kinda laughable never heard of a major tv network trolling gaming forums.

eezo1836d ago

lolzz here comes a saint "PSLS"......

warewolfSS1836d ago

Sony fans had no problem with the CNN pro Sony article until they did one for micro , now it's a giant conspiracy and m$ is paying them off. Grow the fu*k up.

Can't stand you little babies on this site

Dellisional babies

Hicken1836d ago

Kinda ironic, given how much you and the other XBOne supporters whine about the "negativity" against Microsoft. Even more ironic, when you think about all the years Sony and its fans have dealt with the very same negativity.

Now the tables are turned, and you're all quick to cry foul.

Virus2011836d ago

Suffer through what? PS3 came out in 06, I joined N4G in 2008. All I've seen for 5 years are Sony Fanboys bashing Microsoft. Uncharted came out in 2007 and you guys have been bragging about that since. So that leaves 1 year (2006). What is all this suffering you are talking about?

No_Limit1836d ago

Good post warewolf,

Agreed 100%. To be fair, it is not all Sony fans, just the same 20 regular Sony diehards that are attacking every MS articles (good or bad) and praising any sources (even fanboy blogs and twitter posts) that are pro Sony or anti-MS.

I pretend it is just a comedy show for some cheap laughs. LOL

nix1836d ago

we are more than 20. just saying.

bsquwhere1836d ago

My god there's so many of both kinds. X1 and PS4. You guys complain about each other a lot. One side won't shut up about their console and the other side won't shut up about the first side being "fanboys".
Remember the Xbox community coined the phrase "GayStation". Maturity level 10.

hazardman1836d ago

You mean 99.9% of the sites visitors are PS fanboys....i never knew that.

mkotechno1836d ago

Well, I have no problems if Autobild gives the more beatiful car award to Ferrari 459 or Lamborghini Gallardo, but I definitely get mad if they gives it to Fiat Multipla...

This is the same, there is no reasons to say XBO will dominate, but there is for PS4.

Outside_ofthe_Box1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Are you conjuring up your own conspiracy on a group of people based off one or two comments?

This seems to be pretty trendy here on N4G.

maniacmayhem1836d ago

Almost as trendy as the "media is biased" statement a lot of folks threw around here back in the day.

pyramidshead1836d ago

I think you'll find there's equal amounts of fanboys in respective console articles. I've seen many PS articles derailed by an sly 'indirect' troll comment from an obvious M$ fanboy(coughbelkingcough) who just wants to say something sarcastic or just say something that would involve mentioning the X1 is better when they could of ignored n4g post altogether. You could say each has their own way of trolling and it's noticeable.

Even as a more Sony leaning person I am getting tired of the needless bashing of the X1 especially from certain users who call themselves sony fanboys (she begins with 'm', you know who I mean:p). I think that pushes the line a tad if you're literally in EVERY article.

Just note when there's fanatic sony fanboyism, there's an equal amount of mindless Microsoft white knightery, it literally happens in any gaming website comment section.

lawgone1836d ago

I'd say I'm X1 leaning, but I really, really was planning on getting both consoles. Maybe I still will. But the X1 bashing from PS fans really has gotten out of hand and seems to happen in far greater numbers. I don't like it from either side though. It's pointless.

No_Limit1836d ago

"bashing of the X1 especially from certain users who call themselves sony fanboys (she begins with 'm', you know who I mean:p)"

Is she from the future? :)

Angeljuice1836d ago

As I stated before (but linked to spam so will likely disappear);

"Seriously though, if you read the "PS4 will dominate" article on CNN, it continued straight to the "XB1 will dominate" article. I didn't point this out on the thread because I was enjoying the Xbot defense team leap into action. Obviously not a single one of them actually read the article or they would have discovered it."

greenlantern28141835d ago

they did have story that said ps4 was gonna dominate and than had one that said xb1 was gonna dominate. so they really have covered all bases. I doubt ms or sony paid cnn to do the stories they where just trying to give equal billing to both.

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