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Submitted by Whatsupdog 877d ago | screenshot

Screenshots of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Collector’s Edition Costumes for its sexy fighters

Tecmo Koei has released several screenshots showing off the exclusive costumes that will be available in the Collector’s Edition of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. (Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Whatsupdog  +   877d ago time ;-)
PositiveEmotions  +   877d ago
They should put a girl completely naked
house  +   877d ago
might as well im mean damn there like a trip away from that as is! lol
MikeyDucati1  +   877d ago
I feel like a Barry White song should be on while I click through the pictures...
Inception  +   877d ago
Wait, how the hell my Lei-Fang got small boobs?! Last time i checked, she got the same size as Kasumi / Ayane :(
Hicken  +   877d ago
The last I played- admittedly, back on like DOA3- Lei-Fang had the smallest breasts on the roster. She may not be smallest anymore, but she's definitely not on the level of Kasumi or Ayane.
Inception  +   877d ago
In DoA Dimension, i thought she had the same size with Kasumi / Ayane. Hm, maybe my eyes playing tricks on me XD

Btw, at the disagree on my 1st post:
Jeez guys, take it easy will you? I'll promise to never say 'my Lei Fang' or 'Lei Fang had small boobs' again in here, ok? :P
badvlad  +   877d ago
give me some lotion for the motion
isarai  +   877d ago
Just make a porn game already Team Ninja, we all know you want to. The amount of sexual frustration these developers have must be insane!
NihonjinChick  +   877d ago

They actually tried to tone this stuff down but they got backlash for it. They wanted to make DOA 5 a more serious game but the people spoke and they love their fan service.
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isarai  +   877d ago
That's too bad really, it's a very great fighting series but no one takes it seriously do to it's infamous focus on jiggly bits
Hicken  +   877d ago
I think people who take fighting games seriously take DOA seriously, and that's all that really matters.

If you're dismissing the game because it's got high levels of fanservice, then the problem's on your end, not the game's.
fsfsxii  +   877d ago
A collector's edition for a super duper edition...
Modi1984  +   877d ago
bleeding from my nose T_T
zaz12  +   877d ago
Can I use my next-gen 7" Joystick for this game?
CrossingEden  +   877d ago
ugh.....this is the reason these games aren't taken seriously, I mean look at these posts comments, pretty obvious what kinda people these games are made for and i'm not part of that audience
fsfsxii  +   877d ago
Gimme a break. I'd rather have tits than a generic action dudebro
CrossingEden  +   877d ago
you know what i'd rather have, ORIGINALITY!!!! with both male and female character design, not cookie cutter big breasted under age anime girls
Females from the west
Males from the west
its not that hard, japan used to have very original characters and character design, now the majority of japanese character design is cookie cutter, especially in jrpgs, case and point
j-blaze  +   877d ago
seriously, do you want every game to have a realistic unattractive characters? man sucks to be you
CrossingEden  +   877d ago
which one of these females is unattractive?
all attractive female characters, only thing is NONE of them have huge tits or a big bubbly butt, they also dont need them to be attractive, but here's a question, would you find this underage 16 year old girl attractive if she didn't have huge tits
or how about this under age girl
you know what else is not needed, a skimpy outfit, would you find this underage girl attractive without the skimpy outfits
this is an issue, and people like you help this issue flourish, huge T and A are not needed for a girl to be attractive!
Inception  +   877d ago
Ah, here we go again with crossingeden and his hate for anime / japanese games.

Hey crossingeden, you said Kasumi / Ayane looks like underage girl. But Elizabeth looks more cartoony & underage girl to me compare to Kasumi / Ayane.

If you don't like DoA girls, than i had some example women from japanese games that not selling their T & A but had some amazing personality / skill that can match their males compatriot. They also attractive to me. Well, i don't know about you though...

- Naomi Hunter from MGS 4

- Yuna from FF X

- Aoi Umenokouji from Virtua Fighter

- Elsa Eliane from Front Mission 4

- Alicia Malchiot from Valkyria Chronicles
Remind you that Alicia is a baker. And i really like her characters in Valkyria Chronicles. She's also not wearing skimpy outfit and selling her T & A. But she's a war veteran. So if Alicia a real person and there's a war going on in real world, i'll bet my life on her rather than you crossingeden.

I had more examples of women from japanese games that not selling their T & A. But i'm too tired to do this bullshit thing like you.
#10.2.2 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
rainslacker  +   876d ago

OK, so you listed plenty of games that have what you want. Then go on to say that DOA art style girls, which isn't even really indicative of all anime styles, is a problem because of people like those on here who like that art style, or just like attractive women with large breasts and nice butts.

How so exactly?

If you've played DOA, you would know that every girl has an outfit that isn't so revealing, and shows them as attractive women without flaunting their sexuality. Kokoro comes to mind. A very traditional girl really. Reasonably endowed sure, kinda dumb, but wears a traditional Kimono for her standard outfit. In fact, most of the female standard starter outfits aren't terribly revealing, or are designed much like their real life counterparts.

Maybe you didn't know this, but women's clothing is made to accentuate the female form. Even the images you posted show just that. Maybe not in such a revealing way, but it seems to me that the problem is with you. You have a problem with these characters having revealing outfits. Do you also have a problem with real life women who choose to wear the same kinds of things? Half the swimsuits shown in this article were rather modest 1 piece deals.

Also, to call you out on your examples. While the examples you showed didn't have large breasts or "bubbly butts", they all had distinctive female attributes that are considered attractive. None of them had wide hips, pudgy stomach, double chins, etc, which detract from the considered culturally accepted definition of attractive(in terms of media). They are the same stereotypically "perfect" women due to their lack of flaws. Again, you are the only one making a big deal about breast size and butt bubblyness.
NihonjinChick  +   877d ago
You thinks it's only Japan that flaunts T and A in games?
bocajbee  +   877d ago
Rename article: "BOOBS!"
sackboyhappy  +   877d ago
johny5  +   876d ago

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