Nintendo Flashback: Cool Spot

"The 7Up mascot found his way onto the SNES as the star of his own game back in 1993. It was surprisingly a terrific platformer. It won “Best Cartridge Music of the Year” and was ranked “28th best game of all time” by Mega magazine. Join BootHammer in our latest Nintendo Flashback: Cool Spot." -BootHammer

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Relientk771690d ago

Omg I have this game on Genesis, I should play it


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BootHammer1690d ago

LOL, definitely serious nostalgia on this one! I played Cool Spot for the first time on the Genesis. I saw it in action at a friend's house and was hooked for weeks =) Awesome platformer...

FragMnTagM1689d ago

I used to play the hell out of this game. Great game for being about a mascot of a soda.

For some reason this game: came to mind after seeing the cool spot game...

Maybe I played them in the same time period or something but I remember Greendog being probably the hardest platformer I have ever played. I don't even remember beating it, and I have beaten around 80% of the games I have played in my life time. Obviously the game would really have to suck to not want to finish it, or be ridiculously hard.

I think Greendog had both qualities, but I remember playing it a lot.

So many games on the Genesis and SNES are flipping legendary. That was a golden era of gaming, along with the N64 and PS1 days.

I still play Tetris Attack from time to time from the SNES. I would say this is/was the best battle puzzler of all time.

Made the game lag out so many times from doing those huge combos, I think it pushed the system to the max with the (then) complex calculations it had to do.

troncoparati1690d ago

First licenced game not to suck...