LGA | Bioshock Infinite: As Flawed and Beautiful as Faith

Bioshock Infinite is a very ambitious game, and how could it not be, as it is the sequel to the second greatest first-person shooter of all-time, Bioshock. Sadly, with all the ambitious potential, the game fumbles quite a bit with trying to pack in all these wonderfully diverse ideas, and by the time it’s over, most of it doesn’t really matter anyway. For what it’s worth, even with all of the squandered plot points, and interesting characters that go by fairly unused, what’s done well, narrative-wise, is done exceptionally well, and is undeniably epic, with great atmosphere, though it never comes close to the atmospheric heights of the original.

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Wni01183d ago

Shoot, reload shoot. Walk with Elizabeth, then shoot some more.

rigbybot1271183d ago

You've just described the formula for every FPS ever made, minus the Elizabeth part.

Wni01183d ago

Uh huh. Have you ever tried half life 2? U know how primitive infinite really is?

fossilfern1183d ago

I was treated like I practised witchcraft in the 1500s when I said I thought bioshock infinite was overrated and not the best work from Ken Levine. glad other people realise how average that game is, nothing compares to the old system shock games.

rigbybot1271183d ago

I actually have played Half-Life 2. You know how I said that Bioshock is the second best FPS of all-time? The best is Half-Life 2.

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fsfsxii1183d ago

Thats exactly how i felt

rigbybot1271183d ago

You're right, I apologize.

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Blastoise1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

This is a really really boring game, and the biggest disappointment of 2013 for me personally. Not even close to a GOTY contender

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MikeyDucati11183d ago

"though it never comes close to the atmospheric heights of the original"

Didn't even come close. Still play Bioshock today...the combat was just fulfilling, challenging and fun.

NihonjinChick1183d ago

I miss the creepy atmosphere from the first game.

MikeyDucati11183d ago

Yea it was definitely creepy in Rapture

titans99991183d ago

Hmm, we'll, I love Bioshock Infinite!

Morgue1183d ago

Beat Infinite a week or two after it was released then got rid of it. I honestly didn't care for it. The story, the characters, any of it. Like someone else stated, I play the first Bioshock still and Infinite doesn't even come close to touching it. The sense of exploration was gone and replaced with some lame sidekick that threw coins every 10mins or some health packs and big shoot outs.


fsfsxii1183d ago

I didn't even beat it, got rid of it within 2 days. Everything that made Bioshock great was gone, as you said the exploration, even the difficulty got toned down, i played Bioshock on easy and it was still difficult, Bio infinite on normal was easier. They made the game even easier with Elizabith giving you health packs and juice. Honestly the most overrated game of this gen

rigbybot1271183d ago

I'd have to disagree with you on the whole difficulty spike thing. Playing through Bioshock now, and I can say that it is slightly easier than Bioshock Infinite, which is a good thing, as I died a lot in Bioshock Infinite. About half way through 1999 Mode, which is damn hard. I'd have to say the most overrated game this gen was Heavy Rain, though still a great game.