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Xbox One Pre-Orders Rising at Amazon But Still Not Sold Out

TheHDRoom: "Microsoft's Xbox One Day One edition console has been a fixture on Amazon's video game bestsellers chart since it first became available. Even as we approach a month's distance from when Amazon first began accepting pre-orders, the Day One edition has yet to sell out. " (Xbox One)

Need4Game  +   823d ago
By how fast Microsoft changes its Policy, its a good thing to wait until things get better.It'll get Cheaper, can play without kinect and perhaps backward compatibility.
SpideySpeakz  +   823d ago
Dream on. No way BC is being implemented. We went over this a hundred times already.
Muffins1223  +   823d ago
Backward compatibility might be possible....THROUGH THE POWER OF DE CLOUD.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   823d ago

Sony and Onive hold patents to streaming full video games.
LightningMokey  +   823d ago
I'm pretty sure that was Sarcasm @Gimmemorebubblez
abzdine  +   822d ago
DRM will come back when enough pigeons have bought a X1 but not BC, you have my word for it! Disagree if you like, we'll see who's gonna laugh in the end
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WarThunder  +   822d ago
Well at least they are in the top 10 lol
This vid is so true and funny
kewlkat007  +   823d ago
I wonder how many times the Xbox One has been restocked...I remember it being sold out just after the initial reveal..
abzdine  +   822d ago
dont be fooled by those sold out news, MS promised only very few machines per shop
kewlkat007  +   822d ago
hmm..Do you have a number per shop?

I'm just saying, we don't know unless you do..
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devwan  +   822d ago
Judging by the 2013 best sellers in video games so far this year, not much. xbox day 1 is stillin number six behind the ps4 that sold out in 24 hours at number three.

Two other ps4 SKUs are slowly creeping into the top 100 (currently in the 80s).

HammadTheBeast  +   822d ago
It's never sold out. The PS4 however did sell out even after being restocked twice.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   823d ago
@Need Play without Kinect is definitely out of the question.

I'd rather have Kinect integrated just so MS won't shove Kinect games down my throat because they have to "cater to that fanbase."

MS can afford to release 2 or 3 Kinect casuals instead of 6 or 7 Kinect casuals like they have in the past. MS will be able to focus on Core games more and release casual game for whoever wants it. The Kinect and hardcore fanbase are no longer split since everyone will have Kinect.

MS won't have to say Buy, Kinect! Buy!, Buy!, Buy! And Buy Disney's Fantasia! And completely alienate the core gamers in the process.
nukeitall  +   822d ago
There might be a few good surprises with Kinect One for core games now that it is in ever box!
greenlantern2814  +   823d ago
making a system BC adds to the price of development so if they where to add that in the price would go up.
think the first ps3 was BC and thats the first thing they got ride of to lower the price of development so they could lower the price of the system.
n4rc  +   822d ago
Or if you really care to play 360 games... Wait for it... Play them on the damn 360!! Lol

Don't know why anyone would want to.. I completely abandon a console when a new generation releases.
greenlantern2814  +   822d ago
who ever disagreed with my statement is an idiot it is the complete truth and the reason why neither system is BC
ala_767  +   822d ago
At this time we can no longer expect a price cut for Xbox One... Already we can safely say Microsoft is working tirelessly to reprogram the Xbox one Console about reversing DRM bla bla bla
uncharted56  +   822d ago
I have said time and time again but people don't listen. MS will not drop kinect. They have made the xbox one around kinect and its functionality. Im not saying its impossible but hardware changes are a lot more difficult to change then software. Its been designed to use kinect to detect people in the room and function. They wont just take all the money they have invested in kinect and xb1 which are supposed to go hand in hand and throw it away. One of their pillars for their system is the all in one hub feature and accessibility. Now do I like Kinect? NO, I dont want it. I am getting the PS4 and will pick an xbox one before I leave for university. As for backwards compatibility I dont know if they can do it or not maybe they will do something like Sony and Onlive are doing which imo will not work, because if anyone has tried onlive they will know. As for price cut its definitely coming once the console releases but they might just do it prior to release. But they will again get backlash from people saying that they dont have faith in their own console.
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avengers1978  +   822d ago
Still not sold out of day one bundles, isn't that pretty clear on witch console is doing better in pre orders
FrigidDARKNESS  +   823d ago
Folks are starting to look past the price and see all the features that the console offers versus the competition. A few weeks ago the xbox one pre orders were outselling the competition 2-1 at Gamestop.
Skips  +   823d ago
"Folks are starting to look past the price and see all the features that the console offers versus the competition."

PS4 Day One sold out in LESS THAN 24 HOURS after it went up....
Xbone Day One hasn't sold out, and it's been WEEKS since it went up....

So, I'm not too sure about that...

"Xbox One Pre-Orders Rising"


^ Been in the same spot ever since they've been up. Not even the surge after the DRM patch announcement did much to bump it up. The rise probably wasn't much if that's the case. lol

"A few weeks ago the xbox one pre orders were outselling the competition 2-1 at Gamestop."

There been any reports of a change?
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   823d ago
Thre is no doubt about it the ps4 pre-orders sold out day one since MS DRM scared folks away. Now the Is no DRM on the console pre orders are picking up quickly.
Skips  +   823d ago
"Now the Is no DRM on the console pre orders are picking up quickly."


^ As I've said, been in the same spot for WEEKS. Even after the DRM change.

Should've bumped it up at least ONE spot if the DRM change was any or at all significant considering it's been more than 2 weeks since then...

So yea, not too sure about that. The rise probably wasn't much...
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Gasian  +   823d ago
They're both going to sell out but it is obvious that the PS4 will outsell the Xbone at launch.
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nukeitall  +   822d ago
PS4 selling out within hours could be just small allotment. The bestseller list rank this relative and is a better gauge.

The bestseller list is likely exponential so the Xbox One is doing really well. We don't know how PS4 is really doing considering it as multiple SKUs.

Nedless to say, the war hasn't even started yet really so it is too early to say.
Bzone24  +   822d ago
Xbox One sold out in one day also. http://www.examiner.com/art...
Muffins1223  +   823d ago
If i looked at the features then its still ps4,no kinect,better camera,more games,better hardware....your the only one on n4g who has less than 5 bubbles lol
theWB27  +   823d ago
PS4 is better because it doesn't have a camera and it's also better because its camera is better?

Is it appropriate to invalidate your comment for that clusterf!#@ of reasoning?
joefrost00  +   822d ago
Better camera
More games lol
Did you even watch e3
I dont care about what they have promised
What has been announced the more games might be a little of a strectch
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   821d ago
Are you high or just stupid?
avengers1978  +   822d ago
At my area GameStop PS4 is beating XB1 according to the people that work there.
See with no proof then anyone can say something like that
cyguration  +   822d ago
"all the features"?

Please. This is still an overpriced PC with none of the benefits. You can't mod your games, you don't get word processing, video editing or graphic design tools and you're trapped within a closed system that is made up of mostly a lot of multiplatform titles save for whatever first-party games Microsoft has in store outside of Halo.

People have to be completely blind to see a system with lower specs than the PS4, a lacking first-party line-up unlike the Wii U, and none of the modding, open-source benefits of a PC as pre-order worthy.

Features alone, even ignoring the past DRM debacle, the Xbox One is kind of a failure. Everything you have to pay for you can do for free on PC.
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NeoTribe  +   822d ago
Lol your making things up man. Ps4 preorders are killing x1 at gamestop. Microsoft still has day one bundles on amazon lol. There losing the preorder race pathetically. My buddy is a gamestop manager, he also confirms ps4s dominance. Its funny how all the xbot trolls can never produce any factual proof of anything they say.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   821d ago
Gamestop also still has day 1 ps4 pre orders. I'm looking at it right now
mochachino  +   823d ago
I'm surprised X180 is doing this well given what PS4 and PSN Plus is offering and at a better price.

Perhaps unrelated but how big are games this gen? If MS or Sony doesn't allow you to upgrade hardrives the systems could conceivably only hold a maximum 16 games before your stuck with uninstalls.

I buy about 8 - 10 games a year so I hopy Sony allows you to throw in a standard HD again. Terabytes are cheap these days.
ElementX  +   823d ago
8-10? That's it? Since I built my PC in November I've purchased over 300 Steam games. I did buy The Last of Us but I haven't finished it yet I'm hooked on my PC. Before I built my PC I would buy a ton of games every year for both the 360 and PS3.
Nitrowolf2  +   823d ago
What does you having a PC and him buying that many games have anything to do with, well anything?

We get it, Steam has awesome sales.

I own a PC, capable of running any game and guess what? Despite the steam sale I've only bought 4-6 games for my PC this year. Just about the same I bought for my PS3 this year to. What difference does this make though? He wa sjust wishing that Sony anbd MS allows HDD upgrades with standard HDD
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ElementX  +   823d ago
If he only buys that many he probably won't have to upgrade for a while.
matrixman92  +   823d ago
casuals dont care....its called an xbox, gets CoD stuff first, and plays Halo...thats enough for them
XisThatKid  +   822d ago
Confirmed that you can replace the HDD on PS4 and confirmed that X1 game installs are mandatory
Unconfirmed PS4 mandatory install (I'm sure it will)
Unconfirmed but commented on that X1 will not have swapable HDDs
unapersson  +   822d ago
The comments Sony made about streaming zlib compressed content from the disk suggests they'll still be pulling in data from the disk. And this time the drive will be faster as well.

It's only really Microsoft who were forced down the full install route by their DRM intentions. I doubt if that's so easy to undo.
JoeReno  +   822d ago
Who said Sony wont allow you to upgrade your harddrive? Im pretty sure this has been know for some time now not to be the case.
fadeawayjae  +   823d ago
The GameStop I went too only had preorders for Xbox One - 10 to Ps4 - 50.
Garethvk  +   823d ago
Would not shock me if it is Balmer and the Microsoft guys buying them. I do not trust them to not add DRM and such down the road when people already have the system.
No_Limit  +   823d ago
The fact is that the Xbox One is the 6th best selling item in videogames thus far in 2013 above such big releases like TLOU, Injustice, Bioshock Infinite, GTAV pre orders, COD pre orders, with over 4 months left before release, and the marketing campaign hasn't even kick in yet, not to mention it is 2nd most wished for videogame product, and is currently sitting as the #5 best seller, the PS4 at #17, shows that the Xbox will be just fine.

Can't wait for the release!
NewMonday  +   823d ago
"The fact is that the Xbox One is the 6th best selling item in videogames thus far in 2013 above such big releases like TLOU, Injustice, Bioshock Infinite, GTAV pre orders, COD pre orders"

PS4 at #3
XBone at #6

devwan  +   822d ago
lol @ the disagrees - click the link fanbois, it's there in black and white.

@No_Limit You were being economical with your stats - picking and choosing. The "current best sellers" is pretty volatile, since your post 12 hours ago, that particular ps4 SKU has risen 2 places. There are 4 other ps4 SKUs in that charts at 26, 32, 55 and 82. Being spread over 5 different entries in their database doesn't reveal the picture you were trying to paint.
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Yo Mama  +   823d ago
@ No_Limit

Trying to convince us or yourself?
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Parapraxis  +   823d ago
Okay, so now you are to the point of blatantly lying?
BTW, PS4 is #3,
ala_767  +   822d ago
Another Xbots fanboy!!!
XisThatKid  +   822d ago
I just would like to say that even if any of this were true, PS4 has its numbers spread across 4 or more diff SKUs and the standard is sold out so of course the X1 will be higher

Lets say X1 is at 1000 in sales/pre orders
PS4 maxed out at 600
PS4 Watchdogs bundle 200
PS4 Battlefield 300
PS4 KIllzone 300
most people only compare the two entry level systems and MS has not announced any bundles yet (at least I know of)
If you can math right you can understand the logic behind this.
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cell989  +   822d ago
delusional xbot
No_Limit  +   822d ago
LOL, you people are so sensitive. I have said nothing negative about the PS4 on my post except posting what was on Amazon at the time. Those are hard facts and I am sure the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One at launch but the stats clearly shows that the One will be a hot item comes this Holiday as well as oppose to the doom and gloom most are proclaiming here on N4G. Go enjoy your PS4, Killzone, Knack, Drive Club under your Christmas Tree and other Xbox One potential owners and I will do the same with Forza 4, Killer Instinct, and Dead Rising, and Ryse. Happy gaming everyone.
hellzsupernova  +   822d ago
Amazon have come out and said the ps4 is the best selling gaming thing this year....please get your facts straight
NeoTribe  +   822d ago
To bad your wrong. Ps4 is winning every preorder from amazon to gamestop, and every single poll ps4 has destroyed xbox. The funny thing is, xbox isnt even gonna win in sales in the us this gen. Can you imagine the rest of the world? Other countries dont want this greedy corporate american bullshit. Its an embarasment thats its made in my country. So yeah, worldwide, the ps4 is gonna destroy xbox.
supraking951  +   823d ago
weird PS4 launch systems sold out already. Xbone still trying to get people to buy there overpriced system.

I hope Xbone doesnt force developers to dumb down there games since it cant match PS4. This kind of thing happened on 360 and PS3.
SOURCE: http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...
PigPen  +   822d ago
That sku is the console and controller with no game. That's the only sku that is sold out.
Smoovekid  +   822d ago
And no Xbox ones are sold out :p.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   823d ago
Lots of Sony trolls in a X1 article as usual. They just can't accept that the X1 will do numbers. Get over it! It will sell! Those of you complaining about it are most likely non 360 owners anyway. Thank god the world doesn't equal N4g...
Underworld  +   822d ago
Don't pretend like Xbox trolls don't do the same in PS4 articles.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   822d ago
An expected reply. You may be correct but its not nearly on the scale of Sony trolls. I'd sure love a recent link that shows more Xbox users trolling a Sony article than Sony fans in the article
CrossingEden  +   823d ago
"oh look, an article about that console that I say everyday that i'm not buying right after I pray to my lord and savior the ps4, *GASP* GOOD NEWS???!!!!! must.compare.pre-order.numbers .despite.that.having.nothing.t o.with.the.article.hurr.durr.ru r rr.durr.because.the.word.ps4.i s.not.mentioned..ok. now that that's done, what else do i have to do today? well i'm single so no dates, I COULD find something productive to do, but let me click on the xbox one tab so that i can go to every single xbox one article and complain about the xbox one and then defend it say that i'm hurridy durr, stating my opinion, because stating the same opinion over and over makes me compelling and unique, found one, ps4 ftw, hurrudurrdurr generic unoriginal xbone insult hurrriduurrr, stop criticizing mai opinin gais, i'm just staeting it over and over, i don't have anything els going for me"
-this is who you are if you are positive that you are never buying and xbox one, don't like the xbox one, constantly hate the xbox one, yet constantly go to every single article to complain about it, seriously, grow up, this is ridiculous, get a life, and stop with the console war bull****
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RandomDude655  +   823d ago
U mad?
CrossingEden  +   823d ago
"I have no valid argument and if you look at my recent comments you can see that i'm one of the people that this satire is making fun of, let me just use one of the top ten most cliched and overused interent phrases ever made because i'm not smart enough to provide a valid counter argument"
XisThatKid  +   822d ago
I couldn't imagine this comment will stop anyone from "console war bull****"ing, just saying. Let people express what of their personal decision to invest multiple hundreds of dollars with pride and vocalization.
lgn15  +   822d ago
Pride brings out the worst in humans. Whether it be in their choice of game console or their belief system, someone always wants to shove their opinion down your throat. People complain about using the term circle-jerk but from a psychological standpoint that's really what it is. Humans want to be accepted and thus will defend their peer/similar group tooth and nail, hence the circle jerk.
Underworld  +   822d ago
Nothing wrong with console wars. It's harmless. Just like people supporting a sport team and giving fans of others teams a bit of crap. Some do go too far, but overall, there's nothing wrong with it.
NeoTribe  +   822d ago
Reading that dribble made my brain bleed.
cosmogirl427   822d ago | Spam
XisThatKid  +   823d ago
Has anyone Noticed that for some reason the "XBox One" tab on this site is the only one not abbreviated?
Chaostar  +   822d ago
What about Wii and Wii U?

What would you abbreviate Xbox One into anyway...








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XisThatKid  +   822d ago
I normally go with X1 in text and "X One" or "The One" in vocals but I'm phasing that out because I think thats MS plot. I will not be calling it "The One" due to the potential iconization of that title and or statement....I don't like that lol "XBOne" or "XB1" on tab would be just fine like "XB360"
Yo Mama  +   822d ago
I've also noticed that when news is submitted that pertains to both PS and Xbox, no matter which you check first, it always lists Xbox first so that it's the only label shown in the preview on the main page.
greenlantern2814  +   823d ago
at all of the local game stores in my area the launch day systems for both are sold out. if you go to best buy or game stop around here they will take your preorder deposit if you want to give it to them but they also tell you that you will not get one of the first shipments. in the case of the game stop by my house you wont get the first of second shipments they are all spoken for. and thats ps4 and xb1
MultiConsoleGamer  +   822d ago
Pure spin piece.

Most gamers still buy hardware from brick & mortar.
cell989  +   822d ago
I guess not a lot of people are interested on that stupid day one achievement lol
RIP_Cell  +   822d ago
all these discussion is meaningless without knowing the actually numbers, which we don't know. the difference between #1 and #2 on amazon can be 1 order, or 10 million
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drsfinest72  +   822d ago
Pre order doesn't mean Shit grow up.
Foxgod  +   822d ago
I doubt the pre orders for the XB1 and Ps4 can sell out at all.
They will just keep taking pre orders, and try to fill them as best they can.

I predict shortages coming up that may last months into 2014.
#16 (Edited 822d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
AutoCad  +   822d ago
Actually it did sold out for a day.Bc i tried to reserve it and it wouldnt let me.the next day it was available again.
cosmogirl427   822d ago | Spam

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