Final Fantasy XV: Revitalizing the JRPG

Square Enix is most famously known for its games in the Final Fantasy series, though recent titles seemed to have disappoint. They are working to correct their mistakes, but also to give fans a game that will definitely satisfy. After years of development, Final Fantasy XV, formerly Final Fantasy Versus XIII, is officially back in the game and preparing for future release.

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Need4Game1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

JRPG can be Revitalizing by bringing it to the West quicker. Make every JRPG have English Subtitle and region-lock free. That'll Revitalize it traditional-JRPG

Final Fantasy XV is trying to make an Action-Game as Big as an RPG, something like Japanese Fantasy version of GTA5.

SQUARE ENIX probably end up Bankrupt trying to do that. But it'll be awesome if they succeed and that'll revitalize Action-JRPG, which been stricken by PS3 architecture.

1. traditional-JRPG, just put english subtitle and its ready to be sold in the west.
2. action-JRPG, have to wait for PS4/XB1 installed in millions of home. then it is profitable to make action-JRPG.

CrossingEden1988d ago

having a bunch of the exact same type of game isn't revitalization, most of the games that don't come to america are cookie cutter and would be overlooked by everybody but anime fans

Need4Game1988d ago

JRPG having bunch exact type, are cookie cutter, overlooked by everybody but anime very much "Revitalizing" in Japan.

Please describe what you mean by "revitalization"(doe s it mean JRPG have to be westernize like skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, mass effect, dragon age, etc?), or are you just complaining that JRPG being a JRPG.

Dark111988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

traditional-JRPG doesn't sell that much in the west , thanks to the same old MOE crap they use ,

the action-JRPG it's selling so much better ,( see Dark souls and Dragon Dogma )


Well said.

CLOUD19831988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Bubbles to u for saying what I was wondering & still wonder all these years, why they don't translate the text from JRPGs & release them like that in the west? I'm sure that all hardcore JRPG fans prefer to play those kind of games with the original voices anyway, but a lot of those brain-dead devs release JRPGs w/o the original voices & add a horrible English dub in it's place, that for me is sacrilege JRPGs cant be enjoyed w/o the original voices games w/o the original voices = skip for me simple as that.

ThanatosDMC1988d ago

I hope they do it right... though i highly doubt it.

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MizTv1988d ago

Wonder if ill play this game before I'm 40?

MilkMan1988d ago

Wait until it's released to see what it does and doesn't do. From what I've seen it looks like Devil May Cry Final Fantasy style.
I'm not gonna make any assumptions though on how it plays until I have some hand time with it.

wishingW3L1988d ago

"What seemed most unexpected is that the game also features third person shooting."

Dude, that was known since when the game was announced! What is the point of writing for a gaming website if you're so misinformed? =/

Whitey2k1988d ago

Square not only famous for final fantasy games but now there famous for back stabbing people in the back

Wigriff1988d ago

As opposed to backstabbing people in the shin? heh

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The story is too old to be commented.