Editorial: How Did The PS3 Treat You?

Now that this generation is about to draw to a close, we look back and check on the PS3's reliability. How was your luck with it? Did you get the YLoD?

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Ezz20131987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

better than my girlfriend ...yeah that's right

if i want to get my Treat with ps3...i get my Treat right away
but with my GF
she for most of the time need me to take her out first and watch lame movie and then i get my Treat

Too much work to get my Treat ...Damn it :P

dedicatedtogamers1987d ago

I ignored PS3 for its first two years. I didn't buy one until MGS4 and Dead Space were available, but after that I've played the system until present-day. It hasn't hit a dry spell since I first bought it.

tiffac0081987d ago

I got an 80gb PS3 bundled with MGS4. The only hiccup it ever got was an issue with ejecting the discs from the slot-load reader. Once I got that part replaced. It was all good again.

LOL_WUT1987d ago

Very pleased I was sad to see my PS2 go but it was for the better ;)

FullmetalAlchemist1987d ago

I waited til 07 to get mine, 80gb Motorstorm bundle and got CoD4 with it. And she was amazing, only had one disc drive failure but once I sent it in for a fix I haven't had a problem since. Though after a few years she did get kind of lonely so I brought her home a baby sister a 250gb original ps3 slim and now we're all living happily ever after.

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The story is too old to be commented.