Xbox One vs PS4 Reality Check

As Microsoft continues to dig their own grave, the ever lasting ‘console war’ has flared up with people declaring winners right out of the gate. With that, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan takes a step back and points out that, while MS might be covered in dirt at the moment, they haven’t picked out a headstone just yet.

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doctorstrange1986d ago

Yup, they'll both survive. I know which one I'll choose first, but they'll both survive.

Godmars2901986d ago

Will only appeal to gamers. Internet literate gamers.

cleft51986d ago

That sleek Ouya design, too good. Can't wait to play the latest and greatest Nintendo emulators.

morganfell1986d ago

"...while MS might be covered in dirt at the moment, they haven’t picked out a headstone just yet."

When you die in this business you do not pick out your own headstone. It's picked for you by the crowds watching other people kick dirt on your corpse.

BitbyDeath1986d ago

Is it still a console war when MS are the only ones shooting... at themselves?

Sure Sony occasionally point out a few of the bodies but as far as wars go... :-/

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Speider1986d ago

Yup. With the price disparaties and all that jazz when 360 and PS3 launched, they both did good.

As different releases attract different audiences for both bachines, the "war" will continue to ebb and flow, and both systems will sell. I hope to god that both/all three systems have healthy cycles, so the competition doesn't stop. THAT would be a tragedy.

thehitman1986d ago

Key difference between 360 and ps3 and xb1 and ps4 is... people bought the 360 because it was first of the HD gen and playstation has too much of a following for people not to get it with the largest gaming library. Xb1 however has nothing going for it not specs not price not gaming library or policies. This gen has like 160mil between 360/ps3 I expect the same next gen but ps4 making up like 100mil compared to xb1 60mil. Therer will be competition and I dont think xbox will die off next gen but it wont be nearly as even as this gen.

JodyCones1986d ago

Yup getting both because i like playing all games. But definitley the PS4 first, already preorded it.

rainslacker1986d ago

I think calling the outright doom of any console is just silly. I wouldn't even call the Wii U doomed despite it's current troubles, and it's a released system.

Long haul, Xbox will probably make MS money. It may not achieve everything they hope to achieve however, and that's to take over the living room. In this regard, the X1 may be a failure for MS, even if it's profitable. The Xbox 360 took them pretty far to achieve their overall goal, and they did quite well this gen in that regard by establishing a huge install base. But if that adoption has a negative trend and doesn't see the adoption of the "living room" crowd, it won't be what they want it to be.

Overall, I do think the X1 will be a good gaming machine with a lot to offer, I just don't feel it offers enough for me to go out and buy it day one. Some of the games look good, and I want to play them, but not at the expense of the console, or the addition of some features which actually turn me off of the system.

devwan1986d ago

"Long haul, Xbox will probably make MS money."

Interesting forecast - what makes you think ms' xbox division will turn it around this generation? Since its inception it has always been in the red.

rainslacker1986d ago

I can't say what they have to turn around because I'm not aware of what "always in the red" the Xbox division has seen since it's inception. It's had bad quarters, but overall it's been profitable.

The Xbox division doesn't perform as well as the rest of MS, which is why some analyst say MS should dump it, but if it hadn't been profitable for the past 12 years, we wouldn't be seeing a new console from them. MS first turned a profit on the Xbox in 2008, BTW. Google is your friend.

However, when I say it will be profitable for MS overall, I am speaking of the fact that they have multiple revenue streams available to them through the Xbox. Game licensing fees, peripheral profits, Live, licensing deals with content providers, their own first party game sales, etc.

All that may not lead to the success they may be hoping for in achieving their overall goal of owning the living room, hence a failure in the sense of the purpose of the device for MS, but that doesn't mean it won't do well.

Anyone who thinks that the system will flounder out of the gate and be completely gone in a year because of what's going on now needs a reality check.

And I say this as someone who right now hates MS for what they tried to do, and someone who admittedly has a much bigger preference for Sony.

1986d ago
RetroGqmer1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

You have to laugh at two bit websites, who've been around for five minutes, taking shots at long established, extremely credible gaming magazines like Edge.

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TrendyGamers1986d ago

It's going to be a fun fight to watch.

dedicatedtogamers1986d ago

Ironically, of the two brands (Xbox vs Playstation) only one brand is integral to the survival of their parent company. Only one company will fight tooth and nail to make sure that not only does their videogame console survive, but their gaming division survives, too.

Guess which company that is.

Mystogan1986d ago

Spoiler alert:

It's Sony, they are living of off the playstation. Without it, they would die quickly.

ThatCanadianGuy5141986d ago

i'm pretty sure they would do fine without it, Mystogan.

Sony financial services and insurance nets them 9+ Billion a year.

About the same for Sony pictures & Sony Music

theWB271986d ago

You couldn't possibly be that naive. Over the past 5 years the Playstation has been about the only thing keeping them afloat.


Please do some research.

ThatCanadianGuy5141986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Please do some research indeed.

"Its financial arm accounts for 63 percent of Sony’s total operating profit last year. Life insurance has been its biggest moneymaker over the last decade, earning the company 933 billion yen ($9.07 billion) in operating profit in the 10 years that ended in March.

Sony’s film and music divisions, which produced hits like the Spider-Man movies and “Zero Dark Thirty” and recorded musicians like the cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the electronic music duo Daft Punk, have contributed $7 billion to the company’s bottom line over the last decade.

In that time, Sony’s electronics division(Which Playstation is part of) has lost a cumulative $8.5 billion."(Mostly due to their marketshare loss of TV's)

I mean really, if you're going to try and reply to me with some half-baked, snarky comment, at least put some minimal effort into it.Playstation keeping sony afloat? Really? It's their other sectors keeping their electronics division afloat, plain and simple.

AceBlazer131986d ago

@Mystogan dumbass sony doesn't live off playstation wouldn't be surprised if it was a burden to plays a bigger role to microsoft though

devwan1986d ago

No, you're both wrong. They have both lost their parent companies money.

ftwrthtx1986d ago

In any console war, it is the gamers that win.

Godmars2901986d ago

All we got this gen were FPS, FPS with other game elements, and retro titles as people got tired of FPS.

This gen saw the death of 2D gaming, as well as the crippling of RPGs, flight sims and arcade games as main titles. Maybe with the nex gen diversity in gaming genres might make a comeback, but I currently doubt it.

SegaSaturn6691986d ago

I'm as disappointed as you are by the lack of non nintendo super robot wars games. But this generation is supposed to have a much shorter development period and only 3 more ff13 spinoffs.

Fireseed1986d ago


Shorter dev cycle? Have you any idea how much more detail we got to put into these things before we finish? Not only quality has been upped but now that both consoles have 50gb Blu-Rays for their media, the amount of it has only increased as well.

Campy da Camper1986d ago

Depends. For me, I really enjoyed Infamous, Little Big Planet, Portal, Oblivion, Fallout and other games. I used to be big on fps like rainbow 6 and I agree they grew stale. There are some great games this gen though.

Imalwaysright1986d ago

Is that why MS tried to implement draconian policies? Console wars only benefit us if the big 3 understand and listen to what we want. I still don't know what the hell MS was thinking. They almost killed the Xbox brand.

@ Godmars290 Couldn't agree more. This gen was definetely the worst. No creativity, no variety and overall less quality. Not only that but we had to deal with publishers/devs trying to nickle and dime us at every turn while they were releasing broken games left right and center.

Cueil1986d ago

look a completely unbiased site

MysticStrummer1986d ago

Did you read it?

What did they say that was biased?

They're saying don't count MS out.

MysticStrummer1986d ago

@Neo - I automatically saw sarcasm. My bad. *hangs head in shame*

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