Hilarious things happen when video-game physics go wrong – part 2

DSOGaming writes: "You know what? Sometimes we simply need to sit back and laugh. Laugh so hard and forget our everyday issues/problems/whatever_you_m ay_want_to_call_them. Yeap, sometimes we really feel the need to see something that will makes us laugh out loud. Back in October 2012, we shared with you some images and videos from a number of video games, showcasing what happens when their physics go wrong. And today, we bring you a some new videos from Skate 3, Planetside 2, GTA IV, Flight Simulator 2004, War Thunder, Fallout 3, Just Cause 2 and Nascar 2013. Enjoy!"

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IC3_DEMON1906d ago

Video not worth your time

BiggCMan1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

He only embedded one of the videos, there are many if you actually go to the full site. -_-

john21906d ago

You do realize this is in the videos category and not in the news category, right? (also video that was embedded is from July 4th)

ANIALATOR1361906d ago

this site is called "News" For Gamers though

NovusTerminus1906d ago

Yeah, the site is "News for Gamers" but we still have room for a few nonsense articles and funny videos, gives us a break from the endless arguements and mindless praise or bashing.

I like these random videos and such.

MWH1906d ago

since when? n4g is the epitome of a mixed bag of everything.

buynit1906d ago

The pic was funy.. this video with that music was just stupid not funny at all, I was looking forward to a good laugh..

BiggCMan1906d ago

Maybe if you went into the full site to see the rest? Very typical of people.

No Way1906d ago

Typically if the 'showcase' video sucks.. you do not search for more.

BiggCMan1906d ago

It's the last video in the article.... God the stupidity here is remarkable.

buynit1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Why would i go to the full site after a video like that.. Maybe if they was smart enough to post something funny and catch peoples attention i would have, but obviously they are not..

Fuckin get mad at me cause they showed the stupid last video that wasn't funny at all..

No Way1905d ago

The only stupidity was them posting a video that isn't good.. at all.
Like 'buynit' said, you need to catch peoples attention. They failed.

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ABizzel11906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

You have to go to the actual site to see the other videos.

LMFAO at "Never use the stairs", "Fallout 3 stretch". OMG it's funny, turn the volume up.

FaSCoRP1906d ago

DSOG site is crap. you have to wait for 30 seconds at the ads just to go to see this "article"

FaSCoRP1905d ago

So it could be the adblock firefox plugin that is detected...