Knack PS4 Gameplay - New PS4 Offscreen Gameplay

Knack PS4 Gameplay - New PS4 Offscreen Gameplay

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Relientk771843d ago

Can't wait for this game at launch

Abash1843d ago

I really love this game's combat gameplay, it's also cool that Knack can use the homing attack like Sonic the Hedgehog does

abzdine1842d ago

a game made by the father PS4, how can i say no to it?

awesomeperson1842d ago

I have to say, I like the end part of this gameplay (around 8 minutes) much more than what they showed on Jimmy Fallon. I really do hope the game delivers.

I may not get it at launch, but I do plan to a tad bit further down the line.

Epic_Troy1842d ago

This is a game for kids tbh.....I better not see any grown men playing this game

Boody-Bandit1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Well you better close your eyes because this grown ass man will be playing him some Knack day 1.

brodychet1842d ago

Lmao wow, who does this kid think he is? XD

Knack looks amazing, I'll be playing for sure :O

bjmartynhak1842d ago

God of War for kids!

I really tried to see more gameplay and check if I was wrong. But the combat is really simple, with no puzzles and the levels are just too linear (and I'm not a big fan of open world).

I was expecting at least more diversification in the use of the particles. But you can only get large.

DialgaMarine1842d ago

I'm a grown ass man, and I've already preordered this, along with Killzone, Infamous and The Order. When I am playing this game on my PS4, what are you going to have to say? I can save your time right here and right now by telling you that I don't give a flying donkey f*ck. The game is like a Pixar movie, something that will be fun and enjoyable for all ages, and I'm looking foward to playing that as well as other PS4 games.

Not to mention, I really don't see how this game is made for little kids only, seeing as War and guns are among the themes. Please tell me you're not one of the morons who said that LBP and Kinectimals were the same shit, are you?

Aceman181842d ago

40 yr old dude here who will be buying this game.

DragonKnight1842d ago

@Not-so-Epic_Troy: Who are you to tell people what games they can play at what age?

Grown ups can do what they want with their own money.

bjmartynhak1842d ago

My problem is not being for kids actually. It is the repetitive gameplay. Just hope to be wrong.

JLT-Sandwitch1842d ago

Ha age doesn't mean you can't have fun. I'll be getting knack on launch. Last couple of weeks I went and saw monsters university and despicable me 2. Guess thats bad too. Went and saw them with my gf though, just like this is the kind of game she'd play with me. Guess you don't have to worry about that huh

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Kanzes1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

This game should've released on PS3.. not PS4.. I prefer a new LBP/Crash than this.

The only good things about this game are UE4 and the particles

Mainsqueeze1842d ago

Im honestly not that interested in this game.

llMurcielagoll1842d ago

You and me both, Relientk77.

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PositiveEmotions1843d ago

Thank you guys for the stars :)

On topic: yeah i want to pre order this game

mafiahajeri1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Will be a great family game. The graphics look amazing like a pixar movie. Its crazy how we never thought we would get graphics like movies like Toy Story yet here we are...

Looks like a great game to relax playing after a MP SESSION IN Killzone Shadow Fall :P

xPhearR3dx1843d ago

With all the particles and effects, this game would be 100x cooler with PhysX.

Foxgod1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Havok would be a better option.
Physx is gpu only, and you dont want to let the GPU do extra work, while you got plenty of cores on your cpu to do all that work.

Gpgpu like techniques became obsolete thanks to multi core processing.
Back in the days when processors had only one thread they where constantly bottlenecked by physics, but now with multiple threads per cpu, its pointless to offload physics to the gpu.

Salooh1842d ago

This is just a launch game. Imagine what they will do in the future with this type/art/vision . So much potential. however, I think kids will enjoy this. But it's not really for me..

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