Entertainment Fuse: The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review (PS3) - Bridging the Gap for Season 2

While we continue to wait for the second season of Telltale’s Walking Dead game, they decided to release a special episode as DLC for season one called 400 Days. 400 Days does not feature Lee and Clementine like season one, but instead focuses on a different group of characters and how they are living in the world full of Walkers. This episode also bridges the gap between the two seasons as we might see more of this cast in the future. 400 Days, which costs five dollars on PSN, PC, and iOS (400 Microsoft Points on XBL), is a refreshing take on the Walking Dead universe just by the fact we get to see it from more characters’ perspectives. Even just more of Entertainment Fuse’s 2012 game of the year is a good thing as well if you’re itching to play more and get a taste of what to expect in the second season.

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