DLC Has Become One Of The Most Exciting Things In Gaming

Kotaku: "It used to be that you couldn't even mention downloadable content's existence without someone getting upset, or without someone going off on how much of a money-grab scheme it all is. It's an understandable reaction, to some extent—sometimes, a game isn't out yet and already we're talking about the follow-ups? Geez, slow down.

I used to think of DLC in that way—as something that I didn't really want but that I would learn to tolerate. And sure, there's still the occasional questionable DLC that seems to exist solely to squeeze more money out of people, or even flat-out horrible DLC. But after playing The Walking Dead: 400 Days last night, I realized that in the past year or so, DLC stopped being something I dread or, at best, tolerate. DLC transformed into something I look forward to, sometimes more than the next iteration in a game."

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dedicatedtogamers1840d ago

You know what else is exciting? Games with longevity built in mind versus games with DLC built in mind.

PopRocks3591840d ago

^This. Capcom and EA found enough ways to abuse the digital distribution model, and now it's difficult to trust DLC announcements as legitimate deals or just ways to dime the consumer for extra content that could have easily been included in the actual package.

Gigaguy7771840d ago

What's also exciting, is those games getting DLC. Like what this guy is talking about.

pompombrum1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Doesn't DLC = longevity?

EA have taken their first steps into it with Battlefield 3 free for PS+ but I think DLC especially next gen will be used more to increase the longevity of games. Whether that will be a good thing or not remains to be seen but once populations start to run low on games, why not release the game as F2P and try and use the DLC packs to recoup some money? It's a win win imho, what I'd give to see Shadowrun get re-released as a part of the free games for gold members.

Ashlen1840d ago

Oh yeah, DLC is great I love paying extra for cut content (Catwoman DLC Prothean DLC as examples). I don't know why I even bothered playing games when they were one price for the whole game. /s

GreenRanger1840d ago

Paying for stuff that's already on the disc = Orgasm.

Phil321840d ago

And articles like this is why I don't read Kotaku. And no, Kotaku does a lot of crappy pieces from many of their different writers. Kotaku is the equivalent of a tabloid.

pr0t0typeknuckles1840d ago

you know i always wondered why people hated kotaku,after reading this article,i now understand why kotaku is looked down upon.

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The story is too old to be commented.