Xbox Live Gold For Xbox One Is Silver?

With the next generation of Xbox Live right around the corner with the launch of Xbox One; it seems that Microsoft is going with a new look and feel to match the Black and Gray color scheme of the Xbox One for the next generation of Xbox LIVE gold.

Pictures showcase Silver color for Xbox Live Gold?

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maniacmayhem1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Isn't Killer Instinct free to play and the first playable character Jago?

C'mon Xbox 1, I think you can do better than that.

PFFT1992d ago

They should at least give us 6 free characters.

No_Limit1991d ago

These are the characters that are confirmed to be in the game thus far. There should be more incoming with the developers promising new characters as well.

Black Orchid

hkgamer1991d ago

I thought KI was f2p as well..

well this one is called round one and has 'shadow' jago as exclusive so I guess it is a few add-ons.

Which Xbox gamer doesn't buy live anyway?

Shadonic1991d ago

MS can always do better, but they wont -_-.

turgore1991d ago

Free to pay fighters are a huge ripoff. In the end, to unlock everything you pay way more than 60 dollars.

Fireseed1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

You're an idiot. They explained their business model and sure it can be F2P it can also be purchased with everything. And hell I've always though it would be smart for a fighting game to after launch release characters like League of Legends does. Can't imagine why that's a problem for anyone. Except for fanboys trying to kid themselves that KI isn't going to be fucking amazing.

maniacmayhem1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Wintersoldier you're a d-bag. I know exactly what their model and intention for KI is. I have no problem with it. I am referring to the offer Target is giving. The offer sounds like you get the KI game and Jago if you purchase a Gold membership.

But KI is a F2P game anyways with and only with a Live Gold membership and Jago is the first playable character if you decide to go the F2P route. Now unless Shadow Jago is a totally different character then I fail to see the deal Target is offering.

And as the article says:
"Is this enough for you to pre-order a membership that you probably already have?"

Now I'm sure you read a totally different meaning then what I said and was quick to jump up and defend without thinking but then again what did I expect from a fantool. I commend you.

Fireseed1991d ago

The gold membership comes with Killer Instinct: Round One. The way they described the busines model for KI is their are going to be various packages with different characters. They gave the example of one pack coming with all the characters from KI1 and perhaps another package containing all the characters from KI2 (Would make sense given the name "Round One", this is including a special skin they announced for Jago (Shadow Jago).

But yes I will admit I took your comment as a slam on the game itself. Which to me, amongst all this argument and debate, I hate to see great games get misinformation spread about them because of peoples bias.

And fantool? Really? Do I have to provide my credentials every time I fucking post you twat? Do I have to provide you with a picture of my receipts for both my pre-ordered X1 and PS4 in order to have a valid point? Should I have to give you my Origin Username, Xbox Live Gamertag, PSN ID, Steam Username to show I'm a fan of good games no matter the platform? No.

maniacmayhem1991d ago

Yes Winter, please provide all that info and evidence. I want ID's, gamertags, photos, receipts, signatures, video tapes and hand written documentation stamped and dated.

You see all credibility and respect went out the door the minute you called me an idiot and then proceeded to talk about a topic I was not even referring to.

So in response I turned to an even more juvenile manner and had to call you even more names.

Aaaah, the circle of life on the internet. Keyboard warrior-ing at its very finest.

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No_Limit1991d ago

Man, that case look sleek. I am going to order 2 just to keep it as a collector item. Loving the new look

superbhoy1991d ago

because the case looks

latincooker2141991d ago

hahahaha yep he likely the case hahahaha.

DigitalRaptor1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

The reasoning doesn't compute. This is hilarious though.

rezzah1991d ago

For collectors it makes sense.

they may tend to purchase 2 of the same product. One for use and the other to keep in its package to retain its value overtime.

I bubbled you down for being immature. That is one of the most annoying comments I ever read.

1990d ago
latincooker2141991d ago

lol we know you do like the new look No Limit. we know you do:)

Chaostar1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

If I buy this day one XBL Gold box, could I use it if/when I eventually pick up an XB One? Or is there a time limit on the content?

aviator1891991d ago

there shouldn't be a limit.

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