Comcast Spews BS When You Complain About HD Degradation

David wanted a straight answer from Comcast as to whether they were degrading his HD signal, but instead was fed a colossal trough of baloney. The executive customer service rep who replied to David's email said Comcast is using a "new system" for HD and while it "works well with clean 1080i signals, we're making some adjustments to improve how it handles other types of HD signals so we can bring you the best HD picture. We apologize this has not created the HD experience that we intended, but we will work towards getting it right. " Sure... check out this previous post, Comcast Degrades HD Quality To Make Room For More Channels, for the science and proof of how Comcast (and other cable operators) are degrading HD feeds to make more money. The full exchanges between David and the Comcast reps, inside...

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v1c1ous3912d ago

1) this topic was made under the technology category. so before someone comments "HOW IS THIS GAME RELATED A HURR DURR", look at the tabs on top. it has more than just "games".

2) A bit of backstory.

comcast noticed that Fios and directv were too good at providing HD channels. in order to "compete" and claim they have more HD-channels, they tried stuffing more HD channels into their signals and more than they could handle, resulting in various HD channels taking a hit in their quality.

i'd be mad if i was paying for this service and was, without my knowledge, having it degraded.