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The Last of Us is far from being a cinematic experience like Uncharted is a game of survival and exploitation that goes far beyond a typical action hero like Nathan Drake, offering us realistic characters with relationships in which we can review.

This is not to say that Uncharted is a bad game, alias is one of my favorites, but The Last of Us is fantastic in its own way. The empathy that exists between Joel and Ellie is for me one of the best aspects of this game and is responsible for many of the dramatic moments of the game. Despite differences will still see much of the ancient game of Naughty Dog here. The design continues to be the best we can find in the PS3, and maybe even a little more to the already old console from Sony, and the character animations are the best at what we saw in Uncharted. More than giving us a game to play, Naughty Dog wanted to tell a story.

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DerekFlint0071960d ago

Bravo Naughty Dog, huge thanks for creating an absolute gem.