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Submitted by yarbie1000 946d ago | videocast

Gamer Arrested for ‘Sarcastic’ Comment – On Suicide Watch

A Texas gamer is on suicide watch and has been beat up in jail according to his father. The teen was jailed over a sarcastic comment he posted on facebook after playing a League of Legends game. (Culture)

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Cam977  +   946d ago
All of this is absolutely ridiculous. The most they should've done was put him under somebody's supervision for a period of time. I thought the law was supposed to help good? This is not what I'd expect the law to do. His life will be ruined.
cleft5  +   946d ago
What happened to innocent until proven guilty eh? Yet people think there is no problem with bringing a Kinect into your homes that monitors and records everything you say and then uploads that information to the internet, to a company that shares information with the government is no big deal.

But hey it's no big deal right? It's not like you can be jailed for saying something stupid, oh wait yes you can now. Why? Because of anti-terrorism laws that people allowed to be passed. Be very careful people, is all I am going to say. The days of innocent until proven guilty are done.
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tonja12labonte   946d ago | Spam
RedHawkX  +   946d ago
this what happens to youtube and facebook comments the retards make. he probably didnt even have to drop the soap before the attack. hope you guys learn from this and keep all idiotic comments for 4chan sites only. still cant believe people say stupid things like that on facebook when on facebook people know who you are lol. only when anoymous do you even think about saying dumb things is what i say.
Human Analog  +   946d ago
Only when anonymous?!? That is the cowards road. If you won't say it to someones face, or with your identity known then you deserve to get roasted when they find you. That is the difference between civilized society, and slack-jawed mouth-breathers.
cleft5  +   946d ago
Yeah there is no such thing as being anonymous on the internet. I can assure you that all of the comments you make can be traced back to you. Even if you use a proxy, etc. you can still be tracked. If the government is motivated enough, they can and will find out who you are.
Bzone24  +   946d ago
I guess nowadays you have to take threats like this serious. If everyone just let it go without doing anything and he did follow through with his threats, could you imagine the uproar? A guy posting a threat on the internet and nothing was done.
Tultras  +   946d ago
So we punish him for a crime he may never even attempt?!?

Bubbles for the guy who can recognise where that line is from.

Also, the situation from where the line is from is oddly and disturbingly similar to this boys situation, interesting no?
FragMnTagM  +   946d ago

Minority Report
Jamiex66  +   946d ago
Anyone else find the image a little tasteless...Not sure blasting SUICIDE WATCH in big bold letters is a nice thing to do.

I don't find it too offensive, but I don't think suicide should be used to try and get views. Just my two cents.
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Pascalini  +   946d ago
You won't find rapists and drug dealers getting this long in prison!

We have all said things that are sick at one time in our lives. Should we all be locked up?

A simple warning from the police would of been enough
wishingW3L  +   946d ago
that's why this is so ironic. And even worse is the fact that he was beaten up in jail. A good guy with a clean record, police didn't find anything on his PC, no guns in his house... Poor kid. =/
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Megaton  +   946d ago
Even a simple warning from the police is too heavy-handed. Police shouldn't even be involved. Kid made a joke. End of this.
TongkatAli  +   946d ago
Well that joke he made was in bad taste.
Megaton  +   946d ago
You don't police bad taste.
Angeljuice  +   946d ago
There was a case here in England a couple of years ago where a teenager was 'joking' on line with his friends about killing his ex girlfriend. His final comment was along the lines of "by lunchtime tomorrow, she will be dead, lol".

Nobody thought anything more than he was joking around, until the next day when they found her body. A young girl of 15/16 was murdered because nobody took his threats seriously and assumed he was joking.

"kid made a joke. End of this".....really?

I know for a fact that if it was your family member that was murdered, you'd be singing from a different hymn sheet. Your attitude is whats wrong with society. If he had said that comment in a pub or bar, chances are he'd get the sh!t kicked out of him, and rightly so. Just because he's on the internet doesn't make him less responsible for the things he says. Moral of the story, think before you speak, or pay the consequences.
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Megaton  +   946d ago
How many others make similar jokes on the internet daily, without anything happening? Thousands? Millions? Should they all be in jail because one guy actually did it? You can't just parade around the exception and pretend it's the rule. If they really thought it was a credible threat, they should have gone over and had a chat with the kid. It shouldn't have gone further than that, provided he wasn't stockpiling weapons and doing target practice on pictures of children.
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TwistedMetal  +   946d ago
that joke was criminal. that's how bad it was. Who this kid think he is Gallagher?
RedHawkX  +   946d ago
dont lump me in a group with you crazy commentors. Im a law abiding citizen and im not talking about Gerard butler. I dont even make threeats about trying to kill someone or eat there babys especially if i looked like leave it to beaver or was under the age of 18 or something. kids need to check themselves. If you are weak then dont talk tough on the internet. that goes for 95% of all those on the internet. Only wolfs can howl here.
Broburger  +   946d ago
and this is all because of some crazy broad in canada
thekhurg  +   946d ago
You mean some pathetic bitch with nothing better to do in her life except sit in a room void of standard internet humor tolerance.
Shadowstar  +   946d ago
Look, people are told that they should report these things. Better safe than sorry and all that-- "I'm going to kill people lol" doesn't necessarily mean that you're not going to kill people. The police or prosecutor or whatever should have had more discretion after actually investigating this kid. We pay them to investigate people who make statements that they're going to hurt others, they should know the difference.
Angeljuice  +   946d ago

Thats not entirely true, he does need to take some responsibility for what he said. I'm sure that if your child had just been slaughtered in their school by some spoiled, attention-seeking idiot, you wouldn't be so ready to dismiss this kind of 'joke'.

Its harsh, but I think that the 8 years is only a maximum prison term and he hasn't been sentenced yet (I could be wrong on that though). Maybe people should think before they say things publicly for shock value.

When tragedy strikes you, its difficult to cope and someone making jokes about the situation can be enough to send you over the edge. Maybe if people learn a little sensitivity from this it will be a good thing.
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OrangePowerz  +   946d ago
It was a joke in bad taste and someone should have a serious word with him, but no need to have him locked up in prison with 500k bailout fee. Investigating properly and having him under house arrest during that time would be sufficient instead of what they did.
InTheLab  +   946d ago
No. All of this is because this dude is a jackass. He's the reason why he is in jail. Not some "broad" in Canada. And if he's on scuicide watch, he's clearly unstable, which makes his threat more than a joke.

Innocent men don't think about killing themselves.

And stop with this rapist and murderers getting less time, crap. He'll get the appropriate time for threatening children like all other animals.
Megaton  +   946d ago
The appropriate time for telling a joke on the internet is 0 days in jail, just for your own future reference. Take that Berserk icon down before making comments of an idiotic magnitude as powerful as yours. You're making it look bad.
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wishingW3L  +   946d ago
the guy wants to kill himself because he's being beaten up in jail and he still have to stay there for at least 9 more years for doing absolutely nothing! By the time he gets out the guy will not even be able to find a job anymore due to his criminal record and who know if then he'd become an actual delinquent. I mean, after 10 years in jail, do you really think he'll stay the same person?

This kind of situation would make anybody to go insane and all because of some broad in Canada. -__-
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RedHawkX  +   946d ago
he aint so tough now is he? Thats why kids should watch what they say especially if they cant back it up. Im tired of posers.
here are the rules about talking tough

1. physically strong
2. rich
3. genious

if you arent one of three then shut up and sit down wasteing peoples time.

also this kid was a threat the police did a minority report on him. he was destined to do the crime.
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stiggs  +   946d ago
@ RedHawkX

I guess that rules you out.
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Lord_Sloth  +   946d ago
So I guess bullied teens who commit suicide were the guilty parties, eh? They had that comming? Surely they just felt guilty and the bullies were just making them feel like shit because they deserved it! Suicide isn't always an act of guilt, it's often an act of desparation to escape the endless misery that you simply cannot take anymore.

It's the result of being beaten down day after day and feeling completely devoid of hope. Living as an empty husk unti you decide to end it all because you've passed your breaking point.

This is akin to you saying "Gonna Choke a Bitch" and getting thrown in jail with people who actually did and you know what they would see? A target to rape and beat as they see fit and they would do just that.

You are every bit as ignorant as your comment lets on so stop commenting until you learn to think!
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InTheLab  +   946d ago
I do think before I comment and that's the root of the issue here. This has nothing to do with bullied teens. This man made a terrorist threat and and now he's paying for his actions.

You do not joke about out killing children. He deserves everything that's happened to him and shame on all of you people for taking up for a would be killer. You don't know this man from Adam but you all just assume he's innocent. Well, I judge men based on their actions and good men do not threaten children, joking or not.

@everyone else

Ask yourself this. If this guy were anything but a gamer, would you be in here defending this guy and pretending like he's some victim like a scuicidle teen that did nothing to be bullied other than being different?

This man gives gamers a bad name and shame on all of you for supporting him. You no longer have the right to complain about 12 years olds on live or forum troll, because no matter what they say, it's not as bad as threatening children.
MAULxx  +   946d ago
Sure, flag the comment & keep an eye on the kid if you want but jail?

The land of the free, as long as you don't say or type anything out of line.
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ZILLA  +   946d ago
Good!!that POS that shot up those little kids in sandy hook probably said the same sh!t when he was online.
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   946d ago
i seriously doubt that because he would have been caught. the police waste their time going after the harmless and ignore the real threat.
InTheLab  +   946d ago
Thank god there's some good people on this site. Makes me sick knowing these people are our gaming peers.

You do not joke about killing children. Period.
Lord_Sloth  +   944d ago
No, you don't joke about it, but you also shouldn't be jailed for an entire decade just because you made a horrible joke! Rapists don't even get that kind of time!
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   946d ago
i know people who have commited real crimes and spent a night in jail. this is outrageous. yes his comment was very out of line but he should be able to say whatever he likes and not face 10 yrs for it. a good warning would have been enough.
Summons75  +   946d ago
Yes because threatening the lives of children is something to joke about....

Sorry but this kid deserves everything he gets. He opened his mouth and said something he shouldn't have said. Threating someone's life isn't funny and will never be a joke. Also the reason he's in solitary and beaten up is because he probably opened his loud mouth to a gang member and learned how the real world works.

Maybe this will teach a lesson to the call of duty kids who have loud mouths.

Maybe he shouldn't of gotten 8yrs but at least one with a life time of therapy and anger management plus not being allowed on a computer again would have been fair.
OrangePowerz  +   946d ago
That is ridiculous, they didn't find any weapons or prove that he was serious.

Why not also arrest Seth McFarlane then as he says in Ted "thanks for 9/11"? Sounds like a terrorist to me let's send him to Quantamano Bay he deserves it that taliban terrorist.
Megaton  +   946d ago
He should sue the city into dust when he gets out.
TwistedMetal  +   946d ago
lmfao who said hes getting out? the loud mouth is gonna rot in jail for life or hes gonna kill himself and burn in hell.
PhaTCounT  +   946d ago
WHEN, he gets out, I hope he sues the police department for tens of millions of dollars, and wins. AFTER, he wins, move the hell out of rtard America. Articles like this, help further prove how retarded the US really is.
Ridiculous ...
TwistedMetal  +   946d ago
The only way he is getting out is if he hangs himself. you cant sue for crimes you actually commited either lol. You do the crime you do the time.
MonChiChi  +   946d ago
Welcome to 2013. Were everyone wants to feel apart of something by feeling offended. Shit is sickening how bad or justice system is and then the mindset of the majority of ppl.

Stop fishing for things that may offended you and enjoy life. I can bet this women in Canada spends most of her life on the net looking up horrible racist articles and anything else that could make her feel apart of something.

"And remember don't be sad about the sad things in your life because theres always birds and trees and flowers! Goodnight" -Julian Barratt
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Dark_king  +   946d ago
Enough with blaming her she did what she was suppose to do.How could she have known if the threat was real or not.She couldn't,so she reported it to someone who could.Not her fault for what they chose to do with him.

Think of it this way,if she didn't report him an he then actually done something.She would have to live with the knowledge that she could of done something but didn't.
Lord_Sloth  +   946d ago
Now for the other side of your argument. If he wasn't going to do anything (which by all logic seems to be the case) he's now been thrown in jail where he will be shipped to prison to be raped, beaten, and possibly murdered for something that never happened.

She now has to live with the fact that she has ruined this man's life and condemned him to suffer atrocities that he should never even have to think about. He will have to fight for his food, he will have to look over his shoulder every second, deal with the torture they WILL put him through, and will likely end up dead before too long.

People who intend to do this wouldn't say so on a public website or an online video game. her ignorance has sentenced and will kill or scar an innocent man simply because he made a bad joke. Hope it's worth it in her eyes.
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MonChiChi  +   946d ago
I have the right to blame whoever I please. In this case I choose to blame the woman, the PD, and any other idiot that supports this case.
dcj0524  +   946d ago
So when did they change their motto from "Innocent until proven guilty" to " Guilty until proven innocent"
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   946d ago
If youve ever been in front of a judge, it has ALWAYS been guilty until proven innocent. I mean if innocent until proven guilty, then why do people have to sit in jail and wait for court dates. Murrica is ass-backwards if u ask me.
TwistedMetal  +   946d ago
He wasn't innocent though he said those things.
Lord_Sloth  +   946d ago
Have you ever said "Choke a bitch" in any way, shape, or form? Have you ever made an empty threat about anything in your life? This is what that kid has just been locked up for!
jimmywolf  +   946d ago
i said it before, ill say it again, "freedom of speech is not freedom for ignorance"

society is indeed walking down a dark road so you have one of two options. do nothing, let people police themselves an say deal with it.

or "ENFORCE" laws, that if you could harm another, you will be judge.

is it really that hard too keep your mouth shut or "CHOOSE" what you say. "i hate you" is fine, "i will kill you"..... "IS NOT"

don't like the direction things are going? then grow up an change who you are an the world will change with it...
#14 (Edited 946d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
TwistedMetal  +   946d ago
I agree people think they can just do whatever they want. those words the kids said hurt people mentally and mental pain is just as bad as physical. a ton of people would rather be put in the hospital from getting beat up rather then cheated on or toyed with in a long relationship. the things you say can mess people up just as much as physicalling doing it.
#14.1 (Edited 946d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   946d ago
Hmmm what to say on this. on one hand he knows he shouldnt have said it. But on the other hand, with all the school shooting that have happened since 1999 he should have to sit in jail for a little while. not 10 yrs mind you. maybe a few days to he "learns his lesson". As for the getting beat in jail, who's to say he didnt go in there and tell everyone what he said. With Murrica being so damn PC now, u cant say shit to anyone without them being offended.

I knew this guy who had killed a family in a drunken driving accident, and he only got 4 yrs. ONLY 4 YEARS. he actually did kill people.

What anyone fails to realize is that while this was a joke, if anything had happened to a kindergarten he would have been the number one suspect, regardless of where it wouldve happened at in america. He wouldve been tried with premeditated murder, terrorism, etc. as it is now, he could be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Do i agree with it, no. But in this day and age u just cant talk shit about killing kids all willy nilly. I could go on for days about this, but hopefully everyone gets what im trying to say.
#15 (Edited 946d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
wishingW3L  +   946d ago
they could have put him under house arrest with an electronic fetter (or however it is called) and that is it. No need to be in jail with murderers and rapist just for a facebook comment. The guy might even come out of jail turned into a real delinquent by society itself. The guy will have no future with a criminal record, he will not be able to find a job... What he will do then?
#15.1 (Edited 946d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   946d ago
well i know 1 thing he wont do,and thats put stupid ass comments online about shooting up a school. ive been on the other side of the law, i dont feel sorry for anyone who does stupid shit and gets trhwon in jail. we all have to take responsibility for our own actions. us adults call that growing up. He is being made an example of.

As for being in jail with rapists and murders, they have different sections in jail for all the different crimes. more than likely he is with all the other misdemeanor offenders. If youve never been to jail, not you in particular, then one wouldnt really know how it works on the inside.
Nodoze  +   946d ago
This kid's life is forever altered. I cannot imagine the unspeakable things that are taking place within those prison walls. All for a stupid post on Facebook.

He is now being held up as a lesson.

IIC0mPLeXII  +   946d ago
Beat up? That is code for he got ass blasted lol.
thecowsaysmoo  +   946d ago
Nodoze  +   946d ago
This is the new Amerika. Land of the not so free and home of the slave. Big brother is always watching. All phone calls, texts, emails (even forum posts like this) are monitored.

Facebook and twitter are just making intelligence agents jobs easier. A one stop shop for monitoring.

Baaaa need to update my facebook profile BAAAA

BX81  +   946d ago
Let his dad beat his ass for being a retard and move on. This crap is clogging up our legal system for no reason.
Jovanian  +   946d ago
If anything happens to this kid, I hope his parents sue the f*cking system that allowed for his imprisonment for millions.

this is NOT what prison is for. contrary to popular belief, you do not go to prison to be beaten up or raped by inmates, its such a despicable institution in this country that people think those horrific things are part of the punishment. 'haha yeah hope so-and-so has fun getting raped by bubba in prison!' --comments like this make me sick
IIC0mPLeXII  +   946d ago
Dude the fat piece of shit was talking about killing kids, joke or not, hes a moron.
Jovanian  +   946d ago
Yes he is an idiot for saying something like that on a social networking site that is connected to his true identity, but the fact of the matter is he was clearly being sarcastic and everything that proceeded the comment is cruelly unjust
InTheLab  +   946d ago
But you have no issue with him threatening children?
Jovanian  +   946d ago
it is unreasonable to assume he was making a REAL threat to children
#19.2.1 (Edited 946d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
InTheLab  +   946d ago
Why is it unreasonable? I tend to take threats on the lives of children seriously. It's a shame more of you don't.
Jovanian  +   946d ago
its unreasonable because of his obvious sarcasm, and subsequent proclamation of his sarcasm

and your bubbles are up sir. if you don't think his imprisonment is the result of our wretchedly corrupt justice system, then you are part of the cancer that is killing the little freedom we have left in this country

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